A stray dog had no one in the world to claim him, then one day it was his moment to shine!  A cyclist had gotten injured while making his way through the mountains. You won’t believe how the stray dog stepped up to help.

20. Stray Dog

Image: The Dodo

A stray dog living up in the mountains had no one to call his own. With no family by his side, the dog learned how to fend for himself. One day everything would change for him.

19. Biking

Image: The Know – The Denver Post

A man in Romania decided to go out for a bike ride through the mountains of West Romania. It was a Monday and he decided that he would start the week off right!

18. No Expectations

Image: South China Morning Post

The man had no real expectations for his bike ride so he stepped out and embarked on his trip. However, he had no idea of the tragedy that soon awaited him.

17. Falling Off

Image: FunnyNeel

As the man was biking, he fell off his bike and onto the ground. It was then he realized the trouble he had gotten into…

16. Broken Bones

Image: Ziff Law Firm

As the man tried to get up after his fall he realized that he couldn’t. He had broken his collarbone and was in serious pain. This was turning into a bad situation.

15. Evening

Image: DC Rainmaker

There was no way the man could get himself back on the bike. He was stuck on the trail. Night began to settle in and the temperature was steadily dropping.

14. Scary Situation

Image: RootsRated

The man found himself in a very scary predicament. Then, something completely unexpected happened and the man soon realized he wasn’t alone on the trail.

13. First Responders

Image: The Dodo

When first responders finally arrived to help assist the injured man they realized that someone else had already beat them to it. They were shocked to find that the man wasn’t alone.

12. A Dog

Image: The Dodo

When the cyclist fell and remained laying on the road, a dog came from the woods and laid beside the victim as to warm him with its body,” officials said, as translated by Romania-Insider. “When we arrived, the dog didn’t leave his side and remained there until the ambulance arrived.”

11. Unknown Origins

Image: The Dodo

No one knew where the dog had come from. It is unknown whether the dog had been living in the mountains his entire life or had been abandoned recently. Still, one thing was very obvious…

10. Compassionate

Image: The Dodo

There was one thing that everyone instantly saw when they came across the man and the dog. It was the fact that the dog was incredibly compassionate. He saw that the man was injured and came by to help.

9. Perfect Lesson

Image: The Dodo

Officials described the situation as: “Man’s best friend gives a lesson on ‘humanity.'” After all, it’s not every day that you see a situation like this one.

8. Transported

Image: The Dodo

The injured cyclist was looked over by the first responders. They were then able to transport him to safety so that he could get medical attention.

7. Mystery Dog

Image: The Western Journal

Not much else is known about the heroic dog that went out of his way to stay by the cyclist’s side. However, the first responders and other people in the area have come up with the perfect name for him!

6. Savior Dog

Image: K9Aid

Despite not knowing much about the dog, everyone has come up with a fantastic name for him. All throughout the area the dog has become known as Savior Dog.

5. Viral Story

Image: animalrescuecrew.org

As the story began to circulate around the Internet it quickly became a viral sensation. Soon everyone was talking about Savior Dog and how amazing he was for staying by the cyclist during such a scary time.

4. Inquiries

Image: animalrescuecrew.org

Soon tons of inquiries about the dog began to pour in. Everyone wanted to know what was happening with Savior Dog and if he had been taken in by a family yet. Eventually, one family reached out with a serious proposal.

3. Adopted

Image: Pinterest

A family soon came forward. They seemed like the perfect fit to take in Savior Dog. They quickly adopted him and took them into their home!

2. Loving Home

Image: Pinterest

Thanks to the viral story and the help of the Internet, Savior Dog no longer has to worry about living all alone up in the mountains. He now has an amazing family that is constantly showering him with love.

1. Wonderful Ending

Image: Manchester Evening News

Things turned out wonderful for the heroic pooch! A great heroic dog like Savior Dog truly deserves a happy ending.