Cars are one of the greatest inventions. We use cars to get to work, drop off the kids at school, drive to our favorite vacation spot, and drive to our favorite football game. Can you imagine a life without cars? It’s important to take good care of your car. One of the most important parts of a car are its tires. If you have a flat tire, you can’t use it. Over time, many people have found odd objects in their tires. Here is a list of the top 20 strangest things people found inside their car tires’.

20 Beehive

via Reddit

This may look like PhotoShop, but it is very real. Obviously, bees don’t mind where they set up shop, as long as they aren’t bothered.

19 Air Bubbles

via Birmingham Mail

Air bubbles happen; however, the usual amount of air bubbles you’d find on a tire is about one or two. This is a lot of air bubbles for one tire.

18 Endangered Birds

via The National

Be aware of where you set your tires at; otherwise, birds may try to make it their home. It looks like they were just trying to make the tire its shelter.

17 Shark’s Tooth

via Reddit

You don’t have to go to the sea to find a shark; a shark will come looking for you. It was reported on a forum that this is a shark’s tooth that got stuck inside a tire.

16 Chipping Tool

via Reddit

If you lose a tool, check your tire. The owner of this tool obviously didn’t want to find it this way. However, it happens to the best of us.

15 Snake

via Reddit

Almost every driver doesn’t like to see nails or objects in their tires, they definitely don’t want to see snakes. Most drivers don’t expect to see a snake in their tire. At least they will have an interesting story to tell their coworkers.

14 Deer Antler

via Corey’s Car Care Center

While driving, you have to be careful while driving on the road to avoid hitting any animals. This person obviously couldn’t avoid hitting a deer, or at least, he couldn’t steer away from a deer’s antler.

13 Keys

via Mastertech Auto Care

Did anybody lose their keys? Believe it or not, this is the second case we’ve found of keys being stuck in a tire. The keys would have to be sitting at an odd angle for the tire to pick it up.

12 Fox

via MSN

This is a sad case of an animal getting stuck in a tire. Luckily, it turned out well. Fortunately, there were nice people on hand to get the fox unstuck.

11 Pliers

via Reddit

We don’t really understand how this could happen. It would make sense if the handles of the pliers were sticking out of the tires, but it’s opposite. The tip of the pliers, which is the sharpest point, is sticking out.

10 Puppy

via ilovemydogssomuch

This is quite sad to see. The puppy was playing around the tire and got its head stuck in the rim. On the plus side, since the dog was able to get its head inside, that means that the owner was able to get it out.

9 Wrench

via Reddit

This one would be frustrating, since the wrench went straight through the tire. There must’ve been a ton of pressure behind that wrench.

8 Ratchet

via Reddit

It looks like the tire sucked the ratchet inside. What’s odd about the ratchet going inside is that none of the sides of this tool are sharp. This is something you don’t see often.

7 Needle

via Times Colonist

This is an odd object to just be lying around on the road. A needle should definitely not be on the streets, because it’s dangerous to drivers and pedestrians.

6 Plastic Straps

via Pinterest

When your budget is tight, and you don’t have the money to fix your car- you get creative. This driver found a semi-solution to his problem.

5 Pliers

via Imgur

Here’s another set of pliers that punctured a tire. But with these pliers, the sharp end went in first, not the other way around.

4 Metal Piece

via Reddit

Nobody wants a flat tire. However, it happens. In this case, the driver ran over a metal object. Talk about a bad day.

3 Knife

via Youtube

This almost looks like someone was practicing knife throwing and one landed in a tire. Maybe next time they should try throwing the knife at an apple. That would have been less expensive.

2 Wrench

via Reddit

Here’s another example of a wrench inside a tire. However, this one is a tad different. Even though, the other wrench entered and exited on the outside of the tire, this one stayed on the inside.

1 Keys

via Saturnfans

You never know what will puncture your tire. In this case, two people ended up having keys in their tire. One of them lost their keys while the other person found the keys, but they had punctured their tire. Up next learn what it means if you see a bottle on your tire

If You Find A Bottle On Your Tire Here’s What It Means

This is something criminals use to distract the driver and get them out of the car. How it works is they will typically place it on the passenger side where you may not notice it. When you begin to move the bottle will obviously make strange noises that will more than likely prompt you to get out of the car and investigate what you may have ran over. Since you more than likely left your valuables like your phone and purse inside your car, the crook will be close by and as soon as you walk to the passenger side of the car, he’ll run up and grab your valuables and run, or just take your car all together leaving you stranded.