A couple was taking a stroll outside when they noticed the most upsetting sight ever! There, tied to a dumpster, was an adorable and sad looking puppy. Next to him was a note. When they read the contents of it their hearts broke.

20. Store Run

Image: The Dodo

A couple had gone out on a store run to buy a few things and were heading out when they noticed something incredibly unusual. They noticed a small dog tied up to a dumpster and at first, they didn’t think anything of it.

19. Leashed

Image: SmallJoys

The couple didn’t think much of the dog tied up to the dumpster, after all, many people leave their dogs tied up like that when they go into stores. However, they soon noticed that there was a note attached to the pup.

18. Note

Image: The Dodo

Their curiosity was instantly piqued and the couple decided to see what the attached note said. When they read the message their hearts instantly broke for the poor pup. It was quite a heartbreaking note…

17. The Message

Image: Animal Channel

The message on the note read: Free Pup. My name is Scooter. Owner went to jail today. The couple couldn’t believe their eyes. They began to take photos of the pup and uploaded them online.

16. Helping Out

Image: The Dogington Post

The couple hoped that by posting the photos of the dog someone would message them saying they recognized the dog. Finally, the photos caught the attention of Paula Langford, who runs South Eastern Homeless Animals.

15. Reaching Out

Image: The Dodo

She said, “I just reached out to them and said, ‘I’ll take the dog. I have a microchip scanner, I’ll get him scanned and validate the story first. And then we’ll get him wherever it is that he belongs.”

14. Gas Station

Image: Animal Channel

Once they had talked things over, Langford headed over to the gas station where she met up with the couple. She was ready to take the dog in and help the little pup out. That’s when she came to a huge realization!

13. Loved Pet

Image: Animal Channel

Soon Langford came to the realization that this dog had been well cared for. “As soon as I saw him, I knew this was a loved pet. He was clean, he was flea-free. He was abandoned with an expensive carrying case for him, an expensive collar, a bag of grain-free dog food.”

12. Trusting

Image: The Dodo

Even though the dog was a bit skeptical at first, it didn’t take long for him to open up to Langford. He quickly began to relax in her presence and Langford took this as a great sign. She was also curious about why someone would abandon a dog like this.

11. Snuggly Pup

Image: The Dodo

“He was a bit nervous but very sweet and very loving. He wanted to cuddle. It was kind of precious, because on the way home, he kind of laid his head on my chest and just did this big sigh, and kind of melted into me and went back to sleep. It was obvious that this was a snuggly, well-loved, well-cared-for dog. He wasn’t just a throwaway.”

10. Microchip

Image: Animal Channel

So Langford got to work on helping find the dog’s owners. The dog was in fact microchipped so her first course of action was to call the number associated with the pup. However, the number was disconnected.

9. Found Before

Image: The Dodo

While looking into the dog’s background Langford found some more interesting information. “We discovered that he is originally from Colorado. We tried to contact the number on the microchip, but the number was disconnected.”

8. More Info

Image: PostKitty

“The microchip company informed me that he’d been found in 2015 in Colorado, and then again in 2016 in St. Petersburg, Florida and that he’d been returned to the owner, but that’s all he knew. And then, all of a sudden, he’s in South Carolina!”

7. Arrested

Image: Scribol

Langford soon found out that the dog’s owner had in fact been arrested and relied on his pals to take care of the dog – however, they didn’t come through. Langford informed the cops about the situation.

6. Asking For Help

Image: Scribol

“When he was arrested, his main concern was that his dog did not go to the shelter, so he handed his belongings, his money, his backpack, his carrying bag, and his beloved dog to his friends and asked them to ensure that the dog was safe.”

5. Justice

Image: Scribol

The police are investigating the situation and trying to track down the individuals responsible for abandoning the dog. “They have issued an arrest warrant for those two individuals for the abandonment,” Langford said.

4. A Reunion

Image: Animal Channel

Langford was eventually able to track down the owner’s mother and wanted to stage a reunion. The mother lived in Colorado but agreed to meet Langford in Nebraska. It was a long drive but well worth it.

3. Emotional Moment

Image: The Dodo

“It was a very touching and emotional reunion, and it was quite obvious that Scooter was very happy to see his family again. I am 100 percent confident in my decision to reunite this beloved pup with his family.”

2. Dedicated

Langford is incredibly dedicated to helping out animals that have been abandoned or hurt. She hopes that when the owner gets out of prison he will be reunited with Scooter.

1. Hopeful

Image: We Love All Animals

“When an animal is found on the streets, the ultimate hope is that the animal has a loving family looking for them. However, in more cases than not, that is not the outcome. In Scooter’s situation, he was a loved and treasured member of a wonderful family. And while it was emotional for me to say goodbye, I have no doubt that he is exactly where he belongs.”