Choosing the Right VPN: 7 Things You Need to Know | 2022

There are various reasons why one can benefit from using a virtual private network (also known as VPN) for their personal and business needs.  They’re becoming increasingly popular in the home and office and as a result, the market is bursting with available software.

Sometimes, however, when there’s too much choice, it can be somewhat overwhelming and the decision to choose a VPN that’s right for you may be a bit of a confusing and stressful feat. Don’t worry! We’re here to help you sort this all out, by putting together 7 questions to ask yourself before choosing a VPN provider.

1. Why Do I Actually Need a VPN?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is why do you want to use a VPN? Do you need to use it mainly for business or work related matters or do you want to use it for personal use?

You really needn’t be some tech-savvy guru, to have heard of a VPN. But it’s also good to understand what it’s used for, and more importantly why it’s crucial to use and choose it mindfully. Whether for fun activities like searching for great no deposit bonuses at new online casinos, or work-related tasks – such as catching up on your email backlog – a VPN is more important than you might expect.

2. Do I Need to Pay?

A lot of VPN providers will offer you both free and paid packages. The free version will allow you to experience a limited number of features and benefits, whereas the paid one will give you full access to all of the features and benefits. For instance, a free version will give you the option to connect to a limited number of countries but the paid one will give you an extensive list of countries to choose from.

3. What Will it Cost Me?

In a nutshell, costing varies. Like with any product or service, it all depends what you’re looking for and what features you’ll actually needs and end up using. ExpressVPN, NordVPN and WindscribeVPN all have different pricing for their paid and premium varieties. You need to look at your budget and then determine which paid package may work best for you – after considering both needs and what your budget affords you.

4. What Operating System Does the VPN Support?

This is a well-warranted question, and one that needs to be asked before making your search. So, our advice is, check what operating system your VPN provider supports. Some VPNs work well with Windows, but aren’t so great with Mac or Linux platforms, and sometimes it’s the other way around. If you’re predominantly going to be using a Windows platform, then look for a VPN that complements your device and its operating system.

5. How Many Devices Can I Use the VPN on?

Another necessary question. Some offer a great free product – but at a non-monetary price -they limit the number of devices that can connect to the VPN. After all, there’s always a catch if something’s free. If you’re looking to connect multiple devices to the VPN, then you might have to switch over to the paid version to get a better overall product and more freedom to use on several devices.

6. Are There Free Trial Available?

Just about every paid service will allow you to try their VPN software for a limited period of time. Some offer a 7-day free trial, others 2 weeks and some up to 30 days! Our suggestion would be to check out what each free trial offers, and whether it matches your requirements or not. You’re better off opting for a shorter free trial if its offering reflects what you’re looking for in terms of features, operating systems and overall flexibility of service.

7. Will I Get a Refund?

Always take the time to find out if the provider has a refund policy. We suggest working with a company that offers a money back or refund guarantee, so if you don’t like the specific service or run into problems, you can always get your money back! Obviously don’t forget to look into the T&Cs attached with this policy. Many companies may use a ‘money-back guarantee’ as a marketing tactic, and end up not fulfilling their bold statement when dissatisfied customers demand it.

All Clear?

We hope these above questions have helped you understand a little bit more about what a VPN is and what needs to be taken into consideration before purchasing one. And, if nothing else, the above answers have shown how it isn’t as confusing as you might have originally thought! So go ahead and choose one that best suits your personal or professional needs and discover all the fun things you can access with your newly-installed software!