Meeting guys online is a double-edged sword but then gay single men have never had it easy. Using the internet seems to be the best choice to explore your opportunities to find a partner, but you need to beware of certain types of gays who are going to entice you into having a toxic relationship. Forewarned is forearmed and knowledge is power and learning how to spot a type could make your dating more successful.

Types of Gays You’ll Meet on the Dating Site

Navigating your way through the jungle of online dating sites can be tricky, and you should be prepared to bump into all sorts of people. There is a huge list of gay types you’re going to meet during your journey, but be sure to spot the following 5 as soon as you can.

The Prep

The prep is your regular gay working in advertising or finance. He makes good money and doesn’t mind spending to get the right hairdo. Don’t be surprised to see photos of him in Lululemon yoga shorts, participating in sporting events or showing off their music knowledge. They like to talk about themselves and what they can do. They can be fun but savagely judgmental.

The Slutty Gay

These guys lurk in dark corners of dating sites, hoping to pick up guys who’d like to go down under. They’re common and mostly make themselves available on sites designed to satisfy sexual desires. While you might want to be around a slut for an exciting chat session, it’s best to avoid getting attached. You’re more likely to find an STD than true love.

The Ghost Gay

You’ll enjoy long chat sessions and perhaps share some nice thoughts. They may even suggest sharing quality time on a date. They’ll be polite and won’t mind paying for their share of the meal. But once it’s all over, it’s really done. Don’t expect to hear from them again. There will be no follow up that might start a new relationship. You’ll have been ghosted.

The Excusing Gay

These guys are easy to spot from the instant you begin interacting with them online. They have an opinion about everything and so many excuses and people to blame for not doing anything with their lives. For a while, you might enjoy chatting, but don’t expect them to show up if you decide on a date. The chances are the gay is short on commitment and lacks the drive needed to make any changes in what has a comfortable and familiar way of life. He loves company or at least someone to listen so chit-chatting online suits him and he’s good at it but that’s as far as this romance goes.

The Young-at-Heart Gay

It’s okay to like older guys but it’s not okay to hang out with those who use your youthful looks to try and be cool. They post photos, lots of them, showing themselves loving life with beautiful young twenty-somethings. It’s not even a good idea to get in touch. Just get yourself along to a decent dating website and say on your profile you’d prefer to date mature gay men and you are not referring to their age.

How to Attract Attention Online

Every man has his own idea of what makes the perfect relationship. Thankfully, top gay dating sites now come with super-advanced filters. That’s great when you’re the one deciding whether or not to make contact but who are the gays trying to contact you? Here’s how to get the right kind of attention along with a few common types you might want to give a wide berth.

  • Start by using reviews to find the best site you can and make yourself visible to gays looking for serious relationships.
  • Know the reach of apps and how they work. Some are sex-oriented, while others are more about relationships and friendships. To utilize these platforms better read up on gay slang.
  • Be active on social media. It gives genuine guys a more positive vibe and makes you seem more real.

Although singles everywhere have to add quality profiles and photos to get noticed online, there will always be the wrong types looking for attention. Dating in the gay world is hard, you go across a barrage of dead ends and disappointments. Before choosing the best partner, you could meet a lot of “not your type”. Gay dating opens window opportunities where it is easier to meet on your way all 5 types of Gays to choose the best one for you. Keep searching and be vigilant to decide who is not your type.