Learning and improving an individual’s essay writing abilities is important for future careers as it provides the opportunity to obtain valuable skills that can strengthen performance at work. A variety of important skills such as time management, accepting criticism, following instructions, learning to self-motivate, effective researching abilities, and clearly explaining thoughts or ideas can be practiced through the process of writing essays such as argumentative essays or exemplification essays, for instance. Writing an essay takes time, therefore practicing essay writing skills allows an individual to work on using their time effectively. This practice helps to develop better time management skills because writing a good essay does not happen in a day. Improving time management abilities is a useful quality to have to effectively get work done in any career.


Also, an essay involves an individual making a claim and finding evidence to support their ideas. The ability to successfully find evidence that can support an argument is essential in the workplace. If there are problems that need to be solved then effectively explaining plans and backing up one’s ideas can lead to quicker and more beneficial solutions. Additionally, following provided guidelines allows for a more successful essay to be written. Practicing writing essays allows individuals to learn to follow instructions and generate work that is both unique and of high quality.


Furthermore, finding support for ideas also teaches an individual to separate important topics from the less important topics to clearly get their point across. Writing a well-supported essay with an essay outline requires considerable amounts of research to be done, which provides an individual with practice doing proper research. Moreover, research allows an individual to sharpen their ability to find reliable sources and use information to emphasize their ideas rather than distract from their main point.


Another essential skill that can be practiced through the process of essay writing is the ability to self-motivate. Completing an essay requires time and effort, and an individual must be able to stay focused and push themselves to finish the task. If one does not self-motivate then the essay will not be completed or it will be rushed in order to meet the deadline. The ability for an individual to self-motivate allows high quality work to be completed in a timely manner. In addition, self-motivation is essential in the workplace as when tasks need to be completed an individual must accept the responsibility and complete each task in order to maintain the job.


Finally, an important essay writing skill that is essential for future careers is the ability to take criticism and learn from it. Essays are constantly edited by the writer, but also by peers and teachers who provide feedback as well as grades. The ability to positively accept the feedback and use it to improve skills in the future is essential in the workplace. Taking positive criticism from employers and applying it to one’s work ethic allows an individual to grow as an employee, and results in a better work experience for all involved.


Overall, the ability to write a good essay involves many literary skills such as proper grammar and punctuation, but the process of completing the task teaches an individual many other beneficial skills that are applicable in a future career and many aspects of life. Each of these skills work together to produce an effective employee with excellent communication abilities and strong work ethic. Skills such as self-motivation and time management go hand in hand to produce high quality work before a deadline. Effective researching abilities can make the process of clearly explaining an idea easier as relevant information is found and used to support any claims. The ability to accept criticism allows an individual to continuously improve each of these skills that writing an essay teaches and produces an effective employee for any future career.