It was just a few days before Christmas when residents in a California neighborhood noticed an odd visitor. The visitor was walking around and rummaging through many of the garbage cans. However, it wasn’t a opossum or a raccoon as many suspected. What was this mysterious animal?!

20. California

Image: Hexapolis

It was around Christmastime and residents in a California neighborhood were getting prepared. There were decorations all around and people were expecting tons of family members and friends to visit. However, no one expected the visitor that they actually got!

19. A Visitor

Image: The Dodo

The residents in this quaint California neighborhood began to notice an unexpected visitor in the area. However, no one could quite figure out who the visitor was as he appeared to be one of the strangest looking animals ever.

18. Digging Around

Image: ABC7 News

The animal was known for rummaging around and digging through everyone’s garbage cans in the area. When residents finally got a good look at the animal they were shocked by what they saw.

17. Shocking Appearance

Image: The Dodo

Since the visitor got used to coming around quite often, it wasn’t long before residents caught a good glimpse of it. The animal was completely hairless, with big paws, high-set ears, and pink scaly skin.

16. No Clue


Based on the way she looked, residents couldn’t figure out what animal she was. Finally, it was time to call in some professionals to help out. The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center (FFAWC), an affiliate of the Humane Society of the United States, was called in.

15. Recognition

Image: Greg Lasley

Once the FFAWC saw the animal, they immediately recognized what she was. In fact, they weren’t puzzled at all. She happened to be a black bear that was suffering from a pretty bad case of mange.

14. Struggling

Image: The Dodo

The bear was obviously very sick and had been on the hunt for food for a good while. That’s why she had been hunting through so many of the garbage cans for so long. The poor thing was hurting and was finally going to get help.

13. Bad Case

Image: Holidog Times EN

“This was the most extreme case we’ve seen in the history of our wildlife center,” Matthew Anderson, director of FFAWC, told The Dodo. “If she hadn’t been transported here, there’s no chance she would’ve made it on her own. She was in a really dreadful condition.”

12. Arrival

Image: Holidog Times EN

The bear was quickly transported to the FFAWC center the day before Christmas. There she received a name: Eve. The next eight months would be dedicated to helping her recover.

11. Eight Months

Image: The Dodo

The next 8 months, the rescuers made sure to stay dedicated to Eve. They gave Eve her very own bear apartment with warm blankets and stuffed toys to play with. Throughout this time, they monitored her health closely.

10. Medication

Image: The Dodo

Eve was prescribed some medication to help with the mange and sure enough, it began to help. Her hair began to slowly grow back and she began to put on a nice healthy weight. Things were looking up for the sweet bear!

9. Explorer

Image: The Dodo

“She’s remarkably more bear-like now,” Anderson said. “She’s exploring her enclosure much more, climbing frequently, and has especially enjoyed playing in her pool with the hot days we’ve been having.”

8. Few Years Old

Image: The Dodo

At first, when the rescuers first brought in Eve, they assumed that she was a young cub because of how small she was. Now that she’s put on weight and grown her hair back out, it’s more apparent that Eve is a few years old.

7. Bear Behavior


Eve has also been showing off some serious bear behavior! “Exploratory and play behavior is exactly what we’d expect from a wild bear,” Anderson said. “But of course, no bear is complete without plenty of sleep, too.”

6. Playful

Image: The Humane Society of the United States

Eve has been incredible playful now that she has been feeling better. Rescuers are so happy about her progress and how fun her personality has become. However, she’s still not 100% healed.

5. Continued Treatment

Image: The Humane Society of the United States

Even though Eve’s mange has completely cleared up, she is still being treated for something else. She is still taking medication for a secondary skin infection. Rescuers believe that it should clear up soon, however.

4. Watching Over

Image: The Humane Society of the United States

The animal rescuers are still continuing to watch over Eve as she gets better and better. They will continue to monitor her progress and give her any other necessary medications.

3. Optimistic

Image: CDFW Wildlife Investigations Lab Blog

With the way Eve’s progress has been going, Andersen states that he’s “quite optimistic.” Once she’s completely better, they will be able to release Eve back into the wild so that she may continue to live her best life.

2. Great Example

Image: CDFW Wildlife Investigations Lab Blog

“Everything we see is a step in the right direction,” Anderson said. “Our main focus is successful rehabilitation and a release back into their native habitat — and Eve is a great example of the many patients we have every year. We’re so delighted at how she’s doing.”

1. Wonderful Rescuers


Image: CDFW Wildlife Investigations Lab Blog

It is thanks to these wonderful rescuers that Eve was given a miraculous second chance at life. Each day Eve is doing better and better and soon she’ll be back in the wild where she belongs.