Having trees in and around your property can be bliss only when well-maintained. These also need regular care and attention, like kids, pets, etc. Otherwise, their deteriorated health can quickly become a nightmare. You may have to deal with pests, rotting trees, and unwanted issues. Since they require experts for proper growth, hiring licensed arborists from your area is better. Whether the tree needs cutting, removal, or treatment, the technicians can handle it all. Usually, the spring season is a busy time for them. After all, the trees grow faster, making them more susceptible to pests and diseases.

The headache will disappear if you know an agency like Signature Tree Solutions. They can guide you end-to-end. But let’s first understand the issues trees typically face in this season.

Fungal disease

Heart rot can affect grown-up trees by rotting their branches and trunks. It happens when the fungus spreads through the wounds on the bark. The main reason for this can be inadequate pruning. Or damages caused by animals, insects, fire, and dead branches can also be the culprit. The tree will die without proper attention. Arborists say that planting disease-resistant trees is better for stopping heart rot. Another is the quality of the soil – it should be well-drained. Overwatering is also dangerous for them. Even fire blight risks are there. The contagious fungal disease can harm blossoms and branches. Since these fungi thrive in warmer springtime conditions, preventing their growth is challenging. As mentioned, it’s an infectious tree disorder. Unfortunately, there is yet to be a cure for this.

But you can still protect your landscape with proper tree management, cutting down the diseased foliage and limbs. If you suspect any of these problems with your trees, contact certified arborists in your area.


Have you heard about pests like bagworms, cankerworms, and sawfly larvae? It’s a bagworm if the tree leaves have become brown and the stems are getting broken. Bagworms feed on trees, making them weak due to a lack of nutrients. You can avoid them using a proper pesticide in the early spring days. Another common organism is the cankerworm. These worms eat leaves, making a deep holes in them. You can remove them from the trees yourself or apply a pesticide. If you take the latter path, make sure you add pesticide before they begin to attack the tree. Otherwise, this will not work.

Sawfly larvae are the other headache. The green caterpillar-like organisms are wasps in reality. They chew on leaves and even pine needles. If they swarm the tree, all the leaves will disappear. You can spot these tiny beings under the tree on the ground or climbing up the trunk to the leaves. Handling any of these species is challenging without knowledge and experience, so look for trained arborists to manage this job well. Otherwise, your landscape will lose all its beauty in the season that usually brings them their glory.

Some tasks require professional intervention for their expertise, knowledge, and tools. Trees need special care and attention, which the technicians tend to be most familiar with and enjoy doing. So, contact them for assistance.