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Staying on top of the latest trends is the thing to do. It can be hard though with so many different trends popping up. To be honest, not all trends are worth following though. At the time you may not notice just how silly these trends are until a couple of years later when you look back at them. We are really hoping that these trends never make a comeback.

Fidget Spinners

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How silly does it look sitting in a meeting playing with a piece of plastic that spins around really fast? Pretty silly. While the idea behind the fidget spinner is pretty logical, in reality it just looks unprofessional and childish.

Salt and Ice Challenge

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The Internet has offered us some pretty silly and even dangerous trends. The ice and salt challenge requires you to put salt on your hand and an ice cube on top of it and see who can withstand the lethal reaction the longest. It is quite dangerous as the result of it mimics frostbite.


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For those adrenaline junkies out there, skywalking was all the craze for a little while. The challenge involves climbing up the tallest building you can find and walking on top of it. Not only is it extremely dangerous, but it’s also illegal because it’s trespassing.


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Getting in shape is definitely a trend that we can get on board with, but Crossfit takes that goal to a whole new level. With Crossfit, people learn how to lift really heavy weights and push tires around in tight gym clothes. You probably follow someone on Instagram that always likes to show off their progress.

Food in Mason Jars

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Meal prep is great, especially if you’re busy throughout the week and are trying to eat healthy foods. However, there is no need to put your food in mason jars. Just get a regular container like the rest of us.

The Man Bun

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We pray to God that this trend never comes back. Leave the buns to the ballerinas, boys! While it may be practical if you have long hair, it just doesn’t look good.

The Cinnamon Challenge

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Yet another challenge presented to us by the Internet. The Cinnamon Challenge requires you to try to swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon in less than a minute. It is extremely dangerous because the cinnamon will burn your throat and can make you choke.

Stick Figure Families

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Bumper stickers are usually pretty unsightly, but when you add a stick figure family to the back windshield of your car, it just screams “moron!” Nobody cares how many people you have in your family and the pets you own. There is no need to advertise it everywhere you go.

Feathered Eyebrows

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Eyebrow trends are always changing. However, when the feathered eyebrow was trending, we couldn’t wait for it to be over. People would carefully separate the hairs of their eyebrows to make them look feathery, but we can’t say that the effort was worth it.

Nose Hair Extensions

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Whoever thought this was a good idea was very wrong. People would get extensions on their nose hairs so that everyone can see the hairs hanging out of their noses. It is absolutely unsightly and unhygienic.

Man Rompers

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The male romper never needs to come back. Rompers on women are super cute, but they just look so awkward on men. Not to mention they must be terribly uncomfortable for them.


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Remember being young and wanting to play with slime all the time? You could even make it in your own kitchen! However, it’s messy and would always get stuck in your hair. It was a parent’s worst nightmare.


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While planking was fun to watch, it was just plain stupid. People would lie horizontally in strange places and take pictures of it. If you didn’t know what planking was, you may have been very confused seeing someone lying down on the ground in public.

Tide Pod Challenge

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The dangerous Tide Pod Challenge took off during the early months of 2018. Teenagers would try to eat the little detergent pods and post videos on the Internet. Not only was is super dangerous because of the chemicals inside, but stores had to start locking up the product to keep teens from buying it.

Sagging Pants

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Men have never had a great sense of style. So, when they started to wear their pants way below their waist, people scoffed and rolled their eyes. We just don’t understand why they wouldn’t pull them up, especially when they were already wearing belts!

Denim on Denim

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The early 2000’s didn’t have the best stylistic choices, especially when it came to wearing denim. We will always remember Britney and Justin showing up to the VMAs in matching denim outfits.

The Hipster

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While Hipsters are definitely still around i.e. see Portland, Oregon, they definitely aren’t as trendy as they used to be. The traits of a hipster include long beards, bow ties, and avocado.


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Unicorns were trending for quite a while when it came to beauty products, Frappuccino coffees, and other products. While it’s appropriate for little girls, people in their 20’s and 30’s should definitely hop off this glittery trend.

Distressed Jeans

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How many times did you parents ask why you paid for ripped jeans when you could just do it yourself? Probably quite a few. We’re glad that this trend has died down in recent years.

Glitter Roots

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Glitter roots came on the scene in 2017. While it’s great for raves and music festivals, it definitely shouldn’t be worn in everyday life. Not to mention you’ll get glitter everywhere.

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

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Big lips are in right now and Kylie Jenner is at the forefront of this trend. While she has admitted to getting lip injections, people still felt the need to jump on the trend in a cheap way. They would suction their lips with a cup to enlarge them, but it definitely didn’t look great.

Flare Nails

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Let’s leave the flaring to jeans from the 1970’s ladies. While nails shapes tend to change very few years, we’re glad that the flare nail shape has taken to the back burner. How do you even type with those things?


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The Dab entered the scene in 2015 and took the dance floor by storm. Everywhere you turned, whether it be in the club or on the street, you could see someone dabbing. While it was cool at the time, it’s no longer trendy and we couldn’t be happier.

Cat Ears

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Cat ears should solely be used for Halloween costumes. Recently, there has been a trend of women wearing cat ear headbands as part of their everyday outfits. It looks ridiculous and very childish.

Metallic Tattoos

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At first, metallic tattoos were only used by girls who attended music festivals. Then we started seeing them pop up everywhere else. While real tattoos are a big decision, let’s step away from the fake metallic ones.

Fur Balls

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For a while there every woman had a big poofy fur ball attached to either her keys or her purse. While the idea was cute, they looked like little critters hanging off of your accessories.

Silver Hair

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Typically, women with gray or silver hair want to cover it up with some dye. However, some youngsters wanted to hop on the old lady look and dyed their hair silver or gray. It looked good on some and ridiculous on others.


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Still jumping on that healthy lifestyle, everyone started wearing FitBits to track their steps and activity. While it’s a great idea, they just are not stylish in the least.

Neon Colors

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We wish that the neon colors had stayed in the 1980’s but they reappeared for a brief period in recent years. Celebrities were wearing vibrant colored dresses and everywhere you turned in clothing stores you would see neon colored t-shirts. Luckily the trend died down again and wasn’t as big as it had been in the 80’s.

Tiny Purses

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Women carry handbags to hold their wallets, makeup, phones, and whatever else they think they’ll need throughout the day. So, the idea of having a super small purse is just impractical. Why even carry it around if it can’t hold anything you need?

Matching Tattoos

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Getting matching tattoos or tattoos for your significant other is not a good idea. You never know what will happen and sometimes permanent ink is super hard to fix. For example, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson rushed to fix their tattoos when they broke off their engagement.

Tiny Sunglasses

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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were the queens of tiny sunglasses back in the early 2000’s. However, now that it has made a comeback, it just looks silly. Sunglasses are supposed to keep the sun out of your eyes, and these little lenses just aren’t cutting it.

Chunky Sneakers

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Chunky sneakers are all the rage right now, but we sure wish they weren’t. Designers are bringing out the this chunky style and selling it for upwards of $700 a pair. Can you just imagine how often you’ll be tripping over yourself with those big shoes?