Some people recommend parents to raise their children with animal companions from the earliest stages of life. This family from Barcelona, Spain took this advice to the next level and introduced their soon-to-be-born baby to their two adorable Weimaraners while he was still inside his mother’s tummy! You can’t imagine how curious and excited those two dogs were and how -once the baby was born- they showed their love and affection. Don’t miss slides #13 and #17!

20. Mommy’s Belly Was Growing!


Mommy’s belly definitely didn’t look normal and the dogs of a family located in Barcelona, Spain made clear that they noticed! They soon realized they would have a new brother with them. What they did will surely amaze you as it did to us! Click next to see how 2 dogs can form a special bond with a soon-to-be born human child!

19. Snuggling And Sniffing

Frame, one of the two dogs that the family owned kept snuggling and sniffing her belly, obviously drawn by his curiosity and of course excitement. He really wanted to have a special bond with the new member of the family. The result was some really cute and heartwarming moments that the family decided to do something about. Click next to find out what they did!

18. They Documented The Whole Pregnancy


The family didn’t lose the chance to capture some very cute and inspiring photos and decided to document the whole journey through their Instagram and Facebook page. No one could deny that these dogs were as excited as their mother for the new member of the family!

17. Moments Before


The moments before the new member of the family was to arrive were anxious for both the mother and the father, but for the dogs as well. They were extraordinarily curious and happy that this was happening!

16. It’s A Boy!


The very next day was the day. The wait was over! The family introduced a newborn healthy boy! Given how fragile newborn babies can be, the family had to take necessary precautions with the dogs. The family wanted to eliminate the risk and the dogs were getting… impatient!

15. Just To Be Safe



Even though the mother wanted the two dogs to welcome her son into their family in their own way, she had to keep them away from him for a while. Weimaraner dogs aren’t usually aggressive and they’re recommended for families with newborn babies, but one doesn’t risk a situation like this. She decided to do something about it!

14. Smelling Blankets


Mommy decided to let the dogs smell some blankets she brought with her from the hospital in order for the dogs to familiarize themselves with the smell of the new member of the family. Once the two pups were used to the scent of the baby, it was finally time!

13. Welcome!

The two dogs went crazy for the little boy, but at the same time, treating it with care! A new chapter had begun… No one could imagine how these two dogs would bond with the baby and in how many adventures the three of them were about to pursue!


12. They Were Inseparable

The dynamic trio that was in development started to become inseparable and the amount of time the three of them were spending together was huge! This gave the opportunity for really smart and funny photos to be captured, full of cuteness and joy!

11. His Guardians


While the two dogs were playing with the boy, they always kept in mind how fragile he was and how many dangers he could face. They always kept an eye on him and his surroundings in order to assure that he was always safe and sound.

10. The Best Naps

The boy surely enjoyed some relaxing and warm naps as the two dogs never lost a chance to sleep near him and keep him warm. The parents also reported the boy almost always hugged one of them in his sleep! How cute!

9. Partners In Crime!


Of course, there were times where the trio could do some things that would make their mother mad. She never complained too much though, who would?

8. Growing Up!

The boy was growing up fast and the pups realized how many things the three of them could do together! The family, of course, was there to document every moment. Are you ready for this?

7. A Special Game!

As time passed, the three of them invented some games to play together. Frame would sniff the little baby and he would immediately play and hug his ears! The footage captured by the family really tells the story itself!

6. Time To Get Creative

It was time to get creative as the little boy was growing up. The family found some rather creative ways to capture really cute and interesting photos of the boy with the two dogs. Like this Star Wars one!

5.Daily Excursions

Once the boy was ready to walk, the family lost no time and they took their boy and their dogs out in the woods to play! The boy was amazed and he was as curious as his two other companions about the nature around him!

4. 1 Years Old!

One year later, the boy was ready for his very first birthday party! The dogs of the family were as excited as he was. They wore their party hats and blew the candles out with the boy!

3. Bonding With Animals

The decision the family made to let the two pups snuggle with their son was surely one of the greatest things they could have done. Not only does their son have some loyal childhood friends but his immune system will be enhanced because of his encounter with them.


2. Growing Up With Animals


In addition to the great moments, bonding and of course… photos, the little boy had a great advantage! He had to grow up with animals so he learned from a really small age not to fear them and how to treat them with love and care.



“I had 2 Weimaraners and they were just the most loyal, loving dogs. If you give them love and affection, they return it immeasurably. Miss my dogs every day and while I was watching this, my heart smiled,” viewer Liane Simko commented.