A motorized TV lift has been regarded as a luxury for quite a long time. It is not surprising because these devices are not cheap. Even now, when they are manufactured in high quantities, they are still not affordable for anybody.

If you have always been dreaming about a TV lift where you can install a huge flat-screen TV set but for some reason cannot afford it, you can build the item on your own.

The same approach can help you if you have always wanted to install a TV lift in your car but couldn`t because of the elevated cost of the original item.

Here, we will check how to implement both projects and make your dreams come true.

A Motorized TV Lift for Home

A motorized TV lift for home is a perfect solution if you want to save space and still install that nice huge TV-set. There are several options to install the TV lift:

  • In a cabinet;
  • On one of the walls;
  • To opt for a ceiling installation.

Let us check them all so that you can choose the optimal one.

A Cabinet Installation

If you have a nice cabinet, you can hide your new TV set inside it. To do so, install a motorized TV mount lift system in the cabinet. To proceed with the installation, follow the instructions:

  • Choose a TV lift system (pay attention to such features as power, stroke length, noise generation, easiness of management).
  • Fix the system in the cabinet, on the bottom of it. If you need to install a big item, consider reinforcing the furniture piece bottom with a piece of wood or even metal.
  • In the cabinet top, make an opening. It shall let the TV set pass.
  • If the opening is big, you can make a cap for it. A cap on hinges is better for bigger openings. But if you want something exquisite indeed, consider a sliding cap that will slide on the opening and away moved by an actuator.
  • Finally, install the TV set on the lift, and enjoy.

A Wall Installation

This installation is pretty simple, you don’t need even any furniture for it. You start with purchasing a TV lift system and choosing a place where your item will be fixed. It can be right on one of the walls, the lift system will just move it p to keep it safe, and down if you want to watch it.

Another option is to hide the TV set behind a shelf or another wall-mounted furniture piece. The installation is the same just when the system lifts the TV set, it will hide behind a furniture piece.

A Ceiling Installation

This installation is among the most demanding. You install the lift system and the TV set above the ceiling. When you want to watch the TV set, the system lowers it to the level convenient for watching.

In most cases, such an installation requires additional electric wiring. If you don’t have experience of how to do it, hire a specialist.

A Motorized TV Lift for Your Car

A TV in a car is considered a significant comfort item. With it, long distances aren’t frustrating even if you are traveling with kids. While a ready installation costs a lot, building one with good quality components isn’t too demanding.

To install the device in your car, you need again a TV lifting system and the device.

Fix the TV lifting system in a place to make watching TV convenient for everybody. It can be between the driver`s and the front passenger`s seats in the front of the car. Then, when it is not needed, you can remove it to the car`s roof in a special box (you can also build one) or fold it to the roof. If you or passengers want to watch TV, with a click of a button, the item can be lowered to the needed position.

Such an installation is the least demanding because you can easily hide the wiring.

Another option is to install a TV lift in front of passenger seats. While the principle is the same, you might struggle with the wiring if you don’t want the wires be hanging around the car. In most cases, it is recommended to hide the wires above the car lining.

Now, you see that a TV lift isn’t luxury but an item that can boost the comfort of your life immensely. Moreover, it doesn’t require a lot of money. Ready components are sold at a very reasonable price. They come ready for installation, and you can enjoy your new item as soon as you fix it on the system.

With linear actuators, you can build not only a new lift system for your TV set but automate many other things in your home.