Who doesn’t love a good April Fools’ prank? Sometimes we have to remember to not take life so seriously, and this is the perfect way to have innocent fun. Here is a list of 40 absolutely genius April Fools’ pranks that will shock your kids.

#1. Don’t Cry Over Fake Spilled Milk


You can scare your kids with this easy April Fools’ trick; just make a milky white “splatter” with glue and soap.

#2. Prank Grilled Cheese


You can easily make a faux grilled cheese; by using pound cake and tinted butter frosting.

#3. The Not So Sweet Sundae


Can you imagine your kids face, when they are expecting an ice cream sundae but instead get a mashed potato sundae? They are not in for a sweet treat! The sundae is made out of mashed potatoes, gravy, and a cherry on top.

#4. The Parking Ticket Prank


Just follow the instructions on the fake ticket, put it under their wipers, and then grab your camera to record their panicky reaction.

#5. “Mom, Why is the Food Staring at Me?”


Put googly eyes on all of your food and drink containers; and then hide behind the counter, and watch your kids panic and laugh.

#6. Bake a Pan of Brown E’s


Tell your kids you’re going to bake a pan of brownies and come out and say, “I’m sorry, I thought you wanted a pan of brown e’s.”

#7. Confuse Your Kid


When everyone is yelling out your kids’ name and honking, your kid will be so confused!

#8. Tell Your Toddler Her Feet Grew Bigger Overnight


Put tissues in her shoes, and tell your kid that her feet grew over night.

#9. Molding Prank


Take green and black markers and smudge it on the sandwich bag to make it look like their sandwich became moldy. When they take it to school they will get a lot of weird looks.

#10. Frozen Breakfast


Stick their bowl of cereal and milk into the freezer the night before, and watch as your kid struggles to get a bite of cereal.

#11. Ketchup String Prank

https://i2.wp.com/pulptastic.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/5512d0e843554.jpg?w=662   https://i1.wp.com/pulptastic.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/5512d0e871753.jpg?w=662

Get a piece of red string and tie it to the end of a sinker, and the other end through the ketchup bottle. When the bottle is squeezed, the string shoots up.

#12. Stitch their Sock up Halfway, Then Watch as they Struggle to put it on


You may want to get your video camera out!

#13. “You Said You Wanted to Eat Healthier”


Instead of adding chocolate chips in the batter, put in black beans. They will be surprised when they are expecting something sweet, and instead they get a cookie full of beans.

#14. Put up a Fake For Sale Sign in Your Yard


Put your house up for sale, and tell your kids you’re moving to somewhere that doesn’t have TV or wifi. Tell them that you’re moving to a new home in the North Pole.

#15. Shock Your Kids with these Veggie Pops


Put the vegetables your child hates such as; broccoli, cauliflower, and tomatoes on a stick and disguise it as a lollipop.

#16. The “Honey the Principal Just Called” Prank Never Gets Old


Every child’s heart will skip a beat when they hear their principal called, those are the magic scary words.

#17. Make Caramel Apples With Onions


Warning: they may cry.

#18. “The Remote is Broken.”


Use matte adhesive tape to cover the remote’s sensor. Lock the dial to your favorite new channel.

#19. “Mom… the shampoo is broken!”


Use plastic film to cover the bottle cap, and laugh as they struggle to pour the shampoo.

#20. This isn’t the Protein You Think it is


This isn’t actually an egg, it’s yogurt and half of a peach. Prank your kids with this “egg”.

#21. “Can You Get the Mail”


They will be shocked when they open the mailbox.

#22. “Mom, What’s Wrong With My Milk?”


Your kid will be surprised when they see that their milk is blue, just add a little bit of food coloring to their milk.

#23. “Why is the Water Blue”


This is a fun prank. Just place dye pellets under the faucet cap, and watch your child’s reaction as they see blue water.

#24. Chicken Pie with a Little Jelly Bean Filling



Use jelly beans and vanilla pudding in their pot pie.

#25. Switch the Bags of Breakfast Cereals


To step it up a notch, you can switch the cereal bags into different cartons.

#26. Mess Up Your Child’s Trackpad


Flip your child’s trackpad so it will scroll in opposite directions. Just make sure you know your way around the settings, and have fun.

#27. Take a Screenshot of Your Tablet’s Home Screen and Leave it up Full Screen.


Your child will get extremely confused when her screen won’t swipe.

#28. The Dollar Prank


Your child will be so frustrated when they realize it’s not actually a dollar.

#29. Surpise Lunch


Your child will be shocked when they open up their lunch.

#30. Jell-O Juice


Put juice colored Jell-O in a glass, and serve it with a straw. Make sure you have your camera ready.

#31. Another Milk Prank


To a glass of hot milk, add gelatin powder. Once the mixture settles, it’s ready to be served.

#32. Swipe a Bar of Soap with Colorless Nail Polish.


It will drive your kids crazy, while they try to figure out why the bar of soap won’t lather.

#33. Switch your child to a different bed while they are sleeping.


When your child wakes up they will be extremely confused.

#34. When you pick up your Kids from School, Wear a Pink Wig. Tell them your Hairdresser went Wild and Gave you Pink Hair.


Your kids will be shocked and probably laugh when you show up with wacky hair.

#35. Have them plant “doughnut seeds”


In the morning, switch the “seeds” with real doughnuts that they can harvest, in the afternoon.

#36. “I Finally Got you an iPad.”


“Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you said ‘eye pad’”?

#37. “Don’t Worry About that Ipad, I Got you an Iphone”


That Iphone is sweet! Take a mold and make a chocolate Iphone.

#38. Replace the Cheetos Bags with Carrot Sticks. https://i1.wp.com/pulptastic.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/5512d10fbef3b.jpg?w=662

Replace the Cheetos bags with carrot sticks; just don’t forget to seal the bag back up afterwards.

#39. Glue Coins


Glue coins on the ground and watch people get frustrated, because they can’t pick it up.

#40. Cake Explosion


Hopefully this prank won’t scar your child forever. Happy April Fools’ Day!