Federal Bureau of Investigation

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A young couple bought a home in Ohio that needed a little bit of work. It wasn’t too much for them to handle, so they decided to do the renovations themselves. They began their renovation with the first two floors. Once that was completed, they moved on to the basement, which would lead to a call to the FBI.

Older Home

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The house had been built in the 1940’s and was full of character. As the couple started their renovations, they noticed some strange signs throughout the house.


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The first thing they noticed about the basement was the graffiti on the walls. It wouldn’t be too hard to clean off. The couple also decided to take pictures and document their progress of the renovations.

Tearing Down the Ceiling

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The husband started to tear down the ceiling as part of the renovation of the basement. When he did, he noticed something hiding in the wood. After climbing up on a ladder to get a closer look, he noticed that it was a suitcase pushed between the rafters.

The Suitcase

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The suitcase was green and gray and pretty heavy as the man tried to pull it down from the ceiling. The size of the suitcase was fairly small. He decided to take pictures of the suitcase hoping he would have a good story to share on social media.

Guessing Games

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The man called his wife down to see the suitcase. They played a guessing game of what could be inside it. When they finally did open the suitcase, they were surprised at what they found.

A Valuable Package

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Inside the suitcase were three bundles wrapped in browned tissue paper. Little did this couple know that they had just made a valuable discovery.

Bundles of Cash

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Each wrapped package was a bundle of cash. There were numerous $20 bills in the suitcase. Who did this belong to? They were speechless at the amazing discovery.

More Bundles

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The more they went through the suitcase, the more cash they found. They noticed that the bills dated back to 1928 to 1934, which meant some of those bills were worth much more than their face value.

Original Owner

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The couple had plenty of questions about the cash they had just found. Who did the cash belong to? How long was it hidden? What should they do with it?


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There was one clue in the suitcase. A newspaper from March 25, 1951 was lying on the bottom of the suitcase. That meant the money had been wrapped up and hidden over 60 years ago.

Star Bills

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Among the $20 and $100, the couple noticed some Star Bills in the suitcase that were over 70 years old. When appraised, these star bills were valued at $23,000. That’s a lot more than their face value.

More Surprises

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The suitcase full of cash wasn’t the only surprise this couple was going to run into during their home renovations. The next surprise would require a call to the FBI.

Another Suitcase

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Once they finished taking down the ceiling, the couple noticed yet another suitcase hiding up there. They were excited, hoping it was another stack of cash.


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They compared the new suitcase to the other one they found. They were pretty much identical. However, the new suitcase was heavier than the first. When they opened up the second suitcase, they discovered even more banknotes than the in the first!


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Hidden in the new suitcase the couple found $45,000 stashed away. They couldn’t believe how much money that had stumbled upon in their new house. Not only could this money go towards their renovation project, but it could help them out with their mortgage.

Secret Door

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After finding the suitcases, they discovered a secret door. The couple just had to accept that this house was full of secrets. They had expected to find a water heater behind the door, instead they found a full sized room that hadn’t been used in years.


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While exploring the secret room behind the mysterious door, the couple noticed yet another door with a lock on it. The husband used a hammer to break the lock and go through the door. Through this door the couple found a sound-proofed room and instantly had a bad feeling.

A Third Suitcase

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This secret room held yet another suitcase. This one was filled with blocks of silver, rings, watches, foreign currency, and envelopes. Along with the suitcase, the couple also noticed a safe in the room.

A Note

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The creepiest discovery the couple made was a note that said “Save Yourself.” Beneath the note was a pile of tapes. This is what led them to call the FBI. The couple may have just found evidence that a serial killer had once resided in the house.


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Once the couple called the FBI they seized the evidence, including the tapes, and opened an investigation. Unfortunately, the content of the tapes have not been released as they are still investigating what was going on within the wall of his Cleveland home. The couple can only wait and wonder about what happened in their house.