So many of us have an open heart when it comes to cats and dogs, however, how many of us feel the same way about a chicken or a rooster? Well, one woman happens to see no distinction between the many different animals that live amongst us. When one woman came across a rooster that was in need of saving she didn’t think twice before helping out. This heartwarming tale will certainly restore your faith in humanity!

20. Chickens

Image: Old Farmer’s Almanac

When you think of a chicken where do your thoughts immediately go? For many of us, chickens are automatically associated with food. However, chickens are far more interesting than you may be giving them credit for!

19. Intelligent Creatures


For example, did you know that chickens happen to be quite intelligent creatures that are capable of being affectionate? That’s right, many people that have had the pleasure of owning a chicken can attest to this. Chickens actually make a wonderful pet.

18. Great Pets

Image: Instagram/breeandmerooster

One woman recently learned just how wonderful raising a chicken can be when she had the opportunity to do so. With an adorable yellow ball of fluff by her side, one woman began to realize that being a foster mom to a chicken can be incredibly fulfilling.

17. Five Days Old

Image: Instagram/breeandmerooster

Meet Bree, an adorable baby rooster. He was discovered on the streets of New York City by Camille. It seems that Bree had either been abandoned by his mother or was just lost. Either way, the streets of the city were no place for a baby.

16. All Alone

Image: Instagram/breeandmerooster

Poor Bree was all alone with no one to care for him. As Camille saw him walking around on the street, she couldn’t bare to leave him there. So she quickly scooped him up and brought him to work with her.

15. Bringing Him

Image: Instagram/breeandmerooster

I scooped him up and he seemed really content in my hand,” she told The Dodo, “and I had him do some office work with me. It was hard not to fall in love with him.”  However, she knew she couldn’t leave him behind now!

14. Taking Him Home

Image: Instagram/breeandmerooster

Camille had so much fun with Bree at work that she knew she had to bring him home – so that’s exactly what she did! “And I was leaving for the day, so it was like this knee-jerk reaction. It just came out of my mouth. I was like, ‘I’ll take him.’ I brought him home to foster him.”

13. Surrogate Mother

Image: Instagram/breeandmerooster

When chicks are very young, they need the warmth and care of their mother to grow and get stronger. Camille knew this and so she decided to foster Bree and be his “surrogate mother” for the time being. He soon became quite attached to her!

12. Attachment

Image: Instagram/breeandmerooster

He went everywhere with me,” she said. “He would sleep in my sweatshirt and cuddle up to me. And every day, I fell more and more in love with him. And I just learned very quickly that he’s this wonderful, sentient being that just wants to be loved like all of us. Just like a cat or a dog or a human baby.”

11. Growing Up

Image: Instagram/breeandmerooster

Thanks to Camille’s care and love, Bree began to grow and grow! She was surprised by how domesticated little Bree had become. Her and Bree became so close and they shared a unique friendship.

10. Learning

Image: Instagram/breeandmerooster

Taking care of Bree also opened Camille’s eyes to the world of chickens. There were so many things that she was completely unaware of before. Her entire perspective on chickens has changed thanks to her new relationship with Bree.

9. Sixth Sense

Image: Instagram/breeandmerooster

I had fallen asleep on the sofa,” she related. “Bree was really quiet that day, like he really sensed that I wasn’t feeling well, and when I woke, he was laying across my chest.”  It was at that point that Camille realized she didn’t know that much about chickens…

8. Happily Surprised

Image: Instagram/breeandmerooster

I remember waking up thinking, I didn’t even know that chickens lay down. And so all of a sudden it became very aware, like this sentient being is bonded to me. That was that turning point day where I thought, ‘Wow, I feel like he’s part of my family. I don’t know if I could give him to a sanctuary.’”

7. Male or Female

Image: Instagram/breeandmerooster

At first it was hard for Camille to distinguish whether Bree was a male or female chicken. When they are small, they all look kind of the same to the untrained eye. It’s only when they get older and their bodies change that you can obviously tell the difference.

6. A Male

Image: Instagram/breeandmerooster

However, Camille soon learned that Bree was a male in the most amazing way. When Camille finally heard Bree crow she knew that he was obviously a male. At that point, she knew that she couldn’t just hide Bree away anymore.

5. Unwelcome Guest

Image: Instagram/breeandmerooster

As Bree continued to crow each morning, Camille knew that it would only be a matter of time before the neighbors complained. After all, chickens and roosters aren’t a welcome guest in densely populated cities. They are often marked as a noise nuisance.

4. A Dilemma

Image: Instagram/breeandmerooster

Camille was left with a serious dilemma. She was incredibly attached to Bree and the same could be said of Bree. Their friendship had only grown stronger and stronger. Camille knew that she couldn’t just give up Bree…

3. The Choice

Image: Instagram/breeandmerooster

So here I was living in New York City at the time, with Bree the rooster, and I had to make a decision. And Bree made the decision for me, because I chose Bree,” she said. “It was probably the best decision I ever made.”

2. Moving Out

Image: Instagram/breeandmerooster

So Camille made the bold move to move out of the city so that she and Bree could stay together. They found an area where they could live peacefully together without being a nuisance to anyone else around. There is also tons of open space for Bree and wonderful nature to take in.

1. Happy Together

Image: Instagram/breeandmerooster

Bree and Camille are now living happily together outside of the city. Camille is so grateful that she came across Bree in the streets. Together they are both happy and enjoy a strong and unique bond.