Oh spring break! It’s a week where you get to let yourself relax and go a little wild before finishing off a long semester. It’s a time to go travel out of the country or just down to the beach with your friends. There’s drinking, laughter, and thanks to smartphones, plenty of photos. These are the most epic spring break photos found on the Internet.

Watch for the Wave

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The ocean is large and unpredictable. It can be dangerous and violent. So, when taking photos in front of it, just watch out for the waves that may be coming up behind you.

The Tiny Photo Bomb

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This guy really wanted to get a picture with these girls, but this was the only way he could do it. So, he seized his opportunity and decided to jump on in.

Just a Little Snack

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These girls got a little creative when it came to taking pictures during their spring break trip. This belongs hanging up on the wall of a museum, that’s for sure.

Tan Lines

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The first mistake was wearing Crocs in the first place. Second was underestimating just how powerful the sun actually is. Always wear sunscreen and think about those unfortunate tan lines when picking out something to wear.

No Alcohol in the Pool

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Drinking is a huge part of celebrating spring break. Although, with alcohol your senses do become dulled and so does your aim apparently. This girl was o the unfortunate receiving end of getting alcohol poured all over her face.

Age Means Nothing

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Age is but a number. That’s the famous saying and it can’t be truer. This older grandmother got her party on when she saw a group of girls celebrating their spring break trip at the beach.

Party Bus

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Having a designated driver while partying is important. So, this group decided to hire a bus with a driver to bring them around to bars. Unfortunately, the bus’s main purpose is to transport prisoners.

Monkeying Around

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Don’t fall in love on spring break, that’s the number one rule. Unfortunately, this couple just couldn’t stay away from each other.

Locked Out

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We’ve all been locked out of our house at some point or another. It really sucks when you find yourself locked out after coming home from a party, though. Luckily this girl is just the right size to fit through the doggy door.

My Mistake

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The law doesn’t stop for anyone. While these girls were taking a group photo at the beach, the police just so happened to walk into the frame with a poor guy in handcuffs.

Bikini Bottom

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The important lesson here is to wear sunscreen whenever you are at the beach. This guy is going to have a really hard time getting rid of these tan lines.

You’re a Star

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This girl aspires to be a star one day. In the meantime, she has to settle for being covered in starfish on the beach.

Chucked in the Face

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Crazy things happen when you go on spring break. This girl decided to play around with some nun chucks. It didn’t work out in her favor. In fact, she probably ended up with quite a bruise.

The Throwback

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Even our grandparents enjoyed the occasional spring break trip. This group of college students from the 1950’s got down and dirty on the beach. Just look at those jiggy dance moves.

Double Trouble

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Lesson learned, don’t fall asleep on the beach with your hand on your stomach for hours. Chances are you’ll have a pretty strange tan line that won’t be too easy to get rid of.

Wait, What?

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College kids do stupid things. Take this guy for example. He shaved his chest hair to look like a bikini top. Clever, but also disgusting.

Homework Time

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Many students still have schoolwork to do while on spring break because professors are relentless. This girl decided to take her work to the beach. However, we can’t imagine how much she was able to get done after that wave washed up.

Stressed Out

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When spring break ends, it’s back to reality for these college students. This one in particular is definitely not ready to go back to the stress of classes and exams. Just look at her expression!

Snow Break

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For many students who live in the north, they are still getting snow during their spring break week. That’s why a lot of people head down to Florida where it’s warmer. This guy is in the beach mindset and living his best life, at least for this picture.

If Lost, Please Call…

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We all have that friend that wanders off after a few drinks. If you’re worried about losing one of your friends, just write this somewhere on their body. Chances are higher that they will be returned to you.

Sharpie Game Strong

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We’ve all heard about the rule that allows you to write on someone’s face if they pass out from drinking too much. Well, this guy was so passed out that his friends were able to dress him up in a tux via Sharpie without him waking up.

Watch Your Step

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Girls always go to the bathroom together, it’s just something they do. Well, sometimes the stalls just aren’t big enough. These girls came toppling out of the bathroom stall drunk out of their minds.

Face Planted

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There is always that one person in the group who can do some sort of gymnastics. The beach is the perfect place to practice cartwheels and flips. However, you should make sure to land them, especially if people have their phones out.

Obstacle Course

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The next time your friend passes out on the floor, surround them with beer bottles. Now only will they be extremely confused when they wake up, but they’ll have to figure out how to get up without knocking them all over and waking everyone else in the room up.

Horsing Around

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This guy was just horsing around having some fun while on his spring break vacation at the beach. Unfortunately he was having a little too much fun. Well, the fun has officially ended.

Making Do

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That sun can get pretty got out there on the beach. A lot of people will cover their face with a towel or t-shirt to keep their face from burning and to stay cool while tanning. Well, this girl decided to use a pair of men’s underwear to cover her face today.

Sea Monster

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Little kids love the beach. College kids love scaring little kids. This kid saw the perfect opportunity to scare this little girl when he noticed a bunch of seaweed in the water.

Party Foul

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If you’re drinking, chances are much higher that you or someone you know will spill a drink. This party foul just so happened to be caught on camera at the most perfect moment.

Riding Horses on the Beach

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A dream some people have is to go horseback riding on the beach. It can be pretty expensive for college students, though. So, this pair of friends decided to make do with what they could afford.

Flicked Off

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These two friends decided to get a little more creative when it came to taking spring break pictures. Their creativity definitely paid off because these photos are absolutely genius.

Best of Both Worlds

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For the people back home dealing with snow during their spring break, these lucky students sent their friends a picture of a snowman made out of sand to taunt them. Well, you could say it’s the best of both worlds because who doesn’t like a good snowman?

Sneak Attack

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Wild animals are unpredictable. While snorkeling in the ocean, this trio got an unpleasant surprise when a manta ray jumped up on their backs for a friendly hug. They don’t look too pleased about the gesture.


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For some reason, this girl wanted to be buried up to her neck in sand. Maybe it’s a way to keep cool on a hot day? Whatever her reason, she is probably regretting the decision right about now.

Escaped from the Zoo

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There’s something in this picture that doesn’t belong with the rest. Can you tell what it is? You guessed it, the giraffe walking around in the water across from another fully clothed girl.

Golden Glow

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It looks like this guy needs to invest in a pair of shorts when summer comes around. We just can’t get over how tan he is compared to how pale he used to be.

The Funny Face Photo

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We all have that one photographer friend who says, “Okay, now for a funny picture.” Well, these guys know exactly what to do when it’s time to take a funny face picture.

Tingling Spidey Senses

Macintosh HD:Users:brittanyloeffler:Downloads:Upwork:Springbreak:wwhiiyfyjh3oxwvm.jpg

If you have a friend that is terribly afraid of spiders, this is a great trick to play on them. Not only do you get to scare them, but you’ll also catch their expression on camera. It doesn’t get better than that.

Attack of the Apes

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If you were planning on going to a beach where monkeys live, would you bring bananas with you? If you do, you should definitely expect some kind of trouble and attention from those monkeys.

Clever Shadows

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This group got clever with their group photo. Rather than showing their faces, they drew the expression they were feeling in the sand and put it on their shadow. Can you tell who is who?

Ultimate Wedgie

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Ooh that has got to hurt! Just as this guy jumped off the boat, his bathing suit was snagged on the side and resulted in one of the most painful wedgies in history.

Partying with Parents

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Some parents are really overbearing when it comes to their children. These moms didn’t want their sons to go on spring break by themselves, so they decided to come along. Who do you think is having more fun?

The Fifth Wheel

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No matter where you go on vacation, you’ll notice couples getting close and showing affection for each other. Unfortunately, if you’re single this can really suck. It sucks even more if you just so happen to be on vacation with said couples.