If you live in the city, you probably have some street smarts to keep you safe while walking on the street. However, when you go on a hike, do you know what to watch for in nature when there are warning signs of danger?

J-Shaped Trees


If you notice trees in the forest that are a “J” shape, beware. It is a warning sign that a landslide is about to happen. When the ground moves slowly, it forms the trees into this shape. Also watch out for cracks in the ground, as that is another sign of a landslide.

Dropping Ocean Levels


If you notice the ocean starting to recede along the Ring of Fire, Pacific Ocean coasts, this is a sign that a tsunami is on its way. Tsunamis occur after an earthquake and a giant wave can come crashing on land at 500 miles per hour.

Wall Clouds


If you notice a large, intimidating wall cloud up in the sky, you need to find shelter fast. They sit lower than other clouds and are warning signs for a violent tornado.

Choppy Waters


Choppy waters in the ocean are a side of a riptide. These currents are extremely dangerous and move very quickly, making it almost impossible to swim out of if you are caught in one.

Running Animals


If you see animals of all types running in one direction, it means that there is an earthquake coming. Reports of these sightings come as far back as 373 BCE in Ancient Greece.

Animals Running Towards You


Animals pretty much like to stay away from people. However, if you see animals running towards you and your town, it is a warning sign that there is a large fire, such as a forest fire.

Static Hair


If you feel that your hair is standing on end it’s a warning sign that lightning is about to strike very close to you. If you experience this, try to get to shelter immediately or crouch down and make yourself as small as possible.

Deep Swimming Sharks


When sharks start to swim deeper into the ocean, it means that there is a hurricane approaching. While you may not notice this, there are other ways to predict a hurricane coming.

Rushing Water


It’s time to get to high ground if you hear rushing water and it has been raining hard for a while. This means that there is a flash flood coming your way. These floods, while quick, are very dangerous and can uproot trees and break dams.

Golden-Winged Warblers


If you notice a bunch of golden-winged warblers flying away or appearing from the forests, it means that there is a tornado on the way. In 2014, people noticed all of these birds left Tennessee before a tornado and flew down to Florida. A few days later, they returned to Tennessee.

Ring Around the Sun or Moon


If you notice a halo around the sun or the moon, it can help you predict the weather for the next day. These clouds are called cirrus clouds and are made up of little crystals. When you see it, it means that there will be rain in the next day or two.

Fish on the Beach


If you ever go to the beach and notice that there are fish on the sand out of the water, it’s best to stay out of the ocean. This is known as a Red Tide and is caused by algae called Karenia Brevis. This algae makes the water toxic and dangerous.

Barking Dog


Dogs are known to have a sixth sense. If you notice that your dog is paying close attention to a part of your body, you should make a doctor’s appointment and have it checked out. In some cases, dogs have even detected cancer in their owners.

Cracked Snow


When you’re skiing, watch out for a large crack in the snow. This could be a warning sign for an impending avalanche, which can travel up to 80 mph. Travel down the mountain and find your way to shelter.

Rising Water Levels


After a large amount of rain, you may notice water levels rising in rivers and streams. This means that there may be a muddy and forceful flood coming your way. If you run into a flood while driving, turn around and stay away from the water. Just two feet of water can lift your car and drag it away.

Roaring from the Ocean


We all love listening to the waves in the ocean crashing. However, if you notice there is a roaring sound coming from the ocean, make your way to high ground. This could be a warning sign that a tsunami is approaching.

Green Sky


When the sky turns a greenish color, it means that bad weather is on the way. This could be a tornado or severe thunderstorm. Either way, it’s best to get inside.

Lakes Near Volcanoes


When a lake is located near the base of a volcano, there is potential for the water to spout up like a shaken soda can. If the water bursts up after a rainfall or earthquake, it’s called a Limnic eruption.

Square Water Pattern


The ocean is a mysterious place. When you see a square pattern on the surface, also known as a cross sea, get out of the water. This means there are extremely strong currents that can sweep you away out to sea.

Bands in the Sky


If you notice rotating clouds in the sky, there is a severe thunderstorm coming. If you’re outside, you should get to shelter quickly. You may even want to get down into the basement because there is potential for a tornado.

Green or Smelly Water


Green or smelly water means that there is more algae in the water than usual. It’s recommended to stay out of the water when you notice this. The algae may be toxic.

Full Moon


We all know that the moon controls the ocean’s tide. So, if you are in a cove or cave near the ocean during a full moon, get out as soon as possible. The cave could flood with the rising tide and you could be trapped.

Red Skies


“Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in the morning, sailor’s warning,” is the common phrase when it comes to predicting the weather. When there is a red sky in the morning it means that the weather will not be good that day.

Shaking Volcano


Volcanoes sit in silence for the most part. However, if it starts to spew or shake, there could be trouble. This activity could be a warning that an eruption may happen.

Funnel Clouds


When you see a cone-shaped cloud in the sky, beware. This funnel cloud has the possibility to turn into a violent and dangerous tornado.

Mushrooms Growing Near Trees


We’ve been told not to eat mushrooms found in the wild because a majority of them are poisonous. However, if you notice a mushroom growing next to a tree, it’s definitely dangerous and you should not eat it.

Bright Animals


Animals make nature beautiful, especially when they have naturally bright colors. However, their bright colors are a way to warn you that they are poisonous and dangerous, so it’s a good idea to stay away from them.

Deep Cracks or Missing Bark on a Tree


If you notice a tree with cracks or missing bark near your home, you probably want to call someone to cut it down. These are signs that the tree may fall over at any moment.

Frog Sounds


When you hear croaking frogs, it means it is about to rain. While frogs croak to find their mates, when they croak more than usual, expect a rain shower soon.

Wall of Dust


If you notice a wall of dust in front of you, it’s time to turn the other way or pull off to the side of the road if you are driving. This dust storm can be blinding and very dangerous.

White or Gray Ice


Ice skating on a frozen lake is thrilling and exciting. However, if the ice is white or gray, it means it’s thin and not strong enough to hold your weight. So, it’s better to go to an ice rink rather than skating on thin ice.

Colored Pool of Water


While a colorful pool of water looks beautiful, it’s best to stay out of it. Bacteria cause these colors and the water is extremely hot, 200 degrees hot, so you really shouldn’t go in anyways.

Red Berries


If you’re looking for a snack while hiking in the woods, stay way from red berries. These berries are poisonous and will make you very sick.