What Does the Fox Say?

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Don’t judge a book by its cover. This man may be dressed as a fox for Halloween, coming from a convention, or just plain strange. Only he knows the answer.

Tight Pants

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Those are some pretty tight pants. They leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. Hopefully they don’t rip when he goes to sit down in his car.

Bad Parenting

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You know how they say little kids shouldn’t play with plastic bags because they could suffocate? Well this mom didn’t seem to get the memo.


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Yikes! Always check the mirror before leaving the bathroom. You don’t want to bring any souvenirs out with you.

Wet Spot

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We are praying that this woman had the unfortunate luck of sitting down in something wet and not the other thing we’re thinking.

That’s A Lot of Hair

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This man has more hair than skin visible on his face! How is this even possible?

Costume Party

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At first glance, you probably thought this woman was a mannequin. Wrong! This woman decided to wear this swanky costume to her local Walmart.

Plumber Butt

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It looks like this woman forgot to buy something on her list from Walmart. A belt.

So Confused

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There is a lot happening in this picture. First of all, we have a man wearing a tutu. Secondly, that same man seems to be wearing a diaper. Third, that man also is not wearing any pants.

Too Small

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There are some people who just can’t accept that they are a certain size when it comes to buying clothing. This woman is way off with her sizing, though.

Crop Top

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We get it, you just want to keep up with the current style trend. However, crop tops are only meant for certain people.

Risky Behavior

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This woman is really risking her clothing and embarrassment by wearing an all white outfit while she is on her period. You can even see the maxi pad through her white pants.

Want a Cookie?

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We all have that one childhood toy that we never want to part with. This woman chooses to carry hers around with her everywhere.

Fashion Choices

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Don’t take fashion advice from the people you find in Walmart. They are most likely leading you in the wrong direction.

Makeover Needed ASAP

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Wow, there is a lot going on with this woman’s style. Not only is she wearing all denim, but just take a look at that hair. Does Walmart offer makeover services?

Backwards Woman

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Oh my! We can’t tell if we’re staring at the front or the back of this woman.

Please Put Your Shirt On

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Sir, please put your shirt back on. Nobody needs to see this right now.

Prints Galore

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This girl sure does love her patterns and prints. We wouldn’t recommend putting two prints like this together, though.


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This little girl’s face says it all. We couldn’t go out in public with our mom either if she dressed like this.

Not Shy About It

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This woman definitely isn’t shy about the type of underwear she is wearing.

Beach Day

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We can only hope that these women are coming back from a long day at the beach.

Those Are Not Pants

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We understand there’s a controversy about leggings being pants. However, these are definitely not pants!

Merry Christmas

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This woman is getting into the Christmas spirit with her sexy Santa Claus shirt. She even decided to accessorize with a Santa hat!

Double Check

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Lesson learned: always check the mirror before leaving the bathroom.

Hanging Out

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We get it, some people are just so confident in their bodies that they don’t care what they look like. However, they should be considerate of the people who have to look at them.


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Don’t sting us, bee! If she’s going for a theme here, she’s succeeded.


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Excuse me, I think you’re in the wrong place. The strip club is down the street and to the left.

Swan Lake

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It looks like this girl has just come from an punk version of Swan Lake.

Half Naked

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How cold do you think this woman is? They don’t normally keep Walmart particularly warm, especially when shopping in the freezer aisle.

Sexy Cowboy

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This cowboy decided to get a little frisky and show off his thong to all of the customers at Walmart.