Life is not always as we plan it. Not even us, humans, know what the future may bring, so you can imagine that an animal’s future is even more enigmatic. For example, this cat didn’t need to use its nine lives because a kind man came to her rescue.
Captain Jordan Smith was steering his boat ‘Profishonal’ in the Choctawhatchee Bay when he saw something falling off a bridge. He was puzzled at first, so he approached to see something that looked like a bag. He then sees the ‘bag’ has a pair of golden eyes!
You can imagine that both their lives immediately changed afterward! Here’s how it all happened…

20. Something Was Thrown Off a Bridge

It was a weekday and Smith was out in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw something falling off a bridge. This is what he said about the whole event.

19. What Was That?

Smith has seen many things being thrown off that bridge, so he said that: ‘At first I thought it was like a trash bag, with some trash in it.’ But the object started to move!

18. It Was a Cat

The trash bag was an animal with orange eyes. It was a black cat, paralyzed with fear! Thanks to her bright eyes, Smith realized that it was an animal, not an object, so he acted fast!

17. He Scooped Up the Cat

The man took his boat close to the drowning cat, got a net and in his hurry, he even hit the bridge twice with his boat. Luckily, it was a sturdy boat. In no time, he scooped up the cat with a net.

16. He Made His Story Public

His deed was not ignored. Shortly after his rescue mission, he was interviewed by many news channels, and he got to tell his story. He also became famous on social media. Here’s what he said…

15. Save Me!

Smith said: ‘I saw this little head swimming around. She was swimming toward me, like, ‘Oh, human, save me!’’ And he didn’t need a second to think about it!

14. Little Orange Eyes

‘I saw these little orange eyes looking at me and I reached down with my dip net and got it.’ he said with a grin on his face. He then took her in his arms and the cat made this awesome gesture!

13. She Was Terrified!

As he picked up the little feline, Smith said that ‘it latched on and didn’t want to let go. [Her] little heart was beating really fast.’ Looking at her face, she was obviously terrified.

12. An Intense Moment

The kitten stared at her rescuer the whole time he took to get to the shore. He said that he ‘held the cat all the way into the HarborWalk. It was pretty intense.’ This is what he wrote on social media.

11. I’ll Find You!

On his Facebook page, he posted the photo of him holding the scared kitten. In a mild language, he furiously wrote to those who threw the cat off the bridge: ‘PLEASE let me find out who you are.’

10. The Cat Was Safe

Smith believes someone threw the cat off the bridge, and that it was on purpose because he saw it spinning in the air, so it was thrown off with force. After he saved the cat, he took her to a friend.

9. Going to the Vet

Reaching the shore, Smith took the cat to his friend Nicole Manard, at a shop. She would stay with the cat until Smith finished his charter. She decided to take the kitty to the vet.

8. Ready to Help

An animal lover herself, Manard was eager to help the cat as much as she could. So she took the kitty to the vet to see if she was fine. You won’t believe what the doctors said!

7. The Kitty Was Okay!

The kitty was pregnant and had a recent miscarriage, according to the doctors. She was one year old and in good health. As soon as the kitty was deemed healthy, Smith took her home.

6. A Cat Named Miracle

Smith named the cat ‘Miracle,’ as meeting her and saving her from drowning was miraculous. He hoped that his beloved dog Aspen, a Husky-German Shepherd mix would accept the cat.

5. Sending Love to the Hero

After sharing his experience on Facebook, his post became viral and was shared over 11,000 times. People were impressed with the story and began sending Smith food, donations and toys for Miracle!

4. Miracle is Famous!

The man couldn’t believe how much attention his rescue mission attracted: ‘I definitely wasn’t expecting all the hype,’ he said. Miracle doesn’t know she is a famous cat. But she knows one thing…

3. Free Cuddles

This kitty knows she’s found a great home and a loving family. Smith adopted her and adores her to pieces. She cuddles with him every day and she is also best friends with Aspen!

2. The Cat is Now Safe

As for who the culprits were, the authorities haven’t yet found them. However, the kitty is now safe and an incident like this turned out to be a new chance for a better life.

1. Miracle’s Happy Ending

Who said black cats bring bad luck? We know this one only brought fortune to Smith’s life! And one thing is for sure: Miracle is in good hands not that she has the best dad in the world! This is the cutest happy ending story!