People have been cherishing Mother Luck from ancient times till nowadays. And this is not a strange fact. Because deep down everybody believes in fortune and faith. Thai people are just like that. They believe in Buddha, old traditions, ghosts, and the lottery.

The lottery has become a part of Thai life in the 19th century. And from that time, it happened to be the most exciting event for the Thai people aside from playing Royal8888.

The Origins of Lottery

Like it was said before everything has started in the 19th century. Chulalongkorn mostly known as King Rama V founded the very first lottery in the country. The occasion for this event was the birthday of the monarch. The Thais liked the lottery so much that they soon repeated it.

The next lottery was held in 1917 to finance the entry of Thailand into World War I on the side of the Allies. After this event, the lottery was used exclusively to finance government organizations (for example, the Red Cross).

Over time, the Thai state realized that the lottery could be used to fund the government. Thus in 1934, the lottery was held again because of the financial crisis, which was caused by the abolition of the tax on conscripts. The organization was taken over by the country’s revenue department. It was 1934 that was decisive for the fate of the lottery in Thailand. This year it was introduced in all provinces for additional funding.

April 5, 1939, was the most important date for strengthening the position of the national lottery in Thailand. This is the day the Government Lotteries Office was founded in the country. This department is still involved in the management and conduct of the national lottery.

Thai Lotteries – These Days

Today the national lottery is one of the most important events in Thailand. The state has established a clear number of tickets for each lottery. That’s approximately 14 million tickets each year! And they are often sold out at lightning speed. Several million tickets are created to advertise sporting events and about seven million to charities.

A modern large-scale printing machine is used to create tickets for the lottery. It is also used to produce other important documents in the government.

The Government Lotteries Office annually replenishes the state treasury with more than 4 billion baht. The Office also allocates 440 scholarships of 20 thousand baht for Thai students annually. About eight million baht goes to charity each year. Also, money from the lottery goes to meet other state needs, such as the maintenance of the social security fund for civil servants and military personnel.

For most Thai people, the Thai national lottery has become a traditional part of life. Several generations of the average Thai have been involved in the lottery, and it will certainly still be played by upcoming generations. This is because, over the past three centuries, the national lottery has taken root in Thailand, as deeply as Buddhism once did. And the history of the national lottery will definitely last.