Best Phones for Photography

Gone are the days when photography or filmmaking demanded you drop thousands on the latest camera and equipment. These days we’re all carrying powerful cameras in our pockets. Ever since the advent of the Apple iPhone, anyone can be a photographer and capturing beautiful and professional-quality images is easier than ever.

In recent years, a phone’s camera capabilities have become a major selling point, with manufacturers racing to innovate in this burgeoning market. There’s a lot of competition and plenty of phones with excellent cameras. It can be hard to know where to start from. iOS or Android? Samsung, Apple, Google? Here at Definithing, we’re here to help narrow down the search.

iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max

If you’re looking for sheer quality and can afford to go big, look no further than the iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max (the Max having a larger screen). With four 12 MegaPixel (MP) cameras of extraordinary quality, one on the front and three on the rear, it doesn’t get much better than Apple’s latest. The front camera is a wide lens, while the others are wide, telephoto, and ultrawide

The iPhone 13 Pro continues to boast unmatched low-light photography, as well as the clever and versatile smart AI optimization unique to Apple. It also has excellent battery life and strong performance overall. In the past, feature films have been shot on iPhones, such as Sean Baker’s Tangerine from MagPictures, and the results have proven to be quite remarkable.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Next up, we have Samsung’s premium offering. The S22 Ultra is a highly capable device with an additional lens to beat out the aforementioned iPhone. While the battery life isn’t as impressive and the device is sorely lacking a microSD card slot, the phone has a sleek design and outstanding zoom capabilities. Downloading images from your Galaxy can be tedious, but using inpixio download can make the process easier.

With incredible x30 and x100 zoom options, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is perfect for outdoor photography, particularly for capturing landscapes and wildlife. It also features a handy auto-focus feature, the Adaptive Pixel Assist, which makes it a capable and versatile camera, even if the raw image quality (particularly in low-light) isn’t as impressive as the iPhone.

Google Pixel 6 Pro

Another powerful option is Google’s Pixel 6 Pro. A big step up from the Pixel 5, this latest model boasts a great camera and a nice, big screen, although its battery life is less impressive than our previous entries and the design has divided users’ opinions. Its zoom function also doesn’t match that of Samsung or Apple, especially the former.

What it lacks in hardware, however, it makes up for in software. Handy features include the Magic Eraser, which allows you to nip and tuck your images to perfection, Motion mode, perfect for long exposure shots, and Real Tone, allowing you more accurately capture skin tones. Overall, the Google Pixel 6 Pro is a capable and competitive option.

Huawei P50 Pro

Next on our list is the Huawei P50 Pro. While Huawei’s phones haven’t always had the best reputation overall, they’re very capable as cameras. Things that make the P50 Pro stand out include its 40MP black-and-white camera, its high-res zoom camera, and impressive 4K/60 FPS video capabilities that the competition doesn’t offer.

The phone may be less intuitive overall than its competition and lack Google Play access, but it’ll serve you well in photography. It’s a sturdy, well-built device with smooth performance for games like online free slots from VegasSlotsOnline such as Gladiator, Starburst, and Thunderstruck. You’ll have no problem passing the time with their great selection of free slot games. The site also has a wealth of over 1,200 reviewed casinos and 1 million monthly visitors. If you wish to play safely using real money, you can head on to the site and read expert guides and strategies. The Huawei P50 Pro grants access to all this and more.

Xiaomi 12 Pro

Finally, the slick and sleek 12 Pro from Xiaomi. With excellent screen quality, super-fast charging speeds, and up to 8K recording capabilities, this model will reliably serve you as a phone and a camera. Though, unfortunately, its zoom is considerably less impressive than the likes of Samsung’s S22 Ultra and Huawei’s P50 Pro.

It also features some nice additional features, such as the ability to clone video and photos, the Dolly Zoom function, and the handy Sky editing modes, which set it apart from the competition. A quality photographer’s tool and a solid phone, you can’t go wrong with the latest from Xiaomi.

Ultimately, there’s a wide range of choices for any budding photographer. The competition is fierce and each of the phones on this list will serve you well in capturing photos and videos, though it’s important to know the key distinctions.