Finding a suitable poker site is no easy task. That’s why we’ve come up with a detailed guide on how to find the best poker site for you and have the best online poker experience possible.

How to find the best poker site? A guide

As much as we all enjoy the world of poker, it is excruciating to find the right poker page. First and foremost, is the site legal? Is it user-friendly? Is there a mobile app? Are there any poker bonuses? Should I pay taxes for my winnings? There are countless questions – which is why we’ll help you find the best poker site.

This comprehensive guide aims to ease your poker journey. See what to look for when choosing a suitable online poker find which poker rooms are better suited for you, and learn more about the sports gambling winnings tax calculator in Pennsylvania! In addition, we’ll try to answer the most commonly asked questions regarding online poker in Pennsylvania, including information about taxes on PA winnings and how to use sports gambling tax calculators.

The legality of online poker in Pennsylvania

Many people question if online poker rooms are legal in Pennsylvania, and the answer is yes! In general, playing online poker is legal, but only in poker room operators that hold a valid license issued by the PGCB. To ensure safety, you should make sure to check the license of the poker site.

Online poker is legal in Pennsylvania.

Are poker winnings taxable in Pennsylvania?

The short answer is: Yes. All gambling winnings are taxable in Pennsylvania, including those made from playing poker. The federal tax for any income made from gambling is 24%, and the state of Pennsylvania also charges a flat tax of 3.07% on any income made from gambling – both online and in person. Depending on the poker site, online sportsbook, or casino, the federal tax may have already been withheld when you submit a withdrawal request, and you’ll be notified of this in a W-2G form mailed to you, which is also sent to the IRS.

If the winnings you’ve made through poker tournaments exceed $5,000 in one calendar year, you’ll receive a W-2G form sent to you by the poker site. Thankfully, you don’t have to do the tax calculations yourself, as there’s a handy winnings tax calculator PA that will do the job for you. The gambling winnings tax calculator PA is not limited to poker alone but works as casino jackpot tax calculator as well, and even for sports betting taxes PA.

Things to look out for when choosing an online poker site

When looking for the best poker sites, we don’t just search aimlessly. Because our goal is to provide you with the perfect site – one that would suit all your poker needs – we thought long and hard about the values we’d want in a poker site.

These are the values we set on for:

There are certain aspects you should pay attention to when looking for online poker sites. Besides being licensed and legal, you should look for a poker site that actually suits your poker needs. These are some of the values that you should look our for when choosing an online poker site:

  • Variety – The most important thing any gambling enthusiast wants, especially in the poker world, is a site that has many options. You don’t want to be stuck playing at one poker table, right? So, you should look for sites that have a wide selection of poker tables.
  • Rake – No poker player has been excited to see high rakes – ever. That’s why you should always look for poker sites that have the lowest rakes, but could still provide you with an unforgettable time.
  • Players and Traffic – If a poker site has no players, then what is it for? If you’ve ever visited a poker site only to find that you have to wait for an hour for players to join a table, you know that it’s not the most pleasant of experiences. That’s why you’d want the sites that have the most player traffic.
  • Poker Bonuses – As a general rule of thumb, most poker sites have generous bonuses- especially for newly registered players. Look for promos that are tailored for poker players and have reasonable terms and conditions.

Players generally prefer poker sites with more traffic

Crowded vs Empty poker rooms: What’s better?

The traffic of each poker room can affect your playing experience. If there aren’t enough people, you could be waiting in the lobby for hours. If there are too many people, the competition can be high. You can easily check the traffic of the rooms and decide for yourself.

Can I play at multiple sites at once?

Many players wonder if they can play at multiple poker sites at once. The answer is: yes, you can play poker at multiple sites. You can use the variety of poker sites to your advantage and find the tournament you like the most, the room where the competition is low, or claim the best reload promotions. And if you’re worried about calculating the taxes from different sites, you can always use a handy gambling winnings tax calculator.


Looking for the best poker room for you may take a while, but it’s most definitely worth it. You don’t want to end up in a poker room where you have to wait for players to show up for hours, or at a site where the rake is much higher than the competition, do you?

Weight the ups and downs of each poker site and make the final decision based on your wishes!