Everyone has made a bad decision at least once in their lifetime. With social media, these bad decisions become documented online forever- for the whole world to see. This list shows the best of the best when it comes to people who were documented, that messed up big time.

Beard Net


Hair nets are very crucial at work and, in this case, so is a beard net.

Not For The Bathroom


Reading the label is extremely important, and this is one of those cases where you HAVE to read the wrapper.

That’s Actually Not Icing


This is not icing. It’s actually melted plastic. But one things for sure, it is a messy situation.

Trashcan, Gas Can?


This is not only a very messy situation, but it’s also a very dangerous situation. If someone were to light a cigarette around that trashcan, this guy would quickly become toast.

Screen Protector


This poor girl thought the screen protector was the plastic film that protected the screen in its packaging.

Microwave is not the Way


Waiting for your favorite shirt to dry can become a hassle, but zapping it in the microwave is not the way to go.

Printed Screen


This guy’s plan didn’t work out the way he intended it to. Next time, just print the screen.

A Bit Off


The Contractor says these doors are fine. What do you think?

A Touch Up


We aren’t sure if she actually thinks the spray paint looks good, or if she’s trying to disguise herself after committing a crime- but it’s not the best effort.

Bad Day in Cement


We hope she didn’t have expensive shoes on.

No Lashes

Beauty actually is pain…. Poor girl.

The Irony


If this person was the only one who didn’t have their phone out, then how did they take the picture?

Free Stuffed Animals


This child ignored the rules of the claw machine and decided to just climb right in and take the prize herself.

This Will Take A While


Poor kid, we wonder how long it took for her to notice that the curling iron wasn’t plugged in.

How Did This Even Happen?


How does this even happen? The whole car is cleaned off but the windshield.

Someone Doesn’t Want to Run Out of Gas


It looks like he just really doesn’t want to run out of gas. However, that’s not very safe.

Food Spill


She’s showing off her food, but she’s about to be disappointed when she puts her plate back down.

Not Convertible Weather


This sudden snowstorm was apparently pretty unexpected.

Locked In


Maybe the delivery person thought they weren’t home? These poor people were trapped in their apartment. That kind of situation makes for a bad day.

Not a Boat


At this point, we hate to say it- but we think it’s a lost cause.

What’s does this Button do?


That button is for the sunroof, but in this case when it snows- this button should be off limits.

Why Won’t My Eggs Boil?


To be honest, we think everyone has done this at least once in their lifetime.

“Can I Return This?”


That plastic packaging is the worst, because it’s difficult to get the product out of it. Maybe they can return it?

A Misunderstanding


We think John will listen to instructions more carefully, now.

Worked Like it Should


Got to love customer service.

These are Not Self-Rolling Pastries


There are directions for a reason, because they do not self-roll.

A Gas Mess Up


Pumping gas isn’t something you really want to mess up on, because that can be dangerous.

Like the Movies


Having a piano fall onto your car is something you would see in a cartoon.

In A Snakey Situation


This situation would be hard to explain to the doctors, your friends, and your family.

Mailmen Can be Funny too


How bad do you honestly want this package?

Take Me


Whoever owns this bike probably doesn’t own it anymore.

Lack of Baking Skills


We are pretty sure someone lied on their resume saying they had baking experience. Just a little tip: dough rises.

Be Careful Who you Trust to Rub in your Sunblock


Just a tip: be careful who you trust to rub in your sunblock for you, because they may try to draw pictures.

Look for Construction Signs


Always look for construction signs, or else this could happen to you.

See Nobody’s Perfect


Maybe this cop was in a rush to chase a robber… into the McDonald’s drive-thru?

I don’t think that’s Right


You’re doing it wrong, but it happens… right?

“Small Cars Only”


Either this person considers this SUV to be small, or they are just being ignorant.

Try to Secure your Boards


Accidents happen; however, something like this could’ve been avoided.

IPhones and Parents


Cords and headphones get tangled up and they can easily be mistaken for the same thing.. Right?

Not Happy


Toy helicopters and hair don’t mix well.

When you Play with Fire you get… Burned


This kid played with fire, and well they got burned. No one apparently taught this kid that playing with fire is very dangerous.

In Plain Sight


We aren’t really sure how these guys thought they would get away with stealing a light pole in plain sight. But they tried.

Can’t Follow Directions


Court reporters unfortunately have a difficult job and it’s even more difficult when people just can’t seem to follow directions.

Check for a Twist Cap


A wine opener comes in handy, just make sure that the top is a cork and not a twist cap.

Well that’s one way to Move a Car


As the saying goes, “if it fits, its ships.”

One Tiny Issue


The deck turned out beautifully, but apparently the saw is staying also.

The Problem with being Lazy


Living in a high rise makes running errands harder; however, sometimes the extra steps are needed.

That’s a Problem…


She’s going to be sitting in that tiny spot for a while until the rest of the floor dries.

That’s not Good


The tracks in the snow are not a good sign. Hopefully everyone got out of the car safely.

Safety First


Strapping the four-wheeler to the wheel is not a good idea, and we don’t recommend it.

No Rules


Cones on the road actually mean something?… Who knew..

Flood Zone


It seemed like a good place to park, until the parking lot flooded.

That’s not Quite it


So, is anyone going to step up to the plate and tell her that she’s doing it completely wrong?

Read it Carefully


Maybe the maker of this decal should have read this better before they sold it, or the buyer should have read it better before they put it on their car.

Detergent Cloud


We are pretty sure this was an accident, but it looks like a cloud surrounding a tree. At least it looks neat.

If it doesn’t Fit, it doesn’t Ship


Did they honestly think that big box would fit into that tiny car?

Look Out


When this bounces onto the ground and starts rolling, look out!

Locked Keys


Well on the plus side, they will never lose their keys.

It’s Some Kind of a Map…


When your mom has never seen Game of Thrones.

Looks Yummy..?


The strange part is they were passed out to patients at a hospital.

Not Going to Happen


Sorry pal, but I don’t think that’s going to fit.

Cooking Fail


Someone’s mother didn’t know that the rice cooker itself is what cooks the rice, and that you don’t need outside heat.

Always Make sure the Coffin is Secure


Oh, just a coffin popping out on the street. That’s normal, right?

Maybe a little too Literal


We understand Kenny’s thought process, however, we think he was being a little too literal.

When you See it


Even though, the cork is right on the army knife.

Step Stool


We aren’t sure what the step stool is for?



The door is on backwards, how does that even happen?

Red Fountain


The red fountain kind of looks like a pool of blood, and it’s pretty creepy.

Mentos and Soda


This is not a good combo at all, especially while the person is indoors.

When You Thought The Cap Was on


Unfortunately, the pen cap was off- and now this person has to wear these pants for the rest of the day.

Painted in


Well, that’s one way to ruin your day- paint around you and now you have to wait for the paint to dry.

Trend Follower


A person taped a crack on their garbage can, but their neighbor thought they were labeling it with their apartment numbers.

The Pole Jumped out in Front of me


It just jumped out of nowhere.

Peppa Pig Money


Maybe they are a big fan of the show, or they have children who like Peppa Pig?

Squeeze Through


The guy is cutting it so close that it’s giving me anxiety.

Computer Keys


It’s important to clean your computer keys, just don’t use boiling water.

There Goes the TV


TV’s are heavy, make sure you securely hang it.

Cat Scratch


Cats hate water, and this poor guy got the wrath of the cats anger.