A beautiful large house but a small bathroom? That sounds like a terrible idea, right? But a small bathroom does not have to be a problem if you know how to take care of it. There are many ways in which you can solve the issue of a small bathroom, one of which is by tricking the eye. How? Through the use of color. If you want to know what colors make a small bathroom look bigger, then this article is for you.

Go for white

The best way to make your bathroom look larger than it seems is through the use of white. White tiles and white walls with white vanity and fixtures will make your bathroom appear larger. Moreover, white is a good reflector of light, so this also makes the bathroom more spacious. You can add dimension by incorporating textures and various materials that blend together.

Warmer tones like Beige

A warmer shade can make your bathroom appear spacious. Tiles that go from the floor to the ceiling can add accent and make the walls appear larger than they are. Moreover, the use of small and large beige tiles can also make space look bigger. You can add similar colors with beige-like shades of browns.

Pastel shades like Pale blue

The blue color is known for its calming effect. This is why pale blue is best for a small bathroom. This soft pale blue color is a light pastel shade that will make space appear bigger than it actually is. You can pair this color with white fixtures to add some contrast. Since it is a light color, the light will easily reflect on it. You can find excellent pastel colors at Victoria Plum.

Muted colors

Colors that have been dulled with low saturation are muted colors. There’s a delicate beauty of muted colors. Especially muted shades of purple are beautiful and can make your bathroom space look larger. This color will add a soft and airy touch to your bathroom. Making the walls and ceiling in the same color will further enhance the space in your small bathroom.

Electric yet light color teal

Teal is a combination of blue and green with white. So it is a light color but also a bright color that can make your bathroom look lively. It can easily be used for wall paint and floor tiles. This color is sure to look trendy and make your bathroom look bigger.

Bright Canary Yellow

Another bright color that can make your small bathroom shine bright like sunshine. Moreover, the light can reflect off-color and make the color much more bright, making the area appear spacious.

Light Gray

Another pastel shade is a soft gray that is a perfect light color for your small bathroom. Small space is not an issue anymore; with light gray walls and the same color tiles, your bathroom will no longer appear small. The cabinets, fixtures, and ceiling in neutral color paired with soft gray color make the area spacious and luxurious.


You can experiment with lighter shades and other aspects of the bathroom to make it appear bigger. For instance, you can install large light fixtures for added light, large mirrors for more optical illusion, and smaller vanities, toilets, etc. Avoid dark colors and go for the same color wall paint and tiles to add accent and make the eye move.