Agile methodology has been adopted by numerous organizations primarily for their IT operations. Today’s world is fast-changing and succeeding in this environment can be quite difficult. It is absolutely imperative that when it comes to software development, the quality of the delivered products is top-notch. Companies are constantly looking for qualified employees who can effectively handle such methodology. One of the best choices that are available today is known as Scaled Agile Framework or SAFe. If a candidate attends a leading SAFe course the possibility of their careers growing in numerous industries increases tenfold. There are many courses and certifications available in the market, so it is important for candidates to understand what SAFe comprises and how a Leading SAFe course can provide benefits.

Brief Understanding of SAFe

Scaled Agile Framework includes a set of patterns that helps in implementing Agile methodology. It is a combination of both lean and agile principles- it marries the lean manufacturing mindset with Agile’s iterative development practices. SAFe’s main aim is to centralize decision-making by collaboration and flexibility across teams along with alignment and management. SAFe has proved to be beneficial since it increases both productivity and quality while delivering a product to the market faster and maintaining a proper customer experience. SAFe works on three pillars- Program, Team, and Portfolio which leads to better alignment and greater visibility across the teams. The people who are responsible for leading this methodology are referred to as Leading SAFe. A Leading SAFe course is not only easy but is widely available. It is a small step that provides numerous benefits.

Benefits of SAFe course

Hike in Salary-

Studies show that with a SAFe certification, one might be paid up to 25% more than non-certified professionals. The salary package that comes with a certified SAFe Agilist is extremely attractive considering all it takes to get certified is a two-day course and a 90-minute exam. The effort that has to be put into passing said exam is nothing compared to the boost it can give one’s career.

Global Recognition-

SAFe certification is recognized globally. Due to the demand for agile frameworks across the world, SAFe certification is one of the most highly reputable certifications. It is one of the best courses a professional can arm their resumes with. A certification in SAFe makes it easier for one to get a job anywhere in the world.

Decision Making Skills-

An organization depends on the decisions made by a leader of a team. The main aim of a Leading SAFe course is to teach candidates how to utilize Lean Portfolio management to improve decision-making capacity. Companies are constantly looking for people who can properly maintain and execute problems.


There are very few certified agile methodologists in the world. Yet the job listings that require agile skills are increasing. With a SAFe certification, one can easily tap into the numerous industries that demand such employees. A leading SAFe course makes it extremely easier for one to get a job in today’s highly competitive market.

SAFe certification is really beneficial for a career in software development.