Everyone is afraid of something. Whether it’s heights, spiders, or being buried alive, there is something out there that scares everyone. However, when we talk about phobias, we are talking about paralyzing irrational fears. These fears are so debilitating that they even have scientific names for them. These are some of the strangest phobias people suffer from every day.


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This is the fear of math. We feel sorry for any student who had to sit through years of math class while suffering from this phobia.


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This is the fear of young people. We aren’t sure if this fear develops over time as people get older or not, but it’s a fear that you can’t run away from. There are young people everywhere!


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This is the fear of the moon. Don’t expect to spend a romantic evening stargazing with your loved one if they suffer from selenaphobia.


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This is the fear of being single. We all know that one person who is always in a relationship. They may be suffering from anuptaphobia and trying to ensure that they are never single.


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This mouthful of a word means the fear of the number 666. This number is often a symbol of the devil, which would probably make anyone fear it.


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This is the fear of beautiful women. We get it, a beautiful woman can be intimidating, but she is nothing to be afraid of!


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This is the fear of seeing one’s reflection. Sometimes we don’t like what we see in the mirror, but these people really get frightened when they see their reflection.


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This is the fear of knees. Yes, those knees. The knees that everyone has. We aren’t sure how these people feel about their own knees, but we’re sure that their lives aren’t very pleasant during the summer.


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This is the fear of bathing. We get being afraid of water, but bathing? These people must be pretty smelly.


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This is the fear of opinions. Whoever suffers from this phobia better not watch any political talk shows. We all know there are too many opinions around those tables.


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How ironic that the name for being afraid of long words is in fact, a long word? These people definitely don’t browse the dictionary for fun.


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This is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of someone’s mouth. While the feeling may be a little uncomfortable, it definitely isn’t permanent. We can only wonder if people with this phobia avoid peanut butter altogether.


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This is the fear of buttons. Alternatives are zippers, snaps, and Velcro. However, imagine all of the clothing items these people have to avoid.


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This is the fear of balloons. These people definitely don’t attend children’s birthday parties or carnivals. They would go into a full out panic attack with all of those balloons.


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This is the fear of being forgotten or forgetting memories. It’s definitely a legitimate fear because everyone wants to leave their mark in the world.


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This is the fear of being buried alive. Famous writer Edgar Allan Poe suffered from this phobia. He even wrote a short story, “The Premature Burial” about his fears.


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This is the fear of not having a cell phone. Cell phones seem to be attached to our hands. No matter where we go, we have them on us. However, some people are so attached that they have formed a phobia of not having their phones with them.


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This is the fear of swallowing. We can only imagine how these people eat and drink to survive. Hopefully there is some kind of therapy to treat this phobia.


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This is the fear of trees. People who suffer from this phobia can most likely be found in large cities, avoiding parks and nature of any sort.


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This is the fear of clusters of holes. For example, beehives would make someone with this phobia go into a panic. There’s no explaining why these clusters make people so petrified, but that’s the point of a phobia, right?


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This is the fear of houses. This includes being near or even in them. We can only wonder where these people live if they can’t be in a house.


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This is the fear of large things. Have you ever looked up at a skyscraper and felt overwhelmed? Well, imagine feeling ten times that overwhelming feeling. That’s how people with this phobia feel.


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This is the fear of good news. We aren’t sure why someone would be afraid of good news, but apparently it’s a thing.


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This is the fear of stories, lies, and myths. Apparently, people with this phobia can’t enjoy a good movie or book without feeling fearful.


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This is the fear of heaven. Yes, you read that right. Some people are afraid of dying and going to heaven. Are they as afraid of hell as they are of heaven?


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This is the fear of objects being on your right. Imagine the way someone with this phobia’s home is set up. Everything would be on one side of the house.


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This is the fear of laughter. You won’t find people with this phobia at a stand up comedy show. That would just make them crazy.


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This is the fear of red hair. We don’t recommend people with this phobia visit Ireland. They would definitely feel uncomfortable.


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This is the fear of the number eight. Some people like even numbers. Some people need things to be in increments of five. Then you have some people who have a strong fear of the number eight.


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This is the fear of sitting down. This is a great example of an irrational fear. People with this phobia must have really strong legs, though.


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This is the fear of new things and change. Change can be hard, but that doesn’t mean you should fear it and avoid it altogether.


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This is the fear of flutes. Don’t expect someone with this fear to enjoy a school concert or go a marching band performance.


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This is the fear of bald people. While bald people may not always be the most attractive, there’s no reason to be afraid of them!


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This is the fear of falling asleep. We can only imagine how tired these people feel all the time. This is a whole new level from insomnia.


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This is the fear of cheese. We feel bad for people with this phobia. Cheese is one of the best foods in the world!


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This is the fear of bridges. Whether it’s all bridges or just the massive bridges going over major rivers, these people have a hard time crossing over them if they even attempt it.


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This is the fear of bubbles. Hopefully these people don’t get caught at a child’s birthday party where bubbles are handed out as party favors.


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This is the fear of needles. This is definitely a legitimate fear; nobody likes to be pricked by a needle when they go to a doctor. However, some people’s fear is more intense than others.


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This is the fear of gravity. Maybe people with this fear should think about becoming astronauts. Their fear of gravity would disappear!


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This is the fear of sunlight. People with this fear are known to buy blackout curtains and switch their sleep schedules so that they sleep during the day and are up at night. What an interesting way to live.