All Twisted

a woman sitting with her legs crossed backwards

The world is definitely an interesting place. The moment you think you’ve seen everything, something completely shocks you. This list will make you rethink reality, and they will definitely confuse you. This photo makes you want to do a double-take. It looks Photoshopped, but it’s definitely real. We don’t understand how this person can cross their legs like that.

Magic Glass

a glass mug that broken in a way that kept the handle in tact

How did it break like that? It almost looks like a magic trick.

Going to a Bald Convention?

a line of bald people sitting on a bus

What are the chances that four guys would be sitting right in front of each other, who each have the same haircuts? Maybe they are going to a bald convention?

A Dream Avocado

an avocado with no pit

This is like the dream avocado, there’s no pit which means you don’t have to dig out the pit, and there’s more avocado left for us to eat!

Our OCD is Kicking in

condiment dispenser with ketchup, mustard, and relish in wrong spots

Whoever put the condiments in this dispenser was not paying attention. It’s not hard to tell apart which condiment is which.

How?… Why?

girl eating entire forearm

We can’t lie, this is impressive, but it’s strange. We don’t understand why you would put someone else’s arm in your mouth…

That Stinks

someone bleaching their hair got ink from a walmart bag stuck to their head

This person decided to bleach their hair with a plastic Walmart bag. They used the bag to keep the heat in, the only problem is that the ink from the bag transferred onto their head.

A Perfect Leaf

a leaf with veins that match perfectly to the person holding it

This leafs’ veins line up perfectly with the veins of the person who found it! It was meant to be.


a clock off centre covering a window on a tower

It’s not hard to center a clock. The clock just needed moved down a bit. This just stresses us out.

No Clementine for You

a clementine that is all peel

Peeling a clementine is already annoying enough, let alone peeling the clementine to find out that there’s only the peel- no clementine.

Lunch Buddy

a possum eating a hamburger at an Arby's

We have so many questions. How does a possum end up in the middle of an Arby’s? How is the person not freaking out that there’s a possum in the middle of Arby’s? Maybe they became friends?

Oh Goodness

a dog with a heart shaved on his butt

We don’t think that the owner had this design in mind, when they took their dog to the groomer and told them to shave the dogs tail into a cute heart.

Poor Kid

a body builder's spray tan got all over a kid who hugged him

This poor kid ran into the bodybuilders’ leg full of tanner. The kid is so upset, but the funny part is that you can clearly see the kids’ face print on the guys’ leg.


bird sitting on a fence weirdly

This bird is a secret gymnast. We don’t know why this bird feels the need to do the splits, but it’s pretty funny.

Locked Up Doritos

doritos locked in a cabinet

We don’t understand why the Doritos are locked up. Someone must’ve tried stealing them, so the manager took action.

Unorganized Machine

vending machine that let all of its items out at once

It looks like someone got really mad that their chips got stuck, so they shook the machine as hard as they could- and this is the result of an angry customer.

A Mythical Creature

girl cooking and looks like she has a dog as her lower body

Here is a mythical creature, half women, half dog. This creature is rarely seen, and it’s a rare combo.

Peeping Tom

ice dripped down beside house to look like a human body

We don’t understand how the ice dripped down to form this creepy figure. It looks like someone is peeking through the window. Call 911.

Two Door Openers

two dogs that look like one dog with two heads

If these perfect doggos greeted us at the door, our day would instantly be made. How can this not cheer you up?!

Confusion Ahead

stairway with up and down arrows that dont make sense

How are we supposed to navigate this stairway? If we walked up the stairs, we would just take the elevator down. No thank you.