We know that it’s never cool to outshine the bride on her special day. These brides made sure that none of their bridesmaids would look better than them!

Wedding or Cult?


Not only did this bride make sure her bridesmaids were covered from neck to feet, she also made them wear all of the worst colors for anybody’s skin tone. Great job!

Wallpaper Wedding


These bridesmaid dresses look like the bride had them constructed from some awful wallpaper. Guests have to look at the bride or risk having that floral pattern permanently burned into their brains.

Taste the Rainbow


Pastel colors? Check. Hideous hats? Check. Enough poufs to suffocate a horse? Check. This bride has her bridal party looking perfectly kitschy.

Furry Friends


No, we don’t mean the penguin and the pink poodle – we are talking about the furry bridesmaids. We know they need to be warm, but they could have just worn coats rather than having themselves draped in shiny purple satin with furry trim.

It’s curtains for you!


Where did the bridesmaids go? All we see is a bride surrounded by hideous curtains

What is happening here?


The weird , lacy, hooded gowns this bride picked for her bridesmaids make her wedding look like some kind of cult processional instead.

Back in Black


The black, goth looking dresses are an odd choice, but they would be much nicer without those poufy sleeves! We are so glad that trend died!

Salmon Sisters


This bride’s smile lets us know that she is well aware of how awful her bridesmaids look. They look like unwilling southern belles.

Winged Women


We aren’t sure what this bride was thinking, but we do know one bright side to these awful butterfly outfits – they can double as Halloween costumes!

Floral Fiasco


The weirdest part about this picture is that only the two little girls in the front realize just how bad they look. The tiny one in the front looks straight up horrified!

Golden Goddesses


Yeah… we would blur our faces too. These shiny gold dresses look more roller disco than wedding.

Down with the Ship


If the bride has to look crappy, then so does everyone else. That’s the rule!

I got the blues


The paisley pattern, the conservative collar and sleeves, the cowboy hats… this wedding party has it all. While the bridesmaids did not show up the bride, the groom sure did. He is rocking that blue tux!

Candy Canes


The groom has a cane. The bridesmaids look like candy canes. Maybe this bride is a Christmas fan.

What were you thinking?


Oh my! These bridesmaids look beautiful – hurry! Let’s throw nets on their heads and wrap bows around their arms. That will stop them!

Oh So 80s


By now we are used to the pouf, but what is up with these headbands? Did Richard Simmons accessorize these ladies?

These aren’t so ba… crap.


These light pink dresses are actually pretty cute! Better ruin them fast. But how? Throw some headbands and tentacles on their heads. That’ll do it!

Mrs. Claus? Is that you?


She may not be the most blushing of all the brides, but standing next to two clones of Mrs. Claus definitely made her shine a little more.

Nightgown Town


These dresses aren’t exactly bad, it’s just that they look more like nightgowns than bridesmaid dresses. They match the bride though, so this one isn’t so bad! Good job!



Is this happy couple in the witness protection program? The dark shades seem a little sketchy. And there is nothing to say about the bridesmaid dresses – we will let them speak (scream) for themselves.



Is this a wedding or some kind of satanic ritual? These long, red, hooded robes seem kind of ominous. But then again, so do the mens’ haircuts.

Build me up, Buttercup.


Yellow is a gorgeous color, but it doesn’t look good on everyone’s skin tone. Take these women for instance – the yellow isn’t doing them any favors. And the way the yellow reflects off of the bride’s dress just makes it a big, buttery mess!

More Wallpaper


Again with the wallpaper? Listen, bride: if you’re strapped for cash, cut into the flower budget; no need to shredding your grandmother’s wallpaper into last minute bridesmaid dresses.

Stop and Smell the Flowers


Ouch! These dresses literally hurt to look at. The bride looks nice, but the rest of the bridal party look like Mama Cass.

Because I Said So!


These women are all so gorgeous… but not if the blushing bride has anything to do with it. Bright, shiny, pink, puffy trash bags for the lot of them! The bridesmaid on the floor has perfected her “kill me” expression.

Something Blue


There is no apparent bride in this photo. Sources say that it is the bridesmaids with the groom. The conservative gowns, the hats, the man surrounded by pretty women? Looks kind of like a polygamist wedding to us – but whatever floats your boat!

Josephine and the Technicolor Bridesmaid Dresses


This photo is just all sorts of awful. Each bridesmaid dress is worse than the one before it. And worst of all? The bride! That hat, plus that high neckline makes it look like she is wearing one of those cones they put on itchy dogs. But at least they all look happy!

Maid of Honorably Discharged


All of these dresses are pretty egregious, but the Maid of Honor got her wallpaper dress in shades of red and orange to make her stand out from the blue and purple bridesmaids. Lucky!

Red Rum


This blood-red color isn’t actually bad! What is bad is that not only are the dresses dark red, but so are the shoes, and the pantyhose. And I’m so sorry ladies, but those pearls do NOT distract from the poufs and ruffles.

Speaking of Distracting


Most brides do not want to be upstaged by their bridesmaids, however this bride obviously wanted all eyes on them – perhaps to hide the fact that she is actually Micky Dolenz of The Monkees! We are getting a Manson girls vibe from these far out dresses.



Now this is how you stop your bridesmaids from upstaging you. This bride wore her hair loosely tied back halfway and is wearing a dress that is nice for the era. Since her bridesmaids are pretty, she knew of only two things that could stop them – weird, floppy, white hats, and a floral pattern that would make your grandmother’s couch sick. Good job!

101 Bridesmaids


Polka dots can be really cute. However, they’re not so cute in 30 cubic feet of fabric. These poor bridesmaids look more like Dalmatians than part of a bridal party.

Almost Got It!


These bridesmaid dresses are pretty cute! Bohemian and pretty – a classic look. Too bad the groomsmen didn’t get the memo. It’s hard for white men to rock a white tux, especially with that sweet black piping down the legs. Wow!

Can I get some peanuts?


These are flight attendants, right? Because if they are bridesmaids, they need to stage a coup STAT!

Close, But No Cigar


You know these bridesmaids must be total sweethearts. How else do you explain the fake smiles plastered on their faces when they are obviously in dress distress? (And those hats – Yikes!) Blink twice if you’re being held against your will, ladies.

Just In Case…


Weddings are a great place for single people to meet other singles. These bridesmaids brought umbrellas in case it actually does start raining men. Good idea!

Spots and Belts and Hats, Oh My!


This photo really speaks for itself. Listen closely; it’s saying, “Help us!” Sorry, bridesmaids, the only thing that will help save those outfits is a dumpster fire. But hey! Great job, bride – you certainly made sure all eyes would be averted in your direction. Looking directly at your bridesmaids can cause seizures and blindness.

Well, that’s one way to do it


Let’s face it – all of these women are dressed horribly. The weird satin robes look more like something Frasier Crane would put on after his bath, not something you’d wear in a wedding.

Anybody want a smoothie?


These bridesmaid dresses are pretty awful already – might as well top them off with an awkward pink veil! All of these women look like they cannot wait to change out of these sherbet nightmares.

If you are a bride-to-be PLEASE be nice to your friends. You can stand out without making them look like wallpaper or child brides.