39. Rules Don’t Apply

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Not everyone has humility. Billionaire Paul Allen was denied a request to put a landing pad at his waterfront home on Mercer Island by the city. His solution was to build a custom pad which paddles 100 yard into the lake beyond city jurisdiction. According to Allen, zoning regulations are for peasants.

38. I’ll Just Get A New One

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A passerby at a gas station was solicited by an older woman in a Bentley to pump her gas because she was afraid to do it herself in a sketchy neighborhood. When he asked which grade of gas she wanted, she said she wanted the cheapest, and that if it ruined her car she could just get a new one. She handed him a $100 bill and said to keep the change. At least he got a tank of gas for himself and some spare change out of it!

37. Disneyland = Boringland

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One girl’s family was poor growing up but got to go to Disneyland with a rich friend when they were 16. While her own father had saved up for years for their family to go together, this girl went with her friend’s family and she said the girl didn’t really care about going on the vacation. She said “this trip is probably going to be boring; my grandma takes me ot Disneyland like every break,”. All she did in the parks was sit on her phone because all the rides were “boring” since she had been on them dozens of times. Must be nice.

36. $3 Million-Dollar View

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One guy reports that his boss bought a three million dollar lake house and ended up buying the other one which was obstructing their view of the lake because his wife wasn’t satisfied with the view from their house. That’s one solution.

35. A Million Dollars Makes No Difference

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In high school, one kid who always bragged about how rich he was got an opportune question during a game. The question he got was “If you won a million dollars what would you do with it?” to which he replied “ a million dollars wouldn’t make a difference in my life”. Must be nice!

34. Richly Lonely

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One person had an acquaintance who traded in his Porsche every year for a new one. His parents had died when he was in his teens and left him a multi-million dollar trust fund. He spent all his time trying to attract women with all his money just to dump them because they were “only into him for his money”. He was one of the loneliest people the guy had ever met.

33. Richest Pizza Guy Ever

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One pizza delivery guy brought in $60,000 a year by delivering piza in his BMW M3 part-time in an affluent area. The only reason he had the job was apparently because his parents’ $5000 allowance for him wasn’t enough.

32. Picky Drinkers

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One flight attendant reports that while she has worked in the capacity for 10 years, the craziest thing she has heard from a passenger is that she will “only drink water from France,”. Wow.

31. $28,000 for Water Bottles

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Speaking of water, a superyacht docked in Italy in a high-end marina ordered a pallet of Perrier to be delivered. Since it was against policy for them to get a pallet of the water to their boat, they got a private jet from American to fly in the Perrier and drop it to the boat. It cost them $28,000.

30. Break To Upgrade

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One person had friends who deliberately broke their phones so that their parents would buy them the latest model. Aren’t kids awesome?

29. Submarine for Valuable Art

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In one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in America, a man buried a decommissioned submarine nearby his home and dug a hallway to the basement of his home so that he could store valuable art in the submarine. This way, it would be protected from the hurricane coming in.

28. No “Crappy Cars” Allowed

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My rich aunt doesn’t let us park in front of her home because it “makes her mansion look bad”. She is married to a Hollywood producer and has four kids and had never worked a day in her life. He finds it baffling since he drives a relatively new, clean Audi.

27. Every Day is Bank Day

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One local bank worker says there are some customer who come in almost every day to take out $20,000 or just check their balance. He suspects they just enjoy being told how rich they are.

26. Rolex or Cartier?

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A guest of a graduation party for a Yale alumnae was shocked when her father came out and asked the guests which watch would be better: Rolex or Cartier? There were crickets.

25. Golf Club Fanatic

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One guy went to college with a golf teammate who enjoyed destroying golf clubs when he missed a shot. He wasn’t angry, he just enjoyed doing it. He had a new set of irons for each round he played and said “it wasn’t even a rounding error in his dad’s credit card”.

24. The Difference in His Bank Account

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A coworker of a wealthy guy was a Harvard graduate and his dad was an executive at a large consulting firm. He was smart but ditsy and, at one point, asked his “trainee” if he had gotten paid because “he literally couldn’t see the difference in his bank account”.

23. Lexus for Lexi

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One girl got mad that she received a Mercedes for her 16th birthday instead of a Lexus. She wanted to be Lexi, with a Lexus, with a license plate that said “Lexi”. Her parents caved and bought her a lexus for her 17th birthday.

22. She Had Never Been Poor

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A woman who ran a nonprofit once said she “wished she could relate to our clients more but she had never been poor”. She owned two homes in one of the most expensive zip codes in the States.

21. They Make Things Better Over There

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One girl’s friend yelled at her dad that she “hated him” because he “wouldn’t take her to London to buy a dress”. She swore clothes in Londong were made better than America.

20. Ignore the Call, I’ll Pay Double

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One medic had a mom ask if I could open the ambulance so her son could see the inside since he wanted to be a firefighter. Despite the fact that seeing an ambulance is pretty much irrelevant to a wannabe firefighter, she let the kid peek in. Sure enough, the kid jumps into the ambulance and stars playing with the expensive monitor. The mom didn’t even try to control him even when he screamed “I don’t care, my mom will buy it” when she tried to pull him off. She had to physically remove from the boy from the ambulance because the mother said “it’s fine, just let him play with it; if it breaks I will replace it,”. All the while, the ambulance is waiting to drive out to answer a call. Someone could be dying and the mother suggests she will pay them all double their hourly wage so the boy can explore, or destroy, the ambulance. People!

19. Yacht Wars

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One poster’s uncle owned a yacht and enjoyed traveling the world. His favorite thing to do was pull into port and bathe in the stares of everyone admiring his boat which was bigger than everyone else’s.

18. Spoiled Brat Alert

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A five year old girl, about to go visit her grandmother in NYC, didn’t have a pair of shoes she liked so she called her chauffer and told him to buy her better shoes. When he got back, the girl told him he got the wrong ones and “called him an idiot”. No one in the family thought anything was wrong with the situation.

17. Wrong Color

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One guy who attended a private high school was a peasant compared to the wealth of his classmates. One boy was given a sports car on his 17th birthday and wrecked it a day later. Of course, his dad bought him another the next day but he complained “it was the wrong color”.

16. A Hassle

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A boss once complained that she had too much land to keep up with. Her advice? “Don’t own too much land and properties, it’s just a hassle,”.

15. Landscaping Dangers

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A previous landscape worker in a wealthy Toronto suburb got some interesting experience with customers. One guy told him it was “crap that he had to look at us and our truck because he paid so much in property taxes” and another neighbor claimed she was experiencing “health problems from the stress of the work truck being parked in front of a home once a week”. The latter woman’s husband threatened legal action.

14. Supplementary Income

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One garbage worker at an uber-rich-university has a nice side gig of selling the kids’ trash, which often includes hundreds of late-model game consoles, PCs and laptops. One man’s trash is another’s $50,000 per year.

13. 1mbps Is Everything

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One person lives in an area where internet is very expensive. He once heard his rich friend throw a fit at his dad because he was getting 15 mbps instead of 16 for about an hour

12. You Can’t Put A Price On A Good Time

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A group of kids in Montana was out driving and drinking and came across two combines in a wheatfield and decided to have a demolition derby. They were worth about a half a million dollars combine and ended up getting caught. The lawyers of the rich kids’ families said “Well, you can’t put a price on a good time,”.

11. Friday Isn’t The Weekend

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A guy’s college roommate was given $1400 from his mom for “the weekend” randomly and he blew it by Saturday. He complained and told her since “Friday isn’t part of the weekend” she should give him another $1400.

10. Fired For The Heck Of It

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My mom’s new boss at a non-profit said she took the job because she “enjoyed not asking her husband for spending money” and proceeded to fire half the current staff because she didn’t like them. Included were six single, breadwinning women earning under $40,000 were let go just so this woman could have a more tolerable work environment so she could fund her spending on non-essential crap.

9. I Know Why I Hired You

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One personal assistant for a U.S. Ambassador and his wife did a lot of odd jobs as part of his job. One time, his wife opened the door and said “Oh, thank god you’re here” and pulled him by the arm into the kitchen, begging me to help her open an empty black garbage bag which had been mangled on top. She said “my husband and I tried for half an hour last night,” to get it open yet I just rubbed the top of the bag, grabbed both sides and snapped the bag open to fill it with air. You would’ve though I were superman. She said quite “seriously and enthusiastically: it’s time’s like this I know why I hired you!”.

8. Stairway To The Bank Account

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One guy’s neighbor made it from rags to riches and recently acquired a high maintenance wife. She chose a staircase that cost $100,000 for their new home but then decided the shade of white steel wasn’t exactly what she wanted so she replaced them for another hundred grand.

7. Mats Matter

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One guy went on a vacation with his girlfriend and her family. Her uncle was quite wealthy and had a beautiful yacht complete with glass stairs, stone walls, and mahoghany. When they sat down to eat, his wife freaked out and yelled “where are the mats?!”. Apparently, placemats were necessary to sit down before the giant glass bowl of chips and guacamole could be put on the table. She was mad and almost embarassed and I’ve never been so weirded out at someone’s anger. How could a mat be such a big deal?

6. No Walking, Just Taxis

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A college girl would insist on taking a taxi everywhere in a small, very safe, college town. She lived two blocks away from her boyfriend’s house, a full 4 minute walk, yet she always took a taxi. She swore she had “ a terrible sense of direction and couldn’t figure out where we lived” but you’d think she’d be embarassed after such short taxi rides and would just figure it out.

5. Sixth Car’s The Charm

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One high school kid crashed six cars in a year. They were all brand new cars, BMWs and Jeeps and the last one his dad purchased was a semi-new Ford Focus and he flung a fit because his dad wouldn’t buy him another $30k+ car. Unbelievable.

4. Gospel of Money

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One guy’s mom works at a Baptist Church where the pastor makes nearly $100,000 a year plus hefty benefits. He owns two large homes and makes a ton of money on top of his salary. When he goes on mission trips and conventions, he accepts offerings for his airfare and other expenses meanwhile everyone else pays their own way. The congregation is full of poor and retired people while the pastor lives like a king.

3. All for the Horse

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One girl wasn’t exactly grateful for her family’s wealth. She was in love with horses and convinced her parents to move so she could be closer to the stables she liked to ride at. Apparently, the move “upped her parents’ commutes and her brother had to change schools in the 8th grade” all for a horse. Then, she convinced her parents to buy her favorite horse and then she tried to sell it to a classmate because “he was rich and she didn’t need money like she did”.

2. How Rich People Torture Their Kids

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One guy listed his 1998 Honda Accord on Craigslist for $250 and expected it to go to a low-income family or someone who could restore it enough to drive a few more years. When he met the buyer, he wasn’t what he expected: he was driving a brand new Escalade and told him his teenage son had “crashed a BMW, Mercedes and an Audi” and so his punishment was to drive an old Honda Accord.

  1. Buying Used Stuff = No Dignity

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One kid thought it was repulsive when people would buy used stuff on eBay. One time, a friend was talking to him about how he bought a memory module for his computer on eBay and he said “if you have such little dignity to buy used stuff you should keep it to yourself”. Wow!