One day in Japan, a husband and wife were out taking a drive when they saw something small and black alongside the road. They pulled over and discovered that to their surprise, it was an animal. Just wait until you see the story of this creature! It will melt your heart.

14. Rainy Day

Image: Deviant Art

In May of 2016, a couple was driving in Japan. It was a miserable day, with pounding rain and gloomy skies. Despite the bad visibility, they saw something black in the road. They weren’t sure what it was but one important characteristic made them stop. What was it?

13. What a Surprise

Image: Nekomemo

The couple stopped because in Japan, everyone is highly conscious of trash and litter. The country is known for being extremely clean. The couple intended to get out of the car and pick up the trash. But it turned out to be a little black kitten!

12. To the Rescue

Image: Nekomemo

The couple was going to get themselves covered in rain just for a piece of trash or paper cup, so obviously, they would be willing to go the extra mile for a small kitten. The Japanese adore the fluffy little spirit. Thankfully for this kitten, he had found the right saviors.

11. Kitten in Distress

Image: Nekomemo

Right away the couple realized the kitten was in bad shape. In fact, he was barely clinging to life because of the pouring rain. His fur was matted. His body was soiled with dirt. The couple wiped him off carefully.

10. Asleep in their Palm

Image: Nekomemo

The couple loaded the cat into the car and drove him home. Once they arrived, they cleaned him off good, picking out fleas and debris from his fir. The relaxed kitten was so relieved to be safe and warm that he fell asleep in the rescuer’s palm. See how tiny he was!

9. Seven Ounces

The kitten only weighed 7 ounces when they took him to the vet. With good vet care, he immediately got treated for having an eye and respiratory infections. If the kitten had not been rescued, he probably would have died in a matter of minutes. But now, he had a fresh start in life.

8. Treatment

Image: Nekomemo

It would not be easy. When he got back home, he had constant diarrhea and stomach problems. Another vet visit was in order, where they learned that he had parasites. So once again, the black kitten was back on medicine. Finally, the treatment worked. The parasites were gone and he could start gaining weight.

7. Gaining

Image: Nekomemo

Then the kitten had some surprises in store for his new family. At five months old, this kitten weighed 8.8 pounds! He turned out to be a much bigger breed than they thought. He was also very bonded to the couple, following them everywhere.

6. Playful Companion

Image: Nekomemo

The playful kitten even hangs out next to the bathtub whenever someone is bathing; he prefers to watch over them at all times. They love his fun and loving personality. He was far from done surprising them, however.

5. Growth Spurt!

Image: Nekomemo

As the kitten grew into a cat, his fur started to grow too. The scrawny kitten was transformed into a fluffy-haired cat! His black fur also transformed from pure black to an amazing grey-silver. He even got a lion’s mane of silver fur around his neck!

4. Favorite Place

Image: Nekomemo

His family adores the cat and all of that fur. They groom him often and he loves to get affection and care. He even climbs about the house, especially on top of his favorite cat tower. It belongs to him and him alone!

3. Trash Collector

Image: Nekomemo

He enjoys hanging out on top of the trash can. There is nowhere he can’t climb. The cat also wears stylish red caps on his claws, which protects his paws and his humans’ furniture. So lovable!

2. Yard Work

Image: Nekomemo

The couple lets the cat roam the yard. Here he is lounging around the grass. But don’t worry – the yard is fenced in and he is always being supervised. He wouldn’t dare leave the yard since he loves his forever family so much.

1. Thriving

Image: Nekomemo

Now it has been more than a year since the small black cat was rescued. He is now an adult who looks completely different. With love and attention, the cat not only survived, he thrived. All because the couple couldn’t drive by a speck of black in the road!