20. Another day on the job

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It was just another day on the job for American carpenter Ryan Saunders when he discovered shocking in the trunk of one tree. He was working on a project and got more than what he bargained for, to say the very least. This isn’t the first time he had encountered something odd nestled in the trunk of a tree but it was certainly going to be one to remember!

19. Not Your Average Tree

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We’ve all encountered weirdness on the job but the last place you expect to find something truly shocking is in nature. Turns out, there is no end to the things one may find nestled in the trunk of a tree. Rest assured, this hidden surprise is much more exciting than a horseshoe…

18. Firefighter Rescue

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Oh, and before you think we’re going to build up a big surprise just to announce that yet another cat got stuck in a tree, think again. And hey, cats aren’t the only pets to get into tree trouble, dogs can get in a sticky, sappy situation too. Don’t take my word for it, ask this daschound!

17. It’s Natural

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It’s safe to say that nature can get a little weird. All over the internet, you can find pictures of bizarre situations which would require such an outstanding imagination that only nature itself could have created them. Just google “tree vs. Animals” for endless laughs and entertainment. Still, those are nothing to what Saunders’ video would become with over 26 million views!

16. A Bike In The Sky

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Laughter isn’t the only thing spawned by nature: some heartbreaking stories exist behind things found in old trees. After all, many of them are older than us! The bike in the picture on the right belonged to a man who went off to war and sadly never returned. His family left the bike right where he left it as a memory. Now, it is embedded for the life of the tree and his memory lives on in a harrowing sight.

15. Warning: Parental Supervision Advised! This Is Graphic

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In case it hasn’t been clear up until this point, we are warning out outright: these images are quite graphic. Unlike these cute and funny photos, the next ones are nearly gory. If you have a weak stomach, flip to another article.

14. Starting From Scratch

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As Saunders began his project, he carefully removed excess branches from the tree before beginning on its trunk. Just as he finishes sawing the trunk, he jumps back, in complete shock. Cussing and screaming ensue as he is shocked to find a living creature inside the tree.

13. Roll The Camera!

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Saunders begins the video to show others the horror: something is living inside the tree! At first, he wasn’t sure if it was still alive as all that was visible was a bloody stump. But then, movement. And panic!

12. What? Why? How?

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The bloody stump starts moving from inside the tree. Saunders is justifiably freaked out as it continues squirming everywhere from being cut. He starts explaining the situation on the video and wonders aloud what type of animal this could be.

11. A Snake?

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Saunders finally figures out the situation. He exclaimes “I accidentally sawed in half some sort of large snake inside of this log”. Much to his dismay, the creature somehow continues moving and gets closer to him.

10. Shock and Awe!

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From behind the camera, Saunders is still in shock and shouts “it’s backing itself out…”. He tries to figure out where its head is. How is the snake still moving with a severed head?

9. Off With The Head!

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Saunders gets a better angle from the other side of the log, and shows how the snake continues to move despite its being decapitated. For good and strange reason, the video went viral. Is there an end to things that can be found inside a tree trunk? This isn’t the end of the story.

8. Defying Nature

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The video goes on to show two halves of the creature moving. Despite being severed, the nerves in the tail continue to cause muscles to contract and support movement. The internet responded and an idea came up: was this really a snake?

7. This or That?

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It was, for a while, unclear if the creature was truly a snake or something else entirely. John Delay left a comment on the video saying that “it’s a wood worm, they start small. It bored around the tree till it got big enough to bore a hole in the middle, he ate his way around till got that bit and the guy cut the tree,”.

But is he right?

6. A Rare Find

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One YouTube user, Matthew, concluded that it was not a wood worm, nor any ordinary snake, but a “rare pine snake” which use the decayed root system underground for shelter and feeding.

Do you think the snake in the video is a pine snake? They sure do look similar.

5. Unlucky Day

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Whatever the creature was, it was not a lucky day for it. Another animal, though much more common and more adored than pine snakes, was also found inside the trunk of a tree. Only, in this case, it was revealed 20 years later.

4. Fido? Is That You?

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Though heartbreaking, there is a true story of a dog who got trapped inside a tree trunk. In 1980, loggers from the Kraft Corporation found a mummified dog in an old oak tree. They took the log to the Forest World tree museum in Georgia where it is still held.

3. “Stuckie”

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And so the dog in the tree was named “Stuckie” as that’s exactly what happened: it got stuck in a tree. It was a hound dog and was likely chasing a raccoon and instead got stuck for 20 years. It is likely it happened in 1960. In fact, he is still there and is a main attraction at the Forest World museum.

2. The Main Event

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Despite his heartbreaking demise, Stuckie has quite a fanbase. He is the main attraction at the Forest World museum. They report that his remains were so well mummified because the hollow log kept the scent from escaping and insects could not get to him. Brandy Stevenson, Manager of Forest World reports that many people ask how Stuckie ended up there and are usually quite sad to hear his story.

2. Someone Else Looks Stuck…ie!

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Is this Part Two of the Stuckie story? I guess it confirms that not only animals are curious what lie inside of hollow trees. Alas, no, this man just got stuck down to his ankles but, luckily, had a rescue group to help out.