A Step-by-Step Guide for Writing an Argumentative Essay

Many individuals mistakenly interpret an argument as a fight. At least not when utilized in academic works, it isn’t. A formal argument is an attempt to defend a claim with logic, evidence, and reasoning. Many academic writings focus on formulating a claim with solid evidence. However, a lot of students, especially young people in Canada, struggle to develop the kinds of convincing arguments that can elevate a common essay to an amazing argument. We’ll provide a step-by-step tutorial for writing an argumentative essay in this post so you can finish your subsequent assignment fast and successfully.

An argument is more than just a contradiction, as a famous Monty Python skit reminds us: “An argument is a connected set of statements meant to support a thesis.” Therefore, having a distinct proposition is crucial while writing an argumentative essay. You must begin by establishing your case in step one in order to do this.

Tips & Tricks for Writing an Argumentative Essay

Use the best argumentative essay strategies and tricks that we have compiled in a step-by-step fashion. Don’t skip any steps because doing so will help you compose your argumentative essay more effectively and quickly.

Read the task

Reading the assignment is the initial stage in writing any argumentative essay. Even though it may seem simple, making sure you’ve actually addressed the assignment’s requirements is the most crucial component of any paper. Make sure you comprehend the assignment’s specific requirements by carefully reading it through. Ask your instructor for clarification if there are any sections you don’t quite understand. If you omit a crucial portion of the paper, you risk losing points.

Read the rubric

In a similar vein, make sure you read the assignment’s rubric. The rubric resembles a cheat sheet in that it outlines exactly how your professor will score your paper. By looking through the rubric, you’ll be able to create your essay in a way that best addresses the evaluation requirements. Additionally, it will assist you in accurately weighing the various components of the work to match the weighted grades on the rubric.

Develop your argument

After reading the assignment and having a clear understanding of the question you must address, it is time to build the claim that your argumentative essay will support. You will therefore need to adopt a viewpoint on your subject. You’ll need to decide where you stand on the subject and undertake some basic study before you can do that. Your stance need not be one that you would hold in everyday life, but it must be one that you believe you could back up with data, arguments, logic, and reasoning.

Do some research on it

Each and every argument depends on the research that supports it. You must be able to support your point in your argumentative essay using credible research. Start your study by going to the library at your school and using their databases to look up information on your topic in academic publications. To build a strong argument, you’ll need to find both affirmative and negative evidence, and offer affirmative evidence while explaining or disputing negative evidence.

Construct a compelling thesis statement

Every argumentative essay must include a compelling thesis statement that explains to the reader what it will show or prove. The main thesis of your essay (the proposition) should be stated in a single phrase along with the key pieces of evidence you’ll utilize to back up and refute it.

Create an outline before you start writing

Make sure to develop an argument before you start writing to ensure that your argument will be persuasive. Before you start writing, an outline will enable you to establish the essay’s structure and choose and arrange the facts and supporting data you will utilize most effectively. Your writing process will be easier after you get started writing if you put more time and effort into your outline before you begin.

Use pathos, ethos, and logos

An effective argument uses appeals to logic (logos), credibility (ethos), and passion, according to Aristotle (pathos). All three of the Aristotelian argumentation pillars should be included in your argumentative essay, but you should pay special attention to the logos because it is the most effective and academically appropriate of the three.

Respect diverse viewpoints

Even though you don’t have to concur with them, you can strengthen your case by recognizing and taking into account the opposing viewpoint’s points. Keep in mind that not everyone who reads your work will already concur with you. Your task is to persuade them that you are correct, but you will have a tougher time doing so if you insult or alienate the audience by implying that they are awful people or foolish for having an opposite opinion. Finding areas of agreement and gently guiding them toward your stance should be your aim.

Seek help from experienced essay writers

If things don’t work out, you can always hire a professional to write your papers. You can take the burden of your essay writing problems off your shoulders if you seek qualified essay writing help from a well-known essay writing service, where the best essay writers by writance.com will write for you in no time at all. When you have a role model, you can follow how a qualified thesis writer will build an argument on your topic and learn effective techniques for creating your own argumentative essay.

Increasing the Quality of Your Argumentative Essay Grades

If you truly want to get better grades for your argumentative essays, we want to give you two additional helpful hints. Consider your teachers as any other target audience at first. What makes their hearts race, what makes them bored? Examine your lesson notes; it will be very beneficial. Based on this “marketing” research, write your essay. It simply works. You wouldn’t want to submit another dull essay because professors have to read hundreds of essays. Second, always allow extra time for editing and proofreading.

Unfortunately, it is frequently omitted even though it is an important step in the writing process. Because they are not sufficiently proofread, many excellent essays receive lower ratings than they should. There are options; you can edit each abstract separately or all of them at once, but you must read everything and check it thoroughly from the very first word to the very last reference. Even poorly written but perfectly polished papers score well.