Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Have you adjusted your Dometic thermostat setting only to find it is not responding? The experience can be frustrating, especially when you were hoping for cooling on a humid day or more heat on a frigid day. If your system is not running at all or seems to be operating well, but you cannot feel cool or warm air coming from the vents, you have to figure out what to do next. In most cases, the best solution would be to reset your Dometic thermostat.

If you own a Dometic Single Zone LCD thermostat, the system comes pre-programmed with specific settings. Heating is 68ºF or 20ºC, Cooling is 72ºF or 22ºC, Fan Speed is Auto, Mode is OFF, and Furnace Differential is 2ºF. You can review the settings and adjust them to your comfort level. The best way of achieving this is to use the ON/OFF mode on the unit. It will allow you to program the system by deleting the factory defaults.

You must understand that you do not need to hire an expert every time your dorm room thermostat is acting up. As much as it is as easy as looking up the company and having an expert visit you within a day or two, there are several steps you can follow to fix the problem yourself.

The same way you use the internet to contact top writing services such as essay writer grademiners, you can still use the internet to help fix your thermostat issue. You can easily access some of the companies, such as the ones mentioned in Choosing the Best Writing Companies | Top Options, such as this one, that will give you a step-by-step guide on resting your home/dorm room thermostat.

Therefore, understand that the internet offers you more resources than access to top writing companies such as grademiners. Here is how to reset the Dometic RV thermostat, among other models:

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How to Reset Any Digital Thermostat In Minutes

How to Reset a single zone Dometic Thermostat

You can reset a single zone Dometic thermostat if you want to adjust temperature or time. Here are steps to follow:

  • Switch the thermostat off;
  • Press and hold both the MODE and ZONE buttons at the same time;
  • The device will then show all available zones;
  • Release the two buttons;
  • Press the ON/OFF button.

After the reset, you will have to set up the system again, including adjusting time and temperature.

How to Reset a Dometic 10-Button Thermostat

You will have to perform a system reset when you install a Dometic 10-button thermostat and install the dip switches on the control boxes as recommended. Here is how to reset a Dometic 10-button thermostat:

  • Turn the thermostat OFF;
  • Make sure to press and hold both MODE and ZONE buttons simultaneously;
  • Continue holding the buttons until all available zones are displayed;
  • Release the two buttons;
  • Tap the ON/OFF button to exit the setup menu.

The thermostat will turn back ON and complete the reset.

How to Reset a Dometic 5-Button Thermostat

Resetting a Dometic 5-button thermostat will return the system to factory default settings. Here is what to do:

  • Turn the thermostat OFF;
  • Simultaneously, press the MODE and ZONE buttons while turning the switch back to ON;
  • The system will display the letters FF on the screen;
  • Depending on your model, the letters could appear right away or in 15 seconds;
  • Continue holding the buttons until the system initializes;
  • Release both buttons.

Your system is now reset. The next step is to program it to your liking.

How to Reset a Dometic Dual-Zone Thermostat

You can reset a Dometic dual-zone thermostat if the system does not turn ON or give you the ideal temperatures. Here are steps to follow:

  • Turn the device ON;
  • You should see the light and annunciator data;
  • Press the MODE button to activate the annunciator light;
  • Simultaneously, press the UP and DOWN buttons and hold them for a while;
  • While holding the two buttons, use another finger to press the MODE button and release it right away. Ensure to press the button once at this time.

If the system is working, re-program your settings to the proper temperature levels.

What to Do When Dometic Thermostat doesn’t Turn On

If your Dometic thermostat won’t turn on, here are some troubleshooting steps you can follow:

  • Check to ensure the batteries in the thermostat are working well or have enough power.
  • Check to ensure the 12v fuse is not damaged.
  • Ensure the power connection on the back of the CCC2 is not loose.

If you have installed the unit in your RV, you will have to reboot it. Begin by unplugging the trailer from the shore power. Next, switch the battery to STORE mode. Once done, fire it up again to reboot it.

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You can reset your Dometic thermostat if you notice the system does not give you the ideal temperature readings or is not working in general. Depending on your unit, you can reset it by pressing the MODE and ZONE buttons simultaneously and wait for the system to initialize. Ensure your thermostat is OFF before resetting it.


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