Volunteering in Ukrainian businesses: Embracing Responsibility and Supporting the Ukrainian Front

Business transcends mere financial transactions; it embodies a sense of responsibility and compassion. Amidst the full-scale war, responsible businesses have emerged as the dependable backbone that supports Ukrainian defenders and extends aid to the people of Ukraine. The voluntary initiatives undertaken by entrepreneurs have evolved beyond being solely a social endeavor; they are now deemed a necessity. This goes beyond fundraising and donations for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, encompassing tax contributions and active support for the economy. According to tax authorities, Ukrainian businesses consistently contribute monthly sums ranging from 500-600 million UAH, with a portion of these funds assisting in fulfilling military requirements. Hence, while the assertion that Ukraine presently relies on Western subsidies holds true, it only captures part of the picture.

Business — holds the second most crucial position, following the significance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The indispensable role played by the Armed Forces of Ukraine is undeniable, serving as the bedrock of defense, safeguarding the nation’s integrity and sovereignty. However, in the realms of economic development and societal stability, business emerges as the second vital component essential to the country’s existence.


Functioning as the economic engine, business generates employment and establishes production hubs, ensuring the optimal utilization of resources. In the context of national defense, entrepreneurs and companies play a pivotal role by providing crucial financial support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Contributions through taxes, financial donations, and business-driven volunteer initiatives constitute the bedrock for acquiring supplies, medical equipment, machinery, and armaments for the defenders.


Yet, business volunteering extends beyond financial aid. A substantial segment of Ukrainian business leaders initiates programs dedicated to supporting veterans, spanning from rehabilitating the wounded to facilitating the seamless integration of former servicemen into civilian life.


Equally, noteworthy is the proactive engagement of businesses in endorsing and advancing national initiatives. Ukrainian companies actively participate in supporting military hospitals, extending humanitarian aid, and collaborating with civic organizations.

Enhancing support: business contributions to the front— stats and realities

Data from the Advanter Group indicates that an impressive 87% of small and medium-sized business representatives consistently engage in meaningful assistance programs. Notably, almost 69% focus on supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with 47.8% extending aid to employees and their families, 19.2% participating in humanitarian projects, 17.6% employing displaced individuals, and 12.3% actively contributing to the restoration of regions or local communities. Although precise financial figures remain undisclosed, these contributions are estimated to reach substantial amounts, likely measured in tens of millions of hryvnias.


Large corporations are also making significant contributions. Standout donors for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including Softserve, SCM, Kernel, Group DF, NJSC «Naftogaz Ukraine», «Nova Poshta», and others, not only provide financial support but also furnish the military with transportation, medical supplies, and a diverse range of resources.


It is crucial to underscore that assistance goes beyond the provision of material resources, encompassing a variety of technical support, from beds and food provisions to heavy machinery and body armor.


How does volunteerism unite the Ukrainian community

«In our unity lies a bond that cannot be artificially manufactured», — explains Yana Matviychuk, an entrepreneur and dedicated volunteer representing the pinnacle of Ukrainian business.  Actively joining the volunteer movement in the early hours of February 24, 2022, she recounts the resourcefulness of finding internet access in a corner of a bomb shelter, immediately diving into the crucial task of identifying needs and mobilizing resources to address them.


The ARENА CS team, a thriving Ukrainian event agency founded by Yana Matviychuk, also rallied to the cause. Seasoned event organizers maintained direct communication with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and TRO, procuring and delivering items that seemed unattainable—ranging from size 49 boots to batches of bulletproof vests.


«The budgets were substantial: I reached out to numerous donors and international corporations—many of whom were my clients», — shares Yana Matviychuk.  In the initial weeks, they managed to accumulate over 100 million UAH, enabling the purchase of thousands of bulletproof vests, medical kits, thermal imagers, satellite phones, and radios. During this period, the entrepreneur actively supported the Zaporizhzhia Military Hospital and continues to provide aid to military medics on one of the fronts in Zaporizhzhia.


With the collective efforts of thousands of entrepreneurs and volunteers successfully stabilizing support for the army and medical personnel, Yana Matviychuk redirected her focus towards assisting affected civilian populations. Established in the spring of 2022, the Women’s Aid International foundation provides material and moral support to the elderly, displaced persons, and people with disabilities in the Dniprovsky and Darnytsky districts of the capital. Under the foundation’s umbrella, the «School of Social Worker» project operates, offering forced migrants the opportunity to acquire a new profession and embark on an entirely new direction—social work.

Why is volunteering important for business?


Utilizing strategies such as celebrity-involved campaigns, QR codes on receipts, and online donation portals, Ukrainian businesses are employing diverse approaches to inspire people to contribute and collaborate in supporting the defenders. While many companies allocate funds from their revenue to aid the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the home front, this proves insufficient as the army’s needs grow exponentially. Consequently, organizations and entrepreneurs are pooling resources together with their clients.

Why is this indispensable? The answer to this question might seem apparent. Beyond the direct necessity – as businesses couldn’t operate or pay taxes without the army – there are other compelling reasons.

Businesses that integrate volunteering into their corporate responsibility strategy reap various benefits:

  • It nurtures an internal culture of support and collaboration, positively influencing the workplace dynamic.
  • Volunteerism empowers businesses to actively shape social development and endorse crucial initiatives.

In Ukraine, business volunteerism emerges as a pivotal element in supporting the front and maintaining social stability. The engagement of the business community in volunteer activities holds significance not only for the army but for society at large, establishing standards for responsibility and an active civic stance.