For the most part, everyone decently understands how gravity works. Gravity is related to everything we do. There are times when gravity breaks- when things just don’t appear to be real, but they definitely are. Although, these photos look completely photoshopped, they are very much real. Here’s a list of head scratching photos when the law of physics was truly put to the test.

A Talented Goat

You may recognize this goat, as it went viral. This is the goat behind the “It craves that mineral!’ meme. The goats climb these hills, so they can lick the minerals off of it.

The frozen Jeep Grill

The jeep grill is “floating” due to a crazy ice storm. Since its ice that’s holding it up, it’s probably extremely delicate, but it’s still an awesome thing to see.

This Broken Mug

The way this mug broke is definitely mind bending. It just looks like a really awesome illusion.

Ice Noodles

This is not photoshopped. The temperature outside was -60 degrees Celsius, and it’s safe to say the noodles are frozen.

Balancing Act

This cat is just putting on a professional balancing act.

Blown Away

A cold and windy day blew these icicles horizontally. This is just creepy to us, for some reason.

Ice Sheet

This part of the forest ended up flooding, and once the water left- a sheet of ice stayed. It left this cool lifted ice sheet, that looks like a little tree fort.

Sleeping Sideways

It seems like cats are an exception when it comes to the law of gravity. This cat is an example.


This little dude is just chilling on top of the water. Just floating around, super casual.

The Balance

This guy is either super coordinated, or the law of gravity just doesn’t apply to him.

Snow Shelter

The snow developed into a perfect snow roof. It’s perfectly curled, you almost don’t want to touch or ruin it.

Rock Bridge

A person was walking on the beach one morning, and came across this rock bridge. Unless

Magnets Make Stocking Easy

While stocking, they ran out of room on the rack. Instead, the magnets stuck together- making their job easier.

Save the Ice

For some reason, this spider decided that it wanted to save the icicle. Now, the icicle looks like it’s floating.

The Floating Coin

This coin is apparently extremely light, that it floats. This is a Japanese 1 Yen coin, and it’s so light that it doesn’t break the surface tension of this coffee.

“I am a Gravity Rule Breaker!”

For some reason, when dogs get too excited- gravity just doesn’t seem to apply to them.

“I’ll Nap Right Here.”

This dog is ready for a nap.

Half Melted Ice

This dog was taking a stroll on top of a lake. Since the ice had melted a little, it gave the illusion that the dog was walking on water.

How Can This Even Happen?

How is this even possible? Just don’t spill the wine!

A Cruise Ship Sink

This may seem confusing on how this is even possible, but actually- this is a sink in a cruise ship, and the cruise ship was tilting.

The Juggling Act

We don’t understand how this can happen, but it’s a neat trick!

Tower of Pencils

This large tower of pencils is being held by only four pencils.

Chain Table

This table was designed to look anti-gravity, as the chains look like they are holding up the table. Whoever designed this table, is an extremely creative person.

A Stack Bowling Balls

He must be a magician, because stacking bowling balls looks impossible- but he did it.

How Much Water Can a Penny Hold?

A penny can hold 137 drops of water, in case you were wondering.

Cats Are Balancing Masters

Somehow, this cat was able to lie on the side of a bag- without falling.

Balancing a Chair on a Bench

This is absolutely impressive, but also scary. We don’t understand how he is doing this, but kudos.

A Stack of Pianos

We aren’t really sure why this is a thing- to stack pianos in a body of water. But it is.

The Perfect Balancing Act

Somehow, this piece of driftwood balanced like that for almost a week- before it fell.

A Frame of Pringles

The person taking this picture is impressed by the frame of Pringles, where the dogs just want to eat it.

The Dog Who Walked on Water

This picture is just perfectly timed; however, it gives this amazing illusion that this dog is walking on water.

This Shouldn’t be Possible

Now, this trick is something anyone can do; however, this is still mind-blowing. It shouldn’t be possible, but it is.

Testing Out the Challenge

This was a challenge that everyone wanted to try. The challenge was that you can balance a ruler on a surface with a hammer. This guy didn’t believe it was possible, but when he attempted the challenge- he was proven wrong.

Flying Water

This is crazy to see. It’s amazing how this can even happen.

The Tree that Defies Gravity

This tree looks like it’s defying gravity. There’s a chance branches up top may be holding it, but that’s still scary- and we don’t want to be anywhere near this tree when it falls.

Ruling Gravity

This is just awesome, and its projects like these, that make physics class fun!

Restocking the Cigarettes

I think someone got bored while restocking the cigarettes; you have to have fun though, right?

How Would you Undo this?

How do you do this, and how do you undo this- without making a huge mess?

“I Bet I Can Balance a Rose on my Nose.”

When you’re on your break, it’s normal to balance a rose on your nose… right?

Snow Inch Worm

The snow turned into a perfectly shaped inch worm.

Spilled Water

Somehow, none of the water dripped onto the rug. It stopped in its tracks at the end of the table. Don’t we all wish all spills were like that?


This trick is impressive, and also a trick that makes you question gravity.

Only at Walmart

This is really neat, but hopefully no one walked under this…. Scary.

Tiny Hat

This cap may look like it’s floating, but this trick just proves he has a little bit of hair on his head- and he’s not bald. It also just looks like he’s wearing a tiny hat.

A Little Ironic

It’s a little ironic that all of the figurines sink, except the one that is supposed to be metal.

Extreme Jenga

The original Jenga was already impressive, but this new version of Jenga is just crazy.

Just a Little Frame Balancing

Just a little frame balancing… Super casual.

Beer Balance

This is very impressive, and kind of mind blowing.

Just a Little Doggy Magic

This person found this dog bone just like this. Their dog is very talented, and understands the laws of gravity.

Rule Breaker

Ice is definitely an exception when it comes to the laws of gravity; it’s always breaking the rules.

When You’re Bored at Work

This is the result of a person being bored at work, they balance bottles.

Patience is Key

We are impressed with the amount of patience this person has, to be able to do this trick.

The Sad Snowman

This snowman should be happy, he’s defying gravity!

The Case of the Floating Pie

We understand it froze to the back of the fridge, but we can’t discredit this awesome illusion!

Own Path

The water decided to take its own path.

Tea Magic

Somehow, this lemon had split the iced tea into two halves. Now, this is what we call magic!

Broom Balance

Now, this is what we call perfect balance. This broom fell off the counter and landed perfectly on its bristles.