When these two pit bull puppies were rescued, they were in pretty bad shape. These two sisters were stuck to each other like glue and were harboring a dark past. They were in the process of healing when one woman decided to change their lives forever.

20. No Idea

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Just a year ago, Casey Alves would never guess that her life would be changed by the emergence of two pit bulls into her life. At the time she had just purchased a house in Maine with her husband and they had recently adopted a sweet senior cat, Louise, from the Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick.

19. A Change

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Then one day, everything would completely change for Alves. She received a message on Facebook that would impact her life in an unbelievable way. The message was a desperate plea for help.

18. The Message

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“I got a Facebook message from a family friend who is a foster for a local organization here that goes down south and picks up pups from high-kill shelters,” Alves told The Dodo. “She said, ‘We’ve got these two pit bull pups. They’re 5 months old, and they’re sisters, and they’re looking for somewhere to go, and hopefully, they can stay together.’”

17. Worried

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At first, Alves was hesitant and worried, and rightfully so. She worried if the two pit bulls, named Ria and Ella, would get along with Louise. Alves also worried about the costs of caring for them as she learned more about them.

16. Bad Condition

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Alves was soon informed about both pit bull’s condition. Both sisters were inflicted with a bad case of demodectic mange, a disease caused by mites burrowing into the dog’s skin. However, it was this information that helped solidify her decision.

15. Fostering

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“I said, ‘You know, let’s just do it. It’s just fostering,’” Alves said. “My husband is also an army vet. He had served overseas for a year, so he had always said that he wanted a dog. Dogs are really good for vets, and dealing with some of the PTSD they have.”

14. Bad Shape

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So Alves and her husband got into the car and drove over to pick up the pups. However, when they saw Ria and Ella they were both in shock. The poor pups were in really bad shape!

13. So Small

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“They were very small, and they were greatly lacking hair,” Alves said. “Ria almost looked like a little old lady. It was clear to me that they needed more muscle, more meat on their bones.” It was then Alves realized why no one wanted to separate the sweet pups.

12. Inseparable

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The two were stuck to each other like glue and depended on one another for comfort and safety. “We got them into the back of the car, and they laid in the SUV cuddled in a ball,” Alves said. “It was clear that they didn’t enjoy car rides, so their safety net was each other.”

11. Staying Close

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When the couple brought the pit bull’s back to their home, the two sisters stayed close to each other the entire time. “We let them roam around, but they stayed right next to each other — like side by side as they roamed around the house,” Alves said.

10. Cuddle Time

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The sisters would also stay close even when it was time for a nap! “It was clear that they were just so thankful to be somewhere,” Alves said. “They jumped right on my husband … and laid together in a ball. Even now that they’re much bigger — too big to sit on our laps — they still do.”

9. Several Weeks

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It took several weeks for the pups to recover from the mange that overtook their bodies. However, throughout the entire healing process, the sisters helped each other cope. They would always be there to comfort one another.

8. Amazing Bond

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“The mange was bad, and it was uncomfortable for them,” Alves said. “But they were constantly cleaning each other … and it was really, really sweet. I had never had sister pups before or dogs at all, so I never realized a bond could be as close as this.”

7. Six Weeks

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Finally, after six long and devastating weeks, the mange had finally cleared up completely. Alves was so happy with the progress that she couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked upon the two sisters. All of their fur had grown back and they looked and felt fantastic.

6. Unbelievable

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“It was really unbelievable,” Alves said. “We didn’t even completely know the color of the dogs. You could tell that Ria was going to be black and white, but Ella we thought was dark gray — but she’s really like this gray-brown color.”

5. Still Close

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Even though the sisters are doing much better now, they are still as close as ever. They have gained some more independence, however, which has allowed their personalities to shine more.

4. Glued Together

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“They’re a little bit more independent, and they spend a little bit more time separate from each other, but still, when I go looking for them around the house, I’ll find that one has her head on the other’s torso or neck or something,” Alves said. “They’re quite funny how they stay together.”

3. Cat Bonding

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Not only do the sisters love each other, but they also adore the family cat, Louise. “Ria and Ella love to sit as close to her as they can,” Alves said. “Louise will tolerate it for a few moments if they sit still, but usually the girls try to sniff her or clean her ears. Once she’s had enough, she will hiss and walk away.”

2. Keeping Them

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After the foster period was over, Alves was left with the decision of what to do with the sweet pups. Would she keep them or part ways? After spending so much time with them she knew she had to keep them!

1. Happy Family

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“They are our family now,” Alves said. “I can’t imagine our lives without them at all.” Now the Alves family is finally complete and everyone is happier than ever before.