The scooty segment in India has showcased tremendous growth in recent years. The two popular contenders in this space are the TVS Jupiter and the Suzuki Access 125.  It makes them the popular choice among urban commuters. The comprehensive comparison will be based on various aspects of these scooters, which will help you to make an informed decision.

Comparison of TVS Jupiter & Suzuki Access 125

Design and Styling

When it comes to design, the TVS Jupiter and the Suzuki Access 125 showcase distinct aesthetics. The Jupiter features a more conservative and elegant design characterized by clean lines and a sleek profile. It exudes a refined and sophisticated appeal, targeting a wide customer base.

On the other hand, the Suzuki Access 125 boasts a sportier and bolder design language. It incorporates sharp lines, angular body panels, and aggressive styling elements. The scooty attracts riders looking for a more youthful and dynamic appearance.

The scooter provides a range of attractive colour options, to allow riders to choose a style that suits their preferences. Overall, the design choice will depend on whether you prefer a traditional and refined look like Jupiter Scooty or a sporty and eye-catching design of Access 125.

Engine Performance and Efficiency

In terms of engine performance, the TVS Jupiter and the Suzuki Access 125 employ different engine capacities. The Jupiter Scooty is equipped with a 109.7cc single-cylinder engine, delivering a maximum power output of around 7.8 hp. It offers a smooth and refined ride, suitable for daily commuting in city traffic. The Jupiter also provides excellent fuel efficiency, which is one of its key selling features.

On the other hand, the Suzuki Access 125 features a larger 124cc single-cylinder engine, generating approximately 8.7 hp. This engine offers a slightly higher power output, resulting in better acceleration and overtaking capability. The Access 125 strikes a good balance between performance and fuel efficiency, making it suitable for riders who desire more power.

The Jupiter Scooty offers a smoother and more refined transmission, contributing to its overall comfort and ease of use.

Ride and Handling

TVS Jupiter and the Suzuki Access 125 excel in their respective ways of ride and handling. The Jupiter features a telescopic front suspension and a gas-charged rear shock absorber. It easily absorbs bumps and undulations on the road, ensuring a smooth journey for the rider and pillion.

On the other hand, the Suzuki Access 125 employs a telescopic front suspension and a single-sided rear suspension setup. The Jupiter offers a slightly higher ground clearance than the Access 125, making it better equipped to handle rough or uneven road surfaces. Additionally, Jupiter’s larger 12-inch wheels contribute to improved stability and a planted feel on the road.

Features and Technology

Jupiter and Access scooters have different features and technologies to enhance the riding experience. The TVS Jupiter offers features such as an LED headlight, an external fuel filler cap, a pass-by switch, and an optional USB charging port. It also includes a digital instrument cluster, providing information such as speed, fuel level, and trip distance.

Similarly, the Suzuki Access 125 incorporates features like an LED headlight and a semi-digital instrument cluster. It also features a DC socket for charging mobile devices and a convenient one-push central locking system. The Access 125 also offers a convenient external fuel filler cap, making refuelling a breeze.


Safety is an essential aspect to consider when choosing a scooter, and both the TVS Jupiter and the Suzuki Access 125 prioritize the well-being of riders. The Jupiter comes equipped with features like an optional disc brake variant, which provides superior stopping power compared to the standard drum brakes. 

Similarly, the Suzuki Access 125 offers a front disc brake variant, ensuring efficient braking capabilities. It also features the company’s Combined Braking System, which improves braking performance and reduces the chances of wheel lock-up.

Pricing of the Scooters

Price plays a crucial role in the purchasing decision, and both the TVS Jupiter and the Suzuki Access 125 offer competitive price points in their respective segments. Jupiter’s pricing starts at a more affordable range, making it an attractive option for users looking for a budget-friendly scooter. 

Considering its reliable performance, fuel efficiency, and comfortable ride quality, it provides excellent value for money. Suzuki Access 125 Price starts at Rs. 79,400, costlier than the base model of TVS Jupiter price of Rs. 72,190.

On the other hand, the Suzuki Access 125 belongs to a slightly more expensive category, positioning itself as a premium option. Despite its higher price, it justifies its value with its sporty design, superior power output, and added features. The Access 125 provides a more deluxe experience and targets riders seeking a balance of performance and style. 

Selection of the Scooter 

Both scooters bring their unique strengths to the table in the battle between the TVS Jupiter and the Suzuki Access 125. Jupiter is fuel-efficient, comfortable, and affordable. Access 125 offers a sporty design, more power, and extra features at a slightly higher price.

Ultimately, the choice between the TVS Jupiter and the Suzuki Access 125 depends on individual preferences and priorities.When making a decision, there are various factors that should be taken into account. These include design, engine performance, ride quality, features, and pricing. Taking test rides and evaluating personal needs and riding conditions can further aid in determining which scooter best suits your requirements.