Realizing that your marriage has no chance of success and you should file for divorce takes time to sink in. Sometimes, you can no longer ignore the fact that both of you are unhappy and would be better off with a divorce. However, to ensure the divorce takes place smoothly, there are a few things you should not do. Some examples:

Do Not Threaten Your Spouse with Divorce Until You Are Ready to File

If you have decided it is time for divorce, it is not a good idea to announce your intentions before you are ready to file your divorce petition. Your spouse may react adversely and start moving assets away, influencing the children, or taking actions that could hurt you. You should plan the course of action after considering the various available options. Also evaluate the differences between a legal separation and a divorce. When you have everything sorted, you should inform your spouse and file for divorce. According to Forbes, you may need to have been separated for a specific period before you file for divorce.

Organize Your Documents

You must organize all your documents before approaching a lawyer because you can save time and money. You should collect all important documents like tax returns, bank statements, investment statements, credit card statements, financial statements, check registers, tiles to property and other assets, etc. You should also provide your lawyer with as much details as possible regarding the income and assets of your spouse, especially if he or she is self-employed, advises Jensen Family Law in Mesa AZ, a leading law firm with the expertise of divorces. Follow the map

Ensure You Have Three Months’ Worth of Expenses 

You should ensure you have adequate money to last at least three months. It is necessary if you depend on your spouse for day-to-day expenses because your spouse may cut off all financial support to spite you. It can take some time for your lawyer to get you the financial support to which, you may be entitled. You should apply for a credit card in your name because your spouse may block your current credit card. A separate credit card will allow you to pay for your daily expenses until your attorneys can get you court orders for necessary temporary financial support.

Hire the Best Lawyer You Can 

If you are filing for divorce, you should know that the process is irreversible, and you must get the best legal help you can afford to make the process less messy and get yourself the best deal. Moreover, you must not believe in anything your spouse tells you, especially in any verbal promises regarding the terms and conditions of the divorce. You should seek the most experienced and skilled divorce lawyers to get you the best results.


Getting a divorce is traumatic, but it does not help matters if you get have verbal spats. If you have children, you should think hard about how to prevent divorce from affecting their lives. If there is a history of domestic violence in the family, it may escalate during this period, so you may consider filing for a protection order, but only as a last resort.