There are times when you see a dog passing along the street and you think about the hardship that he is probably going through. However, you can tell how rough life was for Benji right from the moment you see him. Today we will show you an incredible story about how a woman saved a stray dog’s life by giving him all the love and affection he needed.

20. Little Benji

The dog you are seeing in this picture is called Benji and as you can clearly tell, life was not going well for him. The poor dog didn’t have a place to call home and someone to love him.

19. Andrea Sees Benji

Everything changed for the better when a YouTuber named Andrea saw him. The woman instantly knew that Benji didn’t have too many days left after seeing how horrible he looked and she decided to do something amazing!

18. Benji’s Life Is In Danger

You can tell that Benji’s days were numbered just by looking at his skin. The poor puppy was covered in mange and he was in pain. Fortunately, Andrea was determined to do something about it.

17. Rushing To The Vet

Andrea picked little Benji up and she rushed to the vet. Although, you won’t believe the sad news that the vet told Andrea! Keep reading because the next pictures are shokcing.

16. Bad News

The vet told Andrea that Benji will never recover and that it would be better to take him to an animal shelter. However, Andrea didn’t want to do that and she decided to take Benji to her home.

15. Taking Benji Home

Andrea proved to be an amazing mommy by adopting Benji and taking him into her home. The first thing that she did for the pooch was to give him a bath and the little puppy already looked better. And then…

14. Love

Andrea believes that love can heal anything and she decided to give Benji as much love and affection as he could ever ask for. Benji finally had a place to call home and this helped him feel better. Then a miracle happened!

13. Benji Is Feeling Better

Days after living at Andrea’s home, Benji started feeling better. Not just physically, but the dog was happier than ever! However, the dog still had a long way to go until his recovery would be complete.

12. Changing

Andrea fed Benji delicious food and she gave him baths every single day. The doggy’s hair was begging to grow back and soon, he looked unrecognizable! Don’t believe me? Well, then make sure to check out the next picture.

11. Happy Dog

As you can clearly see, Benji was a completely different dog. Instead of being sad all day long, the puppy had a smile on his face and he had Andrea to thank for. But wait, that’s not all!

10. Ready To Play

Andrea says that Benji loves nothing more to do other than play and go on walks. Benji is always ready to play catch and Andrea enjoys spending her free time with him.

9. Getting A Haircut

Now that Andrea took Benji to the barber to get a haircut, he looks even more unrecognizable. Can you believe how much Benji changed after living with Andrea? The next photo will shock you!

8. A Different Dog

We think it’s safe to say that Benji is a different dog and that his life is going way better than before. What’s even more amazing is that the vet didn’t even give Benji a fighting chance, but the little pup showed everyone that he has a will of iron. When he visited the vet for the second time, she was in awe!

7. Visiting The Vet

A couple of months passed since Benji’s last visit to the vet and Andrea wanted to check up on his health. The doggy looked healthy, but you can never be sure. Let’s see what the vet had to say this time.

6. Benji Is Fine

The vet was amazed to see that the dog who she said is not going to make it looks so good. She couldn’t believe her eyes, especially after seeing that Benji’s health is in perfect shape!

5. Making New Friends

It didn’t take long for Benji to befriend Andrea’s other dog. Andrea says that the two dogs love to play together and that she couldn’t ask for better companions.

4. Beach Vacation

Andrea wanted to take Benji on a vacation so that he could replenish his strength and she took Benji to the beach. Do you think Benji likes going to the beach?

3. Benji Loves The Beach

Just like all other dogs, Benji fell in love with the sand and ocean. The doggy loves to run around the hot beach and then to cool off by jumping in the clear sea water.

2. Comfortable Bed

Benji used to sleep on the streets, but now he has a comfortable bed and a place to call home. Isn’t it incredible what a little bit of love can do to a dog? Petside recommends these heated dog beds to provide them a good night sleep.

1. Incredible Transformation

There are thousands of stories about people who transform their lives into better, but they all pale in comparison to Benji. Don’t you think so?