While ensuring your home is free from all kinds of insects and rodents is impossible, you can do many things to make your home less attractive and avoid an infestation that will make your life miserable. A few tips to keep pests away from your home:

Keep Your House Clean

You should clean your house regularly, taking care not to allow dirt, crumbs, pet food, and leftovers to accumulate on the floor or work surfaces like tables and kitchen countertops. The best of keeping your home clean is vacuuming, while a good mop and a household floor cleaner can deal with the inevitable spills on the floor. Buying a high-quality vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter is useful for removing dust, fleas, dust mites, and fleas. Ensure you dispose of the dust bag in a bin kept outside.

Ensure Adequate Ventilation 

A clean and dry home holds no attraction for pests. Try to keep the windows open as far as possible with the curtains drawn to permit the air to circulate freely and let the sunshine in. Instead of blocking the vents in air bricks, you can consider covering them with fine mesh to keep the pests out while allowing air to circulate, says a pest control expert at Synergy² | Jackson Pest Control near Jackson. Follow the map

Keep Your Pets Free of Fleas

It is easy for your pet dog or cat to have flea infestations, especially if they go outside to play. Ask your vet to recommend an effective flea treatment and preferably subscribe to a monthly replenishment time, so you don’t miss out on the regular treatment required.

Keep Edibles Safe from Pests

Open packets of food and drink are pest magnets. For this reason, you should always store foodstuffs in an airtight food-grade plastic container or glass jars. You must be careful to dust or wipe anything you spill while putting in or taking out the edibles from the container. Pests find sugary stuff especially attractive. According to Forbes, keeping food in sealed containers helps block smells that ants can make out from a long distance.

Pay Attention to the Lights

Many kinds of insects, especially flying ones, find bright lights extremely attractive. You need to keep your windows closed if you have lights burning inside the room, especially during summer when the insects are most active. If you are entertaining outside, you can position a bright light some distance away to distract the insects and keep them from bothering you too much by sitting in a relatively less lit area. Of course, liberally applying insect repellants also helps.


If you spot a stray insect here or there in your home, you should not automatically think you have an insect infestation problem. Keep a sharp eye out and if you see a steady stream of insects entering your home, it is time to take suitable action. Cleaning your home and using insect repellants will usually solve the problem. Remember not to let garbage accumulate in the yard, and empty the dustbins regularly. Teaching children the importance of not littering can help a lot.