Not all cars are flashy and beautiful. These cars in particular are pretty hard to look at, even though people pay top dollar for some of them. How would you react if you saw some of these ugly cars on the road? You’d probably have to stop and take a picture of it to prove to your friends just how ugly a car can be. Some of these cars are so ugly, that it can be hard to find car parts that will actually work.

Bricklin SV-1

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The Bracklin SV-1 was supposed to be an economical and safe sports car for everyone. Although, that takes away from the fact that owning a sports car is about luxury and showing it off. Nobody would want to show off this car.

Chevrolet El Camino

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The Chevrolet El Camino is confused as to what type of vehicle it is. It has parts that belong to a coupe and a truck, which leaves consumers pretty confused. While this car is a classic, not everyone is in love with its design.

DeLorean DMC-12

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The DeLorean DMC-12 was created by a man with a high goal to introduce a brand new vehicle to the market. He opened a factory in Northern Ireland and invested his own money into created this new company. Unfortunately, with the aluminum body, the car was often compared to a toaster and wasn’t respected by consumers at all.

Cadillac Allanté

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During the 1990’s, Cadillac introduced a two-door convertible luxury car that just didn’t make the cut with consumers. It tried to jump on the youthful movement of the times, but severely missed the mark with this model.

Buick Skylark

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:YM-Ugly-cars-21-1024x535.jpg

Buick has come quite a long way since the 1980’s Skylark. You can often see this type of car in 80’s sitcoms and movies because almost every middle class American owned it. However, just because people bought it doesn’t mean it’s attractive by any means. It was just affordable and dependable.

Ford Mustang II

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Ford-Mustang-IIMotor-1-1024x683.jpg

The Ford Mustang II missed its style mark when they put two bright red stripes across the top of the car. Also, its boxy shape is in no way sleek. It looks like a boat on the road.

Dodge Aspen

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Dodge-Aspen-1024x512.jpg

Once you get passed the terrible color of this car, then you can move on to how hideous the design is. First of all, why is the trunk so tiny while the front is so large? It makes up most of the car!

Chevrolet Celebrity

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Chevrolet-Celebrity-1024x598.jpg

The name of this model is quite ironic considering nobody looks like a celebrity while riding in it. The boxy shape is intruding and simply terrible. Nobody would want to be caught dead driving this car around.

AMC Gremlin

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:AMC-GremlinHagerty-1024x683.jpg

The auto company hit the nail on the head with naming this car the Gremlin because that’s exactly what it reminds us of. While it was probably meant to be sporty and unique, it just comes off as awkward and ugly.

1948 Studebaker Convertible

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:1948-Studebaker-ConvertibleBarn-Finds-1024x683.jpg

Now this isn’t the ugliest car included in this list, but it isn’t the most elegant car on the streets either. We can’t deny that this classic car isn’t a little cute, though. The fact that it’s a convertible definitely helps.

1999 Ford Taurus

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:1999-Ford-Taurus-1024x683.jpg

The 1999 Ford Taurus is a simple car that gets you where you need to go when you need to be there. However, that doesn’t mean that it will get you there in style. What is up with those headlights?

Dodge Aries

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Dodge-AriesBlog-of-Dodge-1024x684.jpg

The Dodge Aries really missed the mark when it came to creating a stylish car. There are so many sharp angles on this car we feel like you could play Tetris with it.

Ford Maverick

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Ford-Maverickhemmings-1024x683.jpg

Ford came out with yet another terrible model when it released the Maverick. We are still trying to figure out why it’s so high off the ground.

Toyota Prius

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Toyota-Prius-1024x598.jpg

While the Toyota Prius is economical and wonderful for the environment, it definitely is not a fashionable car. In fact, many people make fun of the car and it’s the butt of many jokes.

Toyota MasterAce

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Toyota-MasterAceSODO-Moto-1024x596.jpg

Minivans are definitely not attractive cars, but this one from Toyota definitely takes the cake. The front of the van looks like it belongs on a space ship in a sci-fi movie, not on the front of a car.

Ford Flex

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Ford-Flex-1024x598.jpg

There is something terribly unattractive about boxy cars. They are especially chunky and take up so much space on the road. While they may be comfortable inside, they are definitely not stylish on the outside.

Dodge A100

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Dodge-A100classiccars.com_-1024x683.jpg

We aren’t sure whether this is supposed to be a pickup truck or a van. Whatever it’s supposed to be, we do know for sure it’s one of the ugliest vehicles we have seen on the road.

1999 Chevrolet Impala

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:1999-Chevrolet-ImpalaWheelsage-1024x684.jpg

The Chevrolet Impala has changed a lot in the last decade. However, in 1999 it wasn’t looking so great. It was chunky, big, and just not great looking.

Aston Martin Lagonda

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Aston-Martin-Lagonda-1024x682.jpg

This car looks like it belongs with the military tanks. If you see this on the road, you’ll definitely want to move out of the way. It could take you out in a second.

Geo Metro

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Geo-Metro-1024x682.jpg

The Geo Metro wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for those concaved headlights. We can’t imagine that it helps with driving at night and it isn’t a great design choice to begin with.

Plymouth Prowler

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Plymouth-Prowler-1024x684.jpg

Imagine driving down the street and seeing this car prowling around. At first you may be impressed with its unique design. Upon closer examination, you’ll conclude just how ugly it truly is.

Saturn SC

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Saturn-SC-3-door-1024x684.jpg

This Saturn SC coupe is not a car you would want to be seen in. Coupes are supposed to be cute and sleek, but this car is bulky and takes up a lot of space.

Citroën BX

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Citroën-BX-1024x598.jpg

Not only is the color of this car horrendous, but also the complete design is lacking any type of attractive quality. The square front of the car is boxy while the back looks like it simply cuts off.

Ford Escort ZX2

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Ford-Escort-ZX2carspecs.us_-1024x598.jpg

Ford has come out with some doozies throughout their career. This one might take the cake, though. This coupe, while it looks practical, is definitely an eyesore.

1999 Chevrolet Malibu

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:1999-Chevrolet-MalibuCar-Domain-1024x683.jpg

It seems like cars from the 1990’s all have the same look, big and round. This Chevrolet Malibu is definitely not the most stylish car on the road, but it gets you to where you’re going.

Buick Electra

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Buick-ElectraHemmings-1024x683.jpg

If you saw this on the road, you would definitely do a double take. We never see cars this big, or boat-looking, casually driving around. While it may be considered a classic by some, others refer to it as one of the ugliest cars created.

Geo Storm

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Geo-Storm-1024x598.jpg

The Geo Storm looks like it belongs in a sci-fi movie, but so does the name to be honest. This boxy and angled coupe looks like it should be flying around space. The yellow paint job definitely doesn’t help its case.

Plymouth Signet

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Plymouth-Signet-1024x682.jpg

The Plymouth Signet looks like a typical car that was popular decades ago. However, if you saw it on the road today you would just have to comment on how ugly it is.

Pontiac Aztek

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Pontiac-Aztek-1024x513.jpg

The Pontiac Aztek never should have been designed. This SUV-wannabe looks like a boulder rolling down the street. While it was created for comfort and space, the exterior has way too many sharp angles and turns to be attractive in any way.

Lincoln Mark LT

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Lincoln-Mark-LT-1024x598.jpg

There are some car brands that should stick to what they know best. For Lincoln, it’s SUVs and Sedans, definitely not pickup trucks. Pickup trucks are meant for rugged terrain and hard workers, this truck looks too luxurious to drive through the mud.

Cadillac Cimarron

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Cadillac-CimarronHemmings-1024x683.jpg

Cadillacs are usually seen as luxury cars, but this definitely doesn’t belong in a limo line picking you up from the airport. No, this model belongs right in the scrap yard so nobody will ever see it again.

Mercury Capri

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Mercury-CapriHemmings-1024x683.jpg

Mercury definitely missed the style standards when they came out with the Capri. We can’t help but wonder what happened to the rest of the back of the car. It looks like they just stopped designing the car and decided to finish the car with a steep slope.

Pontiac Fiero

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Pontiac-FieroHagerty-1024x598.jpg The Pontiac Fiero definitely had some potential of becoming a stylish car. Except for the front of it. Where are the headlights?


Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Trabant-1024x683.jpg

The Trabant looks like it belongs in a 1940’s gangster movie. This boxy car, while it would do well in a car show, definitely doesn’t belong on the road with today’s cars.

Volkswagen Thing

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Volkswagen-ThingHemmings-1024x597.jpg

The name of this Volkswagen model says everything you need to know about this car. It doesn’t necessarily look like a car, but an army-tank-slash-Jeep. Why Volkswagen would ever come out with such a hideous car is a mystery to us.

Volvo 240

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:YM-ugly-cars-20.jpg

The Volvo 240 was the ultimate family car. It was spacious and comfortable for those long summer road trips. However, that doesn’t mean it was easy to look at.

1991 Pontiac Sunbird

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:YM-ugly-cars-19.jpg

If you drove around the suburbs in the 1990’s, chances are you saw hundreds of these cars on the road. It wasn’t until after the decade ended that people realized just how ugly these cars really were.

Oldsmobile Dynamic 88

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:YM-Ugly-cars-18-1024x535.jpg

If you’re a Millennial, you probably haven’t seen one of these on the road, but they were extremely popular in the late 1980’s. We give the drivers a lot of credit for being able to even parallel park this thing.

Oldsmobile Bravada

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:YM-ugly-cars-17-1024x535 (1).jpg

Oldsmobile decided to give its consumers the option of a larger, truck-like vehicle when they came out with the Bravada. If you were riding around in this, you were definitely protected if you had the unfortunate luck of getting involved in an accident. Just look at that massive size.

Nissan Juke

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:YM-ugly-cars-16.jpg

What was Nissan thinking when they came up with the design (and name) for this car? The body of this car takes up so much space that the windows are especially small. Some people have even compared the design to a Coke bottle.

Renault Twingo

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Renault-Twingo-1024x684.jpg

The Renault Twingo is mostly found in European countries where large cars aren’t as popular. While it’s great for getting around narrow streets in Italian and French cities, it’s not meant to be luxurious. Parallel parking must be a breeze, though.

Mercury Comet

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Mercury-Comet-1024x684.jpg

The Mercury Comet is one of those cars you expect to see in a 1950’s themed restaurant. It’s bulky shape and long seat will make you want to go to a drive-in movie on a warm summer night and drink a cold Coke and eat popcorn with your significant other. However, while the memories are beautiful, the car definitely is not.

Ford Pinto

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Ford-PintoMotor1-1024x598.jpg

Once again, a car with a cut off trunk makes this list. The Ford Pinto definitely is not an easy car to look at. In fact, the name goes well because it definitely reminds us of a pinto bean.

Dodge Mirada

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Dodge-MiradaHemmings-1024x682.jpg

The Dodge Mirada has always confused consumers with its strange rear side window. Since it’s a two-door, is there really a need for that weird panel window? This is one car consumers should stay away from.

Chevrolet Chevette

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Chevrolet-ChevetteHemmings-1024x683.jpg

This little car looks like it belongs in a Mario Kart video game rather than on the highway. It’s large, extended front makes up most of the car. We feel sorry for the lack of trunk space the drivers of this car have to deal with.

First Generation Ford Fiesta

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:YM-ugly-cars-15-1024x535.jpg

The Ford Fiesta has come a long way over the years. Let’s take a moment and talk about the First Generation model, though. It first came out in the 1970s and was extremely boxy, but was meant to be a compact car, great for city driving.

Tata Indica

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:YM-ugly-cars-14.jpg

Consumers like to have the option of buying a smaller, more compact car that is environmentally friendly and more economical. However, when it comes to a minivan, you should go with the full-sized model. To make the car smaller, it looks like the designers simply cut off the trunk space in the back.

1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:YM-Ugly-cars-13-1024x535.jpg

What were designers thinking when they came out with this color for the Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera? Clearly they weren’t thinking of style. Almost every suburban dad in America during the 1980’s could be seen driving this car around.

Edsel Ranger

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:YM-Ugly-cars-12-1024x535.jpg

It’s rare that you’ll see a car like this on the road, especially after the company, Edsel, went out of business. This model was only produced in the year 1958, which makes it pretty rare and even a collector’s item to some.

Volkswagen 181

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:YM-ugly-cars-11-1024x535.jpg

Volkswagen really messed up when they created this car. It’s often referred to as “The Thing,” and for good reason. We can’t quite figure out what it’s meant to be; a truck, a Jeep, or an army vehicle?

AMC Matador

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:AMC-MatadorThe-Truth-about-Cars-1024x684.jpg

The AMC Matador surely takes up a lot of space while driving on the roads. This car may not be the ugliest one on this list, but it surely isn’t the most attractive. Once again, the engine is what makes up most of the car.

1983 Chevrolet Cavalier

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:1983-Chevrolet-CavalierOld-Prked-Cars-1024x683.jpg

This car looks like it belongs in the scrap yard. It never should have been released for sale! Not only does it resemble a shoebox, but it doesn’t look very reliable either.

1989 Dodge Ram

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:1989-Dodge-RamCar-Gurus-1024x684.jpg

The Dodge Ram pickup truck has gone through many versions over the last couple decades. While pickup trucks are supposed to be sturdy and be able to handle a lot of different jobs, this particular model doesn’t seem like it can even move a mound of mulch.

AMC Pacer

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:AMC-Pacer-1024x598.jpg

Yikes! This AMC Pacer definitely deserves to be on this list. It’s no wonder we don’t see this type of vehicle on the road anymore; it’s because nobody wants to be seen in them.

Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Chrysler-PT-Cruiser-ConvertibleMotor-Trend-1024x683.jpg

The PT Cruiser has often been referred to as a mini hearse. There is absolutely nothing attractive about this car, especially when you take the top down. Let’s just point out that awkward bar just standing up in the middle of the car. What is that?

Daewoo Tico

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:YM-Ugly-cars-10-1024x535.jpg

The Daewoo Tico was designed for people who live in cities. It’s boxy, compact shape made it easy to parallel park and merge into tight spaces. However, it was one of the ugliest cars on the road during its time.

Wartburg 353

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:YM-Ugly-cars-9-1024x535.jpg

Not only is this model car pretty hideous, but the name “Wartburg” is also pretty nasty sounding. One of the reasons you don’t see this car on the road anymore is because it couldn’t handle inclement weather at all. So, production stopped and we can only praise the manufacturer for that decision.

Subaru BRAT

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:YM-ugly-cars-8-1024x535.jpg

The Subaru BRAT seems to be pretty confused as to what type of car it is supposed to be. First, it looks like it could be a sedan, but the back looks like it should be part of a pickup truck. We’re just glad we don’t see this on the road too often.

Matra Rancho

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:YM-ugly-cars-7-1024x535.jpg

The only acceptable time to drive this car is when you are on a safari in Kenya. This does not belong on the highway or driving through the cities. Not to mention, that paint job is atrocious.

Citroën Ami

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:YM-Ugly-cars-6.jpg

This French car, while it looks cute, is just impractical. It was extremely popular in Europe during the 1960s and was seen on the road until 1978. Nowadays, it’s considered pretty ugly and people would never want to be seen in it.

Ford Contour

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Ford-Contourcarspecs.us_-1024x598.jpg

The Ford Contour is nice and compact, but that doesn’t mean that it’s an attractive car. It’s extremely low to the ground, which can only cause problems when driving over potholes or puddles. It isn’t the most hideous car around, but it definitely isn’t one of our favorites.

Ford Probe

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Ford-ProbeMotor-1-1024x598.jpg

The Ford Probe is not an easy car to stare at. It looks like it belongs as a little ride in an arcade or amusement park. It’s hard to believe that people actually spent money on it.

Nissan Cube

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Nissan-Cube-1024x683.jpg The Nissan Cube is the laughing stock when it comes to seeing cars on the road. This lunchbox-looking car has never been and never will be considered attractive. We can’t even say that it looks comfortable inside.

Saturn Ion

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:Saturn-IonCar-and-Driver-1024x683.jpg

The Saturn Ion may look like a normal sedan, but on closer inspection you can tell just how ugly it is. The headlights are absolutely hideous and the rounded top doesn’t help the car’s attractiveness at all.


Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:YugoCar-and-Driver-1024x597.jpg

The Yugo looks like it belongs in a cereal box as a toy car. The boxy, compact shape makes it look extremely awkward. We hope whoever was driving this around had tinted windows so they wouldn’t be seen in it.

Lightburn Zeta

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:YM-Ugly-cars-5.jpeg

This Australian car looks like it belongs a hundred years in the future, even though it was created many decades ago. Not only does it look uncomfortable to ride in, but also it’s completely impractical. That windshield is so low, it’s not going to serve any purpose.

Bond Bug

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:YM-Ugly-cars-4-1024x535.jpg

This model car was released by Reliant in their Bond Cars Ltd. Collection. It was affordable and good for urban living, but people just couldn’t get passed the design. It looks like it belongs in an amusement park.

Fiat Multipla

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:YM-ugly-cars-3-1024x535.jpg

We still can’t figure out what is going on with this car. It looks like they took a smaller Fiat and put it on top of a larger one. Not only is this design careless, but absolutely atrocious.

Nissan S-Cargo

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:YM-Ugly-cars-2-1024x535.jpg

The Nissan S-Cargo was first put on the market in 1989. The shape should remind you of a certain type of animal. A snail! The name even plays off of “escargot” because of the little and round shape of the car.

Sebring-Vanguard Citicar

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Ugly Cars:YM-Ugly-cars-1-1024x779.jpg

That is a lot of sharp corners and angles. This car was introduced in 1974 and embraces the 1970s aesthetic. While it wasn’t necessarily meant for consumers to buy and drive on the road, it’s still considered one of the ugliest cars ever manufactured.