Animal rescue can be a hard but rewarding job. When a tiny matted husky was spotted huddling in a corner, rescuers need they needed to step in and save her.

13. A Dog Compound

Image: Earthporm

Located in Harbin, China is a compound devoted to saving and protecting dogs. Over 2,000 dgs were on the grounds the day Harriet the Husky was spotted. Unlike the other dogs, she was cowering scared in the corner.

12. Harbin Slaughterhouse Survivors Animal Rescue

Image: SHS

The Harbin Slaughterhouse Survivors Animal Rescue helps take the dgs that are mst in need from the compound. When workers spotted the husky, they knew they had to save her and give her the attention she badly needed.

11. Tiny Husky

Image: The Dodo

The husky was tiny and refused to leave the corner. She was completely scared, according to U.S. Harbin volunteer Rachel Hinman said. “She wasn’t doing well.” The volunteers tried to get close to the husky and were horrified when they saw his condition.

10. Horribly Matted

Image: The Dodo

As they got closer to Harriet, they could see the horrible condition the dog was in. She was matted with the fur thick with feces. That wasn’t even the worst of it: she was frightfully thin and had clearly been abused.

9. Trusting

Image: The Dodo

Despite her condition, the little husky was sweet and trusting. She snuggled into her rescuer’s arms as they took her to see the vet. The vet examined her and learned she was around 8 months old.

8. Malnutrition

Image: The Dodo

Harriet was tiny fr her age and it was likely due to to lack of food. At first sight, she appeared to be a miniature husky. Luckily, she was now in the safe arms of Hayley Hayes-Fitzgerald, Aimee Clarke and Emily Parker, founders of Harbin SHS.

7. Caring for Her

Image: The Dodo

The first task was to take care of her matted fur. The team carefully shaved away the mats and Harriet endured it all patiently. “She was so quiet and docile. It took us a long time to shave off all her fur, but she sat there so patiently and never barked or growled,” Hinman said t The Dodo.

6. A Sweet Dog

Image: The Dodo

Harriet had been through so much and was still s patient and trusting. The team knew she’d make a wonderful companion for someone. And luckily, that companion was on their way.

5. Wanting Her

Image: The Dodo

Across the world, a Canadian woman named Rosee Vallee saw Harriet’s picture online. Looking at that sweet face, she knew Harriet was the dg for her. She wants to adopt her.

4. Flying

Image: The Dodo

After Rosee connected with the group, a volunteer flew with Harriet to meet her in San Francisco. Harriet was going to her new home.

3. Love at First Sight

Image: The Dodo

It was love at first sight! “I knew she was for me the second I saw her; she looked so sad and all I wanted to do was make her happy right away,” Vallee told The Dodo.

2. A New Life

Image: The Dodo

Harriet, now known as Bailey, is now a healthy and happy husky. She’s grown up and her fur has filled back in nicely. She gets for plenty of adventures with her mom. 

1. Bailey

Image: The Dodo

Harriet, renamed Bailey, loves adventure.  “Since I have had her, we have went on road trips, we have flown together, she went to Lake Louise [in Canada] … She is my princess. She loves everyone she meets,” Vallee said. She even has 3 dg sisters t play with.