When a man was riding his bike in the woods, he thought he saw a little kitten. Turns out it was a baby lynx! The amazing rescue brought him face-to-face with an incredible animal.

13. A Ride Through the Woods

Image: www.mtbproject.com

Mathieu Patry is an outdoorsman who was enjoying riding his mountain bike in the woods near his home in Quebec, Canada, when he saw something unexpected. It was, he thought, a small, furry animal – probably at cat. He pulled off the path.

12. Off the Beaten Path

Image: Mathieu Patry

Once Patry jumped off the trail and got a closer look, he thought his first instinct was correct. “At first I thought it was a domestic cat,” Patry said. “So I got off the mountain bike to go check.” It seemed to be an adorable kitten. However, it turned out to be something different.

11. A Lynx Kitten

Image: Mathieu Patry

Patry walked over to the small feline and realized that it seemed to have different features than a domestic house cat. Living in Quebec, he was familiar with other kinds of felines – wildcats – that lived in the area. “I saw his paws and immediately guessed that it was a lynx,” Patry said. “Then I saw the little round ears, and afterwards I saw that he had just a tiny little tail.”

10. Lynx

Image: Canadian Wildlife Federation

“I was very surprised to see that it was a lynx,” Patry noted. Canadian lynx live in Canada and Alaska and other colder zones. Also known as the North American lynx, these cats have whiskers, triangular ears that are tipped and large, furry paws.

9. What’s in a Name?

Image: Max Pixel

The name lynx is thought to have originated with the Greek word leukos, which means bright. According to the San Diego Zoo, this could be a reference to the shininess of the lynx’s eyes when the light hits them. Their eyesight is so strong they can spot a mouse up to 250 feet away.

8.An Orphan?

Image: Mathieu Patry

Patry knew enough about wildlife to understand that the first thing to do when a person encounters a young animal in the wild is to see if its mother returns. Often, the mother may be nearby. Patry left the trail and went home, hoping that the lynx was not an orphan. However, he thought about the lynx all night.

7. Crying for Help

Image: Mathieu Patry