Sometimes bad stuff just happens. Sometimes it can ruin your whole day, but other times you might be able to make the best of the situation and save your day. Check out these ways where people tried to make the best of it!


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Oh come on! This clever driver warned the car behind them, but apparently the other driver cannot read. Better luck with the vanity plate next time!

King of Excuses

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This funny line Morgan Freeman gave when accused of falling asleep during an interview probably didn’t fly… but it is hilarious!

A Clever Cover-up

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While this mistake is still kind of obvious, we have to admit that this cover-up is hilarious. This guy has a sense of humor!

Speaking of Humor

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Uh… is this strip mall trying to tell us something? Maybe it’s just laying out a game plan for us should things go south.

Swipe Right

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This guy is the perfect example of making the best of a bad situation. He’s cute and funny. And best of all – he has oxygen and saline! Lock up your daughters.

They didn’t stop to think if they should

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We aren’t sure if the giant scratch is a joke to go with the decal or if a T-Rex actually attacked this car. Yikes!

“‘Tis but a flesh wound”

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This is amazing. If you’re going to be scratching up your car, you might as well admit it with a funny decal.

Flood or Fun?

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Flooding is a devastating natural disaster, but these guys decided to make the best of a terrible situation and sail their small cruise ship. Women and children first!

Goats will eat anything

Some men admit they’re balding by just shaving it all off. This guy had a much better idea. A tattoo of a goat eating your receding hair? Hilarious!

Making the best of a bruise

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-10-1.jpg

This man drew chicken features on his freakishly bad bruise. We hope he is all healed up, but we love his sense of humor!

These prices must be really good

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-11.jpg

Somebody decided to drive their truck right through this storefront. At least the store had a sense of humor about the disaster!

Scar Wars

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-12.jpg

This is very clever! This person turned their scar into Darth Vader’s light saber. A+ for creativity!

Throwing in the towel

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-13.jpg

Soccer is not as popular in America as it is in other parts of the world. I guess it’s because we think act like babies when we lose.

Better alternative to online dating

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-15-1.jpg

Want a wife? Just advertise it on your truck. We know you’ll meet your special lady soon!

Karate Kid

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-14.jpg

Somebody get this kid some anger management classes STAT! We are kidding, we think she is just posing (or at least we hope she is)!

How Rude

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-16-1.jpg

We are defacing your car to tell you how proud we are of you!… Just kidding! Wrong car. Now we messed up two of your windows just to lift you up and kick you down. How mean! The positive message would’ve sufficed.

Broken phone or art?

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-17.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-18.jpg

These phone owners didn’t let a shattered screen bring them down. Instead they turned it into art. Very cool! (Until your thumb is full of glass shards.)

Now this is a celebration

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-19.jpg

Now this is the epitome of how to make the best of a bad situation. We hope there is champagne!

Natural disaster or a good time?

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-20.gif

All mine!

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-21.gif

This clever dog used its “cone of shame” to hoard the food from its friends. Mean, but genius!

There’s nothing he can do to make the best of this trap

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-23.jpg

This guy set his own traps and we have no idea why. Instagram pic? Who knows, all we know is he isn’t going to be able to make the best of this one!

Oh Snap!

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-24.jpg

Well how do you make the best of this situation? We suggest just tossing it and taking a vacation from your phone.

New business idea

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-25.jpg

Maybe Dinesh can use his amphibious vehicle to start his own, better Uber!

When life gives you melons

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-26.jpg

The only bad situation we see here is that this van doesn’t seem to be able to support this huge harvest of watermelons. Might as well roll up into the gas station and share!

Looking for hidden treasure

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-27.jpg

This little fellow went nuts trying to find a tasty treat. We hope he likes chair stuffing, because there probably aren’t any acorns in there.


Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-28.jpg

Well, we do not see any way out of this mess without making it worse. However, we must give props to the perfect landing. That’s a 1 in a million shot!


Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-29-1.jpg

Uh… we can’t help but feel like this was designed on purpose. What else can you expect from people selling a bag full of mostly air for $1.50? It’s rigged!

Stop and smell the… FIRE!

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-30.jpg

We would love to think that this woman is dialing 9-1-1, but let’s be honest, she is probably so enthralled in a new Facebook post she doesn’t even notice the house literally burning down beside her! Look up, people!

That’ll Get Him!

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-31.jpg

These fashionistos seem to think that they can capture this large alligator with an old t-shirt. The man in the truck is ready to post this impending disaster on Facebook.

Holy Smokes, Batman!

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-32.jpg

We aren’t sure how Robin made the best of this situation. We can only hope that his cape isn’t flammable. Fly, Robin. Fly!

Well ain’t that a bee-otch?

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-33.jpg

The only way to make the best of this situation is to start your own apiary and sell honey on the go… or burn the bike. We would burn the bike.

Inebriated Ingenuity

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-34.jpg

These guys had to have been drunk to think this was even a remotely good idea. Let’s hope that they made it out of that pool alive… yikes! Darwin Awards, here they come!

Do not open until Christmas

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-35.jpg

Actually, don’t open EVER. Who thought this was a good idea? Maybe the person who locked his mouth shut.

Burning Man

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-36-1.jpg

Now this is a nap. Let’s just hope he naps through the recovery of his incoming third degree burns. Ouch!

Well, Snow Me In!

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-37-635x1024.jpeg

Being snowed in this house wouldn’t be so bad! Liquor? Check. Beer? Check. Energy drinks? Check. Sounds like everything is taken care of here! Stay safe!

You have to laugh to keep from crying

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-38.jpeg

We hope this dog with the cone of shame has as much of a sense of humor as his owner does. Either way, this is too cute! Feel better, pup!

This is just good

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:2eeaf698becb7bf8ae60828a2cd5cb12.jpg

To be honest, this tattoo is amazing. Not only do you have the best party story ever, but now you have the illustration to go with it. Party on!

When life gives you snow…

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-40.jpeg

…hit the slopes! You see a natural disaster; this guy sees a day of fun! You’ve got to admire his good attitude.

Making fun of a bad situation

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-42.jpeg

Sometimes you can’t make the best of a situation – particularly one as awful as this, but at least this guy has a little sense of humor about it. He might as well; it doesn’t look like there is much else to be done. We hope he has a new home now!

Going down with a bang

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-43.jpeg

This guy knows he is going to jail so he’s decided to make sure he is good and drunk by the time he gets there. Might as well!


Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-44.jpeg

Bad check or bad chick? Doesn’t matter – just void it. It’s like she never existed!

Puddle of Mud

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-46.jpg

These women got splashed by a jerk in a big truck. The only bright side seems to be that they are wearing swimsuits and are close to the ocean, where they can bathe and scheme a revenge plan.

Cushy Crutch

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-41.jpeg

My therapist told me that alcohol was a crutch. We didn’t know that it could be used to pimp out a crutch! Great idea.

Better than a cubicle

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-45.jpg

The only way to save face from this is to move into the coat closet and never leave. That way, it will not seem weird at all!


Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-47.jpg

This guy’s dreads are awesome, and we know they took time and commitment, but hasn’t he heard of Isadora Duncan? Keep your hair inside, man!

Chew or Choke

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-48.jpg

Will you get a tasty gumball or a choking hazard of a bouncy ball? Only one way to find out!

Does OSHA know about this?

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-49.png

How do you make the best of this situation? Don’t skip leg day, and don’t crash!

Don’t. Move.

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-50.jpg

This lion looks angry – it also has a gun. How is this guy staying calm? We have no idea, but props to him! Hopefully the King of the Jungle left him alone.

Wheels? Who needs them?

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-51.jpg

It’s probably too late to make the best of this situation. Once wheels are flying off mid-jump all you can do is pray!

It’s an Isuzu, not a clown car.

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-52.jpg

Well, this is certainly a bad situation. Why does it seem like most of these situations could have been easily avoided?

Eye am Confused

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-53.jpg

What is this situation? Who caused it? Are they making the best of it? There is too much to unpack here, so we will just move along.

So that’s what camels eat.

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-54-2.jpg

The worst case scenario is that this person gets completely eaten by the camel. The best case scenario is that they get hair full of camel slobber and the donkey gets a laugh.

Stand Back!

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-55-1.jpg

Nothing to see here folks – this method is 100% OSHA-approved.

Another Darwin Award Candidate in the making

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-56.jpg

We understand that sometimes you just need the perfect Instagram pic, but come on! This just doesn’t even seem remotely safe (or smart)!

Double the Fun

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-57.jpg

This seems like a genius idea. Two workouts at once and a concussion? At least the hilarious crash will be on video as a reminder to not do it again.

Buoyant Bottles

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-58.jpg

Now this is a great example of making the best of a bad situation. Not enough life jackets? No worries! Plastic bottles will keep this man afloat – and looking suave!

It’s a brick… HOUSE!

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-59.jpg

There are two things to hope for here: That the driver’s eyes have a hole to see through, and that there is a “wide load” sign behind him.

Eh, Fingers, Schmingers.

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-60.jpg

Who needs all of your fingers when you have all of this delicious watermelon? Not these guys!

Making Do

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-61.jpg

Auto repairs can be ridiculously expensive. This guy improvised with an old skateboard of sorts. As long as it gets you where you’re going! Good job!

A Big Splash

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-63.jpg

Observe the poise and grace of this belly flop competition contestant. He should play the new Ariel.


Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-64.jpg

This is just a brilliant idea in a pinch! Somebody call Martha Stewart… or Bob Villa. I’m not sure!

An Exciting Game of Chess

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-65.jpg

We bet this game is super fun… the morning after probably not so much. Good idea though!

Hold the Door

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:bad-66.jpg

This is just awful. The only way to make this situation better is to sue this bus company’s butt off.

Country Club

Macintosh HD:Users:rjackson:Desktop:maxresdefault.jpg

No membership? No problem. Let’s hope this guy has an accurate swing!

The next time you find yourself in a bad situation, take a cue from some of these people and try to make the best of it! If you can’t, then just grin and bear it!