We can start by saying that CBD is a legal component within Ireland and Europe. Certainly, cannabidiol is permitted in European territory, as it is in much of Europe.

In this sense, oil and other products derived from CBD can be purchased within the European Union, where its regulation determines that the oil must contain a percentage of no more than 0.2% THC.

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On the other hand, the main difference between the European and North American laws regarding hemp products is the amount of THC the final product is allowed to have before entering the list of illegal or prohibited products.

Also, in most Europe, the allowed percentage rises to 0.3%. This is the reason why products such as oils, for example, contain a high level of CBD but a very low level of THC. This means these products do not generate psychoactive effects and are completely legal for free distribution and use, although they still have certain restrictions.

This is explained clearly throughout the European laws about CBD.

CBD Benefits

Considering that it is a component synthesized less than 60 years ago, a large part of its benefits for our lives continue to be the protagonists in many studies that are currently being carried out.

However, everything indicates that CBD will have quite a considerable therapeutic impact in the future in the medium term.

Muscle relaxant. Various legal medications marketed in Ireland and Europe, with CBD and THC extracts, can alleviate pain by acting as an excellent muscle relaxant.

There are also medicines based on CBD and authorized by leading medical agencies, such as the AEMPS, which have had excellent acceptance in some treatments.

These medicines can be used in adults and children who suffer from some diseases and who have not responded in the best way to other treatments.

It should be noted that the anticonvulsant effect of CBD is one of the first scientifically proven benefits.

Analgesic effect of CBD

Currently, there are studies in full swing on CBD’s role in reducing pain from migraines. However, CBD could also positively affect the nervous system and act as a pain reliever to treat people with fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis.

CBD and its antioxidant action

Scientific analyses show that cannabidiol (CBD) can exert an antioxidant, protective and anti-inflammatory action, protecting against oxidative stress at the molecular level. This is thanks to the fact that it contains the overproduction of free oxygen radicals.

CBD decreases anxiety

Another positive effect related to CBD is its action against depression and anxiety. Said component significantly improves sleep conciliation for patients suffering from the disorders above. However, we must mention that more studies are still pending to demonstrate or certify this specific benefit.

Why is CBD good for the skin?

Before we look in detail at the benefits of CBD for the skin, we’ll first explain how it works. The following information will help you better understand why it is beneficial to use cannabidiol to take care of your skin. It should be noted that our cosmetics are 100% natural products and very rich in nutrients and CBD.

How does CBD work on the skin?

You can apply a CBD oil, a CBD cream or a CBD serum to soothe and beautify your skin. This is because this hemp molecule works wonderfully on the surface layer of the skin, the epidermis. It softens and smoothes the skin and relieves irritation.

Our skin is constantly exposed to external aggressions such as pollution and the sun. CBD strengthens the capacity of the epidermis to resist all these aggressions. It can even repair the damage they have already caused.

The legal status of CBD in Europe

Throughout Europe, as a unitary entity, there is no single standard because it depends on the legislation of each particular nation to regulate this type of component or substance.

However, other supranational organizations, such as the WHO (World Health Organization), try to regulate and recommend to countries how they can proceed.

That said, this body recommended to the UN in 2019 that it include Cannabis on list IV of prohibited substances of the 1961 Drug Convention.

But this has not yet happened until, in 2020, The UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs removed Cannabis from List IV of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961. They did so, specifically focused on its medicinal and therapeutic use.

Finally, we can conclude that CBD is a free-trade product within Ireland and Europe.

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