The CompTIA A+ certification provides a boost to anyone who wishes to excel in leading IT roles. Some of these roles that you can opt for with this badge are networking engineer, help desk technician, and desktop support administrator. However, before being certified, one must meet the requirements that include passing 2 required exams. One of them is the CompTIA 220-1002, which is what we are discussing in this post. The aim we are reaching is to bring you more information about 220-1002, including how you can prepare for it.

Exam 220-1002 Important Information

The CompTIA A+ badge is achievable after passing two core tests. The first is 220-1001 and the second is CompTIa A+ 220-1002 VCE Exam Dumps . Both of the tests target those who wish to be skillful in core technologies such as cloud, security, and data management. When launching careers into the digital world, this A+ credential is used as the standard in the IT industry.

So, if you are done with core 1 test, this is the time to move onto the second one which was designed to judge your understanding of various technical aspects including:

  • Configuring operating systems for devices such as Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Mac, and Android,
  • Administering client-based and cloud-based software,
  • Troubleshooting and solving core services as well as supporting challenges as you apply best practices regarding change management, documentation, and scripting,
  • Basic implementation of data back up as well as recovery methods,
  • Applying best practices for data storage as well as management.

These are some of the technical areas you must develop knowledge in to do well in 220-1002. It is also wise to grow practical skills since succeeding in your role as a specialist in IT also relies on the application of what you will have learnt.

As for the facts of this CompTIA A+ Practice Test Questions 220-1002 , you need to understand that the exam will carry 90 questions with 90 minutes to answer them. You also must know how to answer the various types of questions such as performance-based, multiple choices, and drag-and-drops that 220-1002 will have. The grades you get after submitting your responses must tally with the passing score of 700 points out of 900 for you to earn your A+ badge. One more detail to add is that the registration for this assessment includes payment of $226.

To understand the most possible ways the exam will appear, you need to invest in a thorough prep. There are varied methods to use in covering the important concepts for the test. Let’s see into them.

Exam 220-1002 Preparation Resources

Studying is vital to passing exams. And there are various resources to use in accomplishing what test 220-1002 expects from you. They include:

  • CompTIA website

Since you will be taking the CompTIA test, beginning your searches from their website is key. This way, you will get more information regarding 220-1002 exam, which includes details such as the registration process and the possible structure. You also need to consult the website to get the recommended exam study tools. You can check out revision resources like exam 220-1002 interactive virtual labs, instructor-led prep course, official study guides for the A+, and eLearning.


Amazon is a marketplace for a variety of exam preparation items that include study guides and flashcards. You can find the official guide for the A+ tests as well as many others. For example, you can purchase the best seller CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide that will get you familiar with the main concepts to pass your test with flying colours.


If you ask most previous candidates who have passed this test, they will tell you that settling on exam dumps was one of the best decisions they ever made. These past tests enable those who use them to get a clear idea of the upcoming CompTIA assessment. The questions in the dumps are solely designed for practice, thus ensuring you uncover the exam truths like structure and how best to take the questions. is one of the best websites with FREE 220-1002 exam dumps uploaded by recent examinees who previously took this exam.

What is more, this provider offers the 220-1002 Premium Bundle ($39,97) that is comprised of three items like an expert-verified exam dump, a video tutorial of lectures, and a handy study guide. But it’s important to know that exam dumps enable users to utilize the VCE Exam Simulator, which provides an exciting experience during test practice. Through this software, it’s possible to tell the environment of the real exam.

  • YouTube

For those who learn better with illustrations, the YouTube self-paced videos work well. Qualified instructors have created and uploaded several video courses that give a broad coverage of the exam domains. You only need to carry out a Google search by typing in the exam code and including the phrase ‘YouTube videos’ at the end. Test 220-1002 self-paced videos are best for learning especially if you have a busy schedule that may not allow you to appear in a classroom where you are required to be present at a specific time.


Every IT specialist desires to get to a point where they can see and enjoy the benefits of what they have been sacrificing. And as long they do their bit, they can never regret it. This will apply to you if you take your time to understand the CompTIA exam 220-1002. And beyond this, registering for this test and actually studying for it is what brings great tidings your way. Make the most out of resources like updated’s exam dumps, CompTIA courses and virtual labs, and study guides from Amazon. If there is any legit thing you must do to achieve the CompTIA A+ certification, then go ahead and do it. The best time for this is now!