Our lives these days are so hectic and busy that sometimes we don’t have enough time to stop and listen to our own bodies, let alone smell the roses. Your body is constantly running several systems that are intertwined and it is constantly trying to keep it at its best.

More often than not, when there is something wrong, your body will show signs and symptoms of what is happening. This can be obvious when you are sick, but we often ignore many symptoms that are indicative of something serious going on.

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In any case, these are some of the signals you should be looking out for:

Inexplicable Weight Fluctuation

This can go both ways, gaining or losing weight for no apparent reason is usually indicative of something a much more serious underlying condition. Many people are too happy that they dropped a size to make the connection that the weight loss was sudden, so keep your eyes wide open.

Shortness of Breath

Of course, ignore this symptom if you are already participating in strenuous activity. Many diseases and conditions can also cause shortness of breath, but if you do not already have a valid cause for your breathing problems, you should consult a doctor.

High Fever

This may sound like it is nothing because fevers are caused by so many common conditions. However, if you find that you have an exceptionally high fever (more than 103° Fahrenheit or more than 39.5° Celsius) start monitoring your temperature. Any high fever that isn’t resolved within 72 hours can mean a difficult-to-treat infection.


Any bump on your head that is strong enough can cause a concussion. If you are showing any symptoms after suspecting you (or anyone else) has had a concussion, visit the nearest emergency room. Symptoms include loss of concentration and a headache.

Side Effects

Whenever you start new medication you should be taking note of any changes in your body, because they could be signs that you are reacting to the medications badly. The same applies to medical procedures or other procedures such as body modification.

Severe Pain Anywhere in Your Torso

Your torso holds within it several systems – cardiac, gastrointestinal, respiratory, urinary, and others as well. Severe pain in any area of your torso is a sign of something very serious and should not be ignored under any circumstances.

Repeated Confusion

If you often find yourself in a confused state, accompanied by mood changes, there may be an underlying cause that needs to be explored better. More often than you’d expect, it is an infection that causes mood changes.

Loss of Your Senses

Sudden loss of any of your senses such as taste or smell is a clear symptom of a disease that should be immediately diagnosed. You may think that you can get by without one of your senses, but they are there for a reason and their loss is not to be taken lightly.

The above conditions may not be life-threatening but are signs of more sinister underlying conditions that can be debilitating or even life-threatening. An early diagnosis is always better than waiting for when it is too late.