Live Television Segment

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The day this mother appeared on a live television segment will haunt her forever. Trainers introduced a lion onto the stage for part of the segment. Little did they know that he would become feisty and unmanageable.

Wild Animals

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Wild animals aren’t meant to be tamed. While some people succeed in taming these animals, sometimes they have outburst of natural instinct.

Con Sello de Mujer

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Mexican morning show, Con Sello de Mujer, hosted the lion and its trainer. They also had a mother and her baby girl on the segment as well.

Going Well

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Everything seemed to be going well as the trainer was interviewed about the care of lions in captivity and how they behave in the wild. The mother, understandably, was nervous about the lion being so close to her daughter.

Focusing on the Little Girl

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The toddler didn’t know what exactly was happening. She kept squirming in her mother’s arms, which caught the lion’s attention. He kept staring at her and became agitated.

Getting Closer

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The lion slowly moves closer to the little girl. So slow, in fact, that the adults hardly noticed.

Strange Behavior

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The lion’s behavior changes as he locks eyes with the little girl. He becomes very still, hardly moving.

Lying in Wait

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The lion never took his eyes off of the little girl. He waited patiently for the right moment to strike. The little girl, sensing something is wrong, starts to cry.


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It was the girl’s crying that triggered the lion to lunge forward. Everyone was shocked at the quick movement.

Making Contact

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When the lion pounced, he caught on to the little girl’s leg. He sunk his claws into her pants. Institutionally, the mother tried to pull her daughter away from the lion’s grasp, but he wouldn’t let go.


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The show’s host was shocked. She couldn’t do anything but stare. The mother began to cry, wishing the lion would let go of her baby.

Unbelievable Strength

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Understandably, lions are extremely strong. The mother had no shot of pulling her baby free when the lion didn’t want to let go.


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The mother started to scream for help. She was still struggling to pull her daughter free. Then, the trainer came to the rescue.

Calming the Situation

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The trainer instructs everyone to calm down and stop yelling. The loud noises could trigger the lion into full attack.


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Everyone acted calm on the stage. Inside they were still freaking out though. The trainer, with a firm grip on the lion, works with the mother to calm her down and get the baby free.

More Help

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A second trainer jumped in and helped pry the lion off of the baby’s pants. The baby was finally free and taken far away from the lion.


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The lion was taken backstage and one of the trainers consoled the mother and her daughter. It’s hard to believe that this all happened within half a minute.

Lesson Learned

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These people learned an important lesson that day. While wild animals are fun to look at and pet, they can be unpredictable. Even though they are trained and live in captivity, they have a natural instinct to survive and hunt.