Considering the fact that many virtual experiences simply don’t live up to their traditional real-life counterparts, it’s only natural that many people question the validity of online counseling. In this article, we’ll go over five benefits of this nontraditional version of the counseling process and explain why online counseling platforms can be just as effective as in-person counseling sessions.

Online counseling has been proven to be as effective as traditional counseling.

Studies have shown that those who use online counseling services experience the same benefits and relief from mental health issues as those who attend in-person counseling sessions! In fact, whether you attend counseling sessions online or in person, you’ll experience greater benefits the more sessions you attend. It is important to note that these benefits apply to live video counseling sessions, but not necessarily to asynchronous online messaging with a counselor. It’s important to have a real-time conversation with a mental health professional for best results. Live video sessions allow your counselor to observe your body language, hear the tone of your voice when speaking about various topics, and get a better overall view of your mental health.

Online counseling is easily accessible.

Considering the prevalence of cell phones and free Wi-Fi in public spaces, it’s often very simple and easy to connect to the internet and attend online counseling sessions. Even those who don’t have cell phones or their own transportation can take public transportation to a library or community center where computers with internet access are available for public use. Online counseling platforms are also great for those who live in rural areas where traditional counseling is not offered close by. MyTherapist is one great option, although there are many different online counseling platforms to choose from.

Online counseling is versatile.

With online counseling platforms, you aren’t limited to live video sessions. In most cases, you can also schedule phone calls and live chats if that’s what you prefer. You can also schedule these in between live video sessions if you need additional help and support. Plus, many online counselors operate on less traditional schedules, allowing you to schedule sessions before or after work, rather than during regular business hours. Online counseling platforms really allow you to customize the process so that it provides you with optimal benefits. The versatility of online counseling services can be extremely helpful, so be sure to use it to your advantage!

Online counseling is more affordable than traditional counseling.

In the vast majority of cases, it is less expensive to connect with a counselor online than it is to attend a counseling session in person. Some online counseling platforms even offer financial aid, and others accept insurance, which can lower rates quite a bit! If your only hesitation in starting online counseling is the factor of price, it’s a good idea to look into a few different platforms to see what their rates actually are. In many cases, you may not have to pay the full price listed, so be aware of that as you do your research!

Online counseling offers additional opportunities in between sessions.

When you attend traditional counseling sessions, you don’t often communicate with your counselor aside from the sessions themselves. This is not the case with many online counseling services. Most platforms allow you to message your counselor anytime with the guarantee that they will respond to you once a day. A daily check-in can be extremely beneficial for many people! Plus, some online counseling platforms have corresponding apps, support groups, and other opportunities for you to engage in between sessions. Many counselors who work for online platforms also provide worksheets and other resources to work with in between sessions as well.

The Bottom Line

Online counseling services come with a vast array of benefits: they’re effective, accessible, affordable, versatile, and offer additional opportunities for support in between sessions. If you feel that you need mental health help or support, don’t hesitate to take a look at the different online counseling platforms that exist. Once you find one that seems to fit your needs, don’t be afraid to reach out and enjoy all of the benefits that come with the counseling process!


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