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Discount stores, such as Goodwill, help a lot of people. Whether someone is looking for a great bargain or is pinching pennies, shoppers can buy popular brands for a fraction of the cost. When one customer picked up a diaper bag in Goodwill, she was surprised to find what was inside.

Sarah Thomas

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Sarah Thomas took pride in her ability to find fantastic deals and bargains while out shopping. She would visit consignment shops and Goodwill almost every day in hopes of finding a precious buy. One day, she came across a diaper bag that would change her life.

Online Business

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Sarah’s joy of finding fantastic deals led her to build an online business, Sarah’s Southern Oregon 2nd Hand Deals. She would find deals at Goodwill and then sell the items in her online store.

Donations Only

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Goodwill only carries donations. So, Sarah always had a variety of things to choose from when she went. Sometimes she would find valuable items or designer clothing.

Retail Therapy

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Sarah not only loved shopping for her business, but she also enjoyed shopping for herself. She considered it retail therapy that would relieve her stress. One day, while indulging in a little retail therapy, she came across a diaper bag.


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Diaper bags can be pretty pricey. Sarah found this diaper bag for just $3 at the Goodwill. She couldn’t pass up a deal like that.

Great Shape

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The bag looked brand new, as if nobody had ever used it. After researching the true cost of the bag, Sarah discovered that it was worth $200.

Something’s Wrong

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When Sarah carried the bag into her house, she noticed that something was wrong with it. “I was cleaning it and just noticed something heavy shaking around in there,” she said.


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Sarah didn’t see anything directly inside the bag, so she decided to do a little more digging. She discovered a hole ripped in the interior.


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Sarah didn’t want to make the hole any bigger, but curiosity got the best of her. She had to find out what was inside this diaper bag.

Steady Pace

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In an effort not to ruin the bag, Sarah worked at a steady pace to carefully figure out what was stuck inside the bag. When she felt something hard and cold, she knew she found something good.

Digital Camera

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After wiggling the item out of the bag, Sarah saw that she had discovered a purple digital camera.


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Luckily, the camera still held a charge and turned on when Sarah pushed the power button. She went through the photos on the camera in an effort to find out who the camera belonged to.

Baby Pictures

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There were a lot of pictures of a baby on the camera. Sarah knew that the mother that owned the camera would definitely want these pictures back.

A Search Ensues

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Sarah knew the right thing to do was to find the owner of the camera. She couldn’t take these memories away from someone. It was time to start searching for the owner, but how?

Social Media

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Sarah decided to use her large online following for her business to search for the owner of the camera. She posted a few photos from the camera hoping that someone would recognize them.

Katie Conner

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Social media is a powerful and amazing tool in today’s society. Through Sarah’s network, she was able to locate the owner of the camera. The owner’s name was Katie Conner.

Contacting Katie

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Sarah messaged Katie on Facebook letting her know that she had found her camera in the diaper bag. Katie was confused at first, she had no idea what Sarah was talking about.

Sending Pictures

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Sarah sent Katie the pictures she found on the camera in hopes of jogging her memory. Katie instantly remembered the pictures and the camera that she thought she had lost forever.

Returning the Camera

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The two women met up in the parking lot of Target for Sarah to return the camera to Katie. Katie was overjoyed and thankful to have her camera and all of those pictures back. Katie explained that these pictures were from six years ago. Her son was now seven years old and she was glad to have these baby pictures back.

Sarah said, “I just knew it was the right thing to do. It makes me feel good knowing that she’s happy.”