Instagram has grown a lot in the last few years with the introduction of new and unique features. The social media platform has went a long way where once upon a time, it was used by vacationers during their holidays for sharing pictures and is now used by influencers, advertisers and brands.

Normally, you can easily gain organic Instagram followers and they mostly consist of your friends and family members and you get more Instagram likes if your content is perfect and attractive. So, here are five Instagram Statistics which should be known by every marketer.

1. Number of people using Instagram

Statistics say that Instagram is being used by more than 1 billion people around the world. It is now one of the most well-known social networking sites. It is a social media platform that allows you to share and edit photos as well as Instagram videos.

People usually gain organic Instagram followers and sometime they are not much in number as a result of which people also purchase Instagram followers. So, one question definitely arises in your mind that whether your brand should spend time and money for investment on Instagram, then the answer is the number of monthly active users.

For your help, Instagram has already made “A Beginner’s Guide” at Instagram Shopping and this can also help you to get more Instagram likes.

2. Use of Instagram hashtags

The concept of hashtag use was invented in the year 2007 and firstly, it was invented only for Twitter but as time passed away, people started to use it on other social media platforms and Instagram is one of them.

Definitely, if you gain organic Instagram followers, they will surely react to the posts you publish but if you think about going with hashtags to reach more users and get more Instagram likes, you must know one thing that your engagement on Instagram will decrease if you use more than six hashtags in your post and so, you should try to use less than six.

But on the other side, from strategic point of view, you can use those hashtags that are trending on Instagram and it can definitely increase your social media presence. A few popular hashtags are – #love, #photography, #instagood, #fashion and #art.

3. Instagram is mostly used by young adults

A recent study has shown that 71% among the billions of monthly active users on Instagram are under the age of 35 years and you must check that when you gain organic Instagram followers or buy them, they should be included under this demographic.

If you can understand the social media demographics, then it can help you to determine which social media platform makes sense for your brand so that it can utilize properly. This is a way to get more Instagram likes. You can also be sure that you are not wasting time in creating content for a platform where your audience is absent. If your target market has more number of young adults, then Instagram is the right place for you.

4. Average time daily spent by people on Instagram

People spend equal time on Instagram as much as they spend on Facebook. This time matters because when they spend more time on Facebook, they get to see more advertisements and more chances to see your brand. Instagram has also said that the introduction of the “Stories” feature was able to increase the amount of time spent by people on Instagram and people were also able to get more Instagram likes.

On the other hand, the time of day when users are mostly active on Instagram also matters a lot. When followers are more active on a particular and fixed time every day, you will know the best time to publish something on Instagram related to your brand if you gain organic Instagram followers in the beginning.

5. Businesses use Instagram

US businesses have recently accepted that most of them use Instagram for businesses. A study also says that around 7 hashtags on Instagram are branded and you can gain Instagram likes by using those hashtags. Many of the businesses say that engagement on Instagram is one of the very important KPIs for various marketers but it is not a straightforward task for measurement.

Businesses get a good chance to use Instagram for social media marketing. Apart from a huge market, there is an interested audience and when you gain organic Instagram followers, they are also included in it. You can reach that targeted audiences without the need to spend large amount of money.

Conclusion :-

In the last few years, Instagram has grown up as a very powerful marketing tool for businesses that are searching for platforms to expand themselves beyond their visibility and reach.

It’s a truth that the above-mentioned techniques have been already used by many marketers and they have proven to be helpful for those marketers to expand their businesses. Overall, it can be said that Instagram has worked as a helping hand for those who aim to build their career online.